What to do if the washing machine jumps during the spin cycle

In the modern world, the living space of each person is equipped with a variety of household appliances.

The main one is a washing machine, which greatly facilitates the life of any woman. But a problem may arise when using it - the appearance of vibrations. If they are not very large, then this is considered normal, but when the machine moves from place to place during the spin cycle, a rather serious problem arises.

Causes of vibration in the washing machine

The equipment is quite complicated, so you should thoroughly understand the causes of the appearance of vibration. First of all, you need to determine the time the problem occurred:

  • The first week after the acquisition of the machine;
  • After prolonged use of equipment.

It is important to know! After buying a washing machine, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to avoid unforeseen damage.

Determining the time of occurrence of the problem affects the identification of the cause of the vibration. They are classified according to two facts:

  • Household option;
    This includes possible overload, improper operation, uneven distribution of linen, the presence of transport bolts, uneven base.
  • Technical problems;
    In this factor, the repair of a certain part affects its decision.

Ways to eliminate vibrations in the washing machine

The solution to a problem depends on its cause. Let's analyze the main ones:

  • overload;

It is required to unload the washing machine and restart it with a small portion of laundry.

Important! Overloading the device affects its wear and significantly reduces the life of the equipment.

  • uneven distribution of washing;

This problem occurs while loading small items and a duvet cover. To fix it, you need to stop the washing and drain the water from the machine, then the laundry is removed and straightened.

The door is unlocked by turning on the drain mode, you need to wait until the wash is finished.

  • shipping bolts;

They are used by equipment manufacturers to securely fix the tank so that the washing machine is not subject to breakage during delivery. Before use, you need to remove it, for this the device must be turned with the back wall and view the instructions. In it, the manufacturer indicates the location of the bolts, dismantling is carried out strictly in accordance with the recommendations.

  • equipment is uneven;

The adjustment can be carried out by means of 4 legs of the washing machine, it is also desirable to use specialized rubberized substrates that fix the washing machine in one place.

Technical problems are more complex because their solution is to replace parts inside the washing machine. We list their varieties:

  • Malfunction of springs;
  • Inoperative shock absorber;

The non-separable version of this part cannot be replaced or repaired.

  • Balancing load;

It is required to correct the balancer mounts.

  • Drive belt;

A common cause is wear on the part.

  • Bearing.

Washing machine instruction manual to avoid vibrations

After purchasing the product, do not rush to connect it; you should carefully study the manufacturer's recommendations for use. It is required to clearly load the amount of laundry that the washing machine can withstand, when overloaded, it can quickly fail.

Proper installation will also help to prevent vibration during the washing process. Using the rules for separately loading bedding from small things will help to avoid jumps of the washing machine in the process.

The use of rubberized substrates also contributes to reliable fixation of the product on the floor, while reliably protecting the coating from damage.

Which models of washing machines vibrate more?

Each equipment operates with characteristic noise and vibration, but there are indicators that indicate their increased range.

The main element of modern equipment is the noise reduction system, it significantly affects the cost of the product. If you take into account low-cost brands, they give little importance to this system. This is due to savings on material that can drown out the sound of the motor. Narrow models, options with vertical loading are also in first place in terms of volume. Manufacturers of these washing machines during production focus on the volume of loading and the number of revolutions.

The area of ​​the support should be taken into account, if it is small, there is a possibility of occurrence of vibration during the spinning of the laundry.

It is important to understand: the washing machine is small in size but high in performance and has a high noise level.

You should also consider the material from which the drum is made. The reliability of the metal affects the quality of work. Technical characteristics must also be taken into account, they are spelled out in the product passport.

How to install a washing machine so as not to jump?

To do this, you need the following tools:

  • Plumb line;
  • Building level.

Proper installation greatly affects the noise level of the washing machine during use. Several manipulations should be performed:

  • Make a concrete screed on which the equipment will be installed. It should be perfectly smooth, therefore it requires careful level checking in several projections;
  • Installation of the machine on concrete is carried out in a week, as the concrete will get strong enough to support the weight of the equipment;
  • The washing machine also needs to be checked for level and plumb, for this it is necessary to unscrew the legs on the appliance minimally, which are fixed with locknuts.

Using these recommendations for the installation of the device, it is possible to minimize its vibration during operation.


Buying a washing machine and installing it is a responsible occupation that requires attention to detail. It should be understood that when a device vibrates for technical reasons, specialist intervention is required.

The wizard will perform a complete setup of the equipment according to the requirements, correctly determine the cause of the problem and replace the broken parts. A washing machine requires good care and attention.

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