How to drain water from a washing machine

The automatic machine was able to make a miracle a reality: now we wash without wetting our hands! But sometimes an automatic washing machine requires our intervention and manual work.

A malfunction occurs - and the water ceases to leave the drum of the machine on its own. What to do? First, let's figure out the reasons.

Reasons for incomplete draining of water from the washing machine

No matter what brand of machine you use, no brand protects against a malfunction. Do not despair. First of all, you need to understand why this has become possible.

Professionals suggest that the causes of incomplete drainage of water are most often associated with blockages. The following parts of the machine may clog and stop draining water:


During service, machine filters may become clogged. Threads, fibers, pieces of paper, small parts accidentally caught in the drum may clog the filter. If the blockage becomes very dense, water can hardly pass through such a “cork”. In this case, the solution is to clean the filter.

Drain hose

Such blockage can occur not only in the filter. A clogged drain hose becomes an obstacle to draining water. You should also make sure that the hose does not bend so that water cannot freely pass through it.


Threads and hair that got inside the pump are wound on the blades of the impeller of the pump and interfere with its operation. Removing foreign fibers and cleaning the engine will bring the unit to working condition.

How to drain water from a washing machine

When using the washing machine, sometimes there are cases when the washing process for various reasons needs to be interrupted, and the water remains in the drum. Consider what to do in this case, how to free the drum from water.

For an example we will address to some models.


In LG washing machines for draining water, the draining process begins with the "Power" button. To set the program after this, select the spin function. In the proposed spin options, select "No spin". The final step is the "Start" button. In accordance with the task, the LG washing machine will drain the water.


If you need to drain water from the Indesit machine for additional loading, you should use a program called "Only drain" or "Empty without spinning". In most models of the Indesit brand, the switch knob is set to the “Drain” position for this. It is also possible to set the handle in the "Spin" position.

Samsung (Samsung)

Similarly, water is drained in Samsung machines. The selected program "Drain" or "Spin" allows you to free the drum from the water, after which it will become possible to open the door of the machine. Following the instructions, you can also make emergency water discharge from the Samsung machine using the emergency water drain option. By opening the emergency drain filter, you can remove water using the special tube available in the machine.

How to drain the rest of the water from the washing machine

It is not always possible to free the machine from water by using automatic draining without performing the spin function.

There are several options by which you can manually drain the water.

Ways to merge

With a drain hose

If you use a drain hose, you can quite easily remove water from the machine. Carefully study the device of your machine according to the instructions. If the drain hose is not looped inside the machine, this method can be used. Release the hose from the fasteners on the rear panel, lay it so that it is below the water tank. The hose must be disconnected from the sewer, so you need to prepare a tank for draining water.

We use a drain filter

The user manual will tell you where the filter is used when draining water. So it will be easy to find even behind a decorative panel.

By opening the panel and opening the filter itself, you can drain the water from the washing machine. Do not forget: the filter handle is turned counterclockwise to open it. Water will pour out even into the ajar hatch; its full opening will not be needed.

Attention! Before opening the filter, prepare a water tank and make sure that water does not flood the floor surface. Often you have to tilt the car back to use the basin. In this position, the pelvis is installed in the right place, and the machine returns to its previous position.

Using the drain pipe

If you decide to use the drain pipe, you have done all the manipulations, and water from the filter did not flow even when it was fully opened - this is a signal! The machine thus informs you that the drain pipe is clogged. In this case, you can not do without cleaning it. To access the pipe, first of all, you need to remove the rear panel of the machine. Drain pipe - a small corrugated pipe is located under the drum of the machine.

Attention! Get ready in advance for draining the water! Substitute a basin under the nozzle, and if not possible, put a rag to absorb water.

Now you need to disconnect the pipe from the pump. A clamp is used for fastening; when it is removed, the pipe is also removed without much difficulty. Free the pipe from clogging so you can drain the water and restore the machine to working capacity.

Using the "Emergency drain" option

Manufacturers of some washing machines (such as Samsung) have prudently equipped the unit with an emergency drain program. In this case, it is also necessary to open the decorative panel hiding a special drain pipe. The tube is easily pulled forward, and water begins to emerge immediately after removing the cap.

Directly from the drum

If the washing machine is designed so that the drum door does not block when there is water, then you can remove it by opening the door to load laundry.

In machines with vertical loading, to scoop up water, we use some capacity: a can, a ladle, a mug. With horizontal loading, this method is possible, first of all, with a small amount of water that remains in the drum.

Important! If there is a lot of water left in the drum and you understand that with the door open, it will literally “pour out” onto you, tilt the machine slightly back so that it rests on the wall with the upper part of the rear surface.


Regardless of which way you decide to use to drain the water from the washing machine, you should proceed in a certain order. Its observance will allow you to perform the process of draining water safely.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Disconnecting the machine from the mains.
  2. Preparation of improvised means: basin, rags.
  3. Examine the instructions for determining the availability of the "Emergency drain" option.
  4. With the emergency drain function available, the necessary actions are carried out in accordance with the advice of the instruction.
  5. In the absence of emergency discharge, one of the following methods of draining water is selected:
    - through a drain hose;
    - through the drain filter;
    - through a drain pipe;
    - through an open door, directly from the tank.
  6. Thoroughly wipe the inside of the drum.
  7. Thoroughly dry the washing machine.
  8. Starting the washing machine without laundry to check its performance.

With the normal functioning of household appliances, you can continue to use it. If any problems are noticed in the work, you cannot use it! You should contact a specialist who will return the machine its functionality.

Expert Advice

The washing machine will work reliably, washing your clothes efficiently during repeated water changes, if you follow simple rules and follow the advice of an expert professional.

In order for your washing machine to perform the function of twisting water, do not forget to perform the following actions:

  • Preparing things for washing;
  • A preliminary inspection of garments and the emptying of pockets from their contents will prevent clogging of the filter.

Filter cleaning

Systematic cleaning of the filter and its release from small parts will allow the machine to flush water without fail.


Modern life is impossible to imagine without a powerful and reliable washing machine. But even the most reliable equipment breaks down.

One of them - the car stopped draining water. Read the article carefully to make sure: this problem is solvable! With our help, you will be able to determine the cause of the water remaining in the machine and eliminate it!

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