How to put on a belt in a washing machine

The belt in the washing machine is a very important part that is necessary for the rotation of the drum. It is put on the engine and on a pulley that is bolted to the motor.

The rotation of the drum begins with the operation of the motor, then the rotational movements go to the pulley. This design is very simple and in most cases is used in various industries.

Sometimes there are cases when the belt flies and the drum stops spinning. Repair will require a little effort and time.

How to replace a belt on a Samsung washing machine

For equipment under the Samsung brand, the back cover cannot be removed, which greatly affects the repair.

To repair the equipment you need:

  • buy the same item. You can select it by marking or with a broken element;
  • electrical tape with a length of 10 to 15 cm;
  • wire from 05 to 0.8 mm thick and 50 cm long;
  • nippers;
  • lighting device;
  • crosshead screwdriver.

Before starting to set up, carefully check the gear and pulley of the drum. The gear has several compartments for mating elements at the belt. Start installing the device from top to bottom.

Please note that when placing the strap on the drive gear, you must correctly get to the place where the old element of the device was previously installed. If you install the element close to the gear, you will not be able to understand how the installation went. It is possible that part of the strap will sag or be on the very edge of the pulley. Then again you have to make setup.

As soon as a new part is on the gear, it must be positioned with a slight offset to the side. You need to choose the location of the pulley when it is supported by turning the equipment. Fasteners will not help to fix the belt from turning. The equipment always tries to move to the other side, where it stops with the stop.

In order to fix the belt, it is necessary to use electrical tape, and to prevent damage, a wire is needed. You need to fix the wire on top of the electrical tape. Then make 5 to 10 turns and twist the edges together. Then it is necessary to turn the pulley to correctly install the belt.

As soon as this element falls into place, you can hear the click of the belt. It will no longer be able to spin, since it will be reliably held by a makeshift latch. Then we twist the gear to the other side, remove the electrical tape with wire. Repair is over.

Such a process takes no more than 15 minutes if the repair is carried out strictly according to the instructions. Turn the pulley to check the design. The strap will snap into place and align.

How to change a belt on an indesit washing machine

Buy the strap from the manufacturer from a reputable supplier. Then completely remove the old element and its remains. Any belt has a cord, which at the time of a break is untwisted and wound around the device’s motor or adjacent wires.

The new element must be put on the engine and press its upper part firmly against the pulley. You need to turn the drum at the same time, pulling a completely new element on the pulley.

The strap must be located exactly in the center of the pulley, which is located on top. This can be done by shifting the belt 2 tracks on a pulley at the bottom of the equipment. Then you can start the device for washing clothes.

How to put a belt on an LG washing machine

To replace the belt yourself in LG equipment, you need to unscrew the screws from the back of the case and remove the fixing cover. This requires a Phillips screwdriver. After that, clean the pulley from the old element.

To remove the old belt, you need to pull it to the side, and turn the pulley. Very often there are times when an old element breaks or slips. It must be found and removed from the machine body.

Then we put a new strap on the engine, and then on the pulley. To install a new element on the pulley you need to pull it on a circle and then crank it. After all these manipulations, make sure that he stands exactly in place and snuggled snugly against the groove. Scroll the pulley to make sure that the repair is completed correctly.

If everything is done correctly, you can reinstall the fixing panel and fix it with fixing bolts.

Briefly about belts in the washing machine

Varieties of belts

There are two types of belts for washing machines. They differ from each other only in tension and additional control.

In most cases, such a belt is used for asynchronous motors. It is made of high quality and extremely durable materials. The wedge element must be very tightly tensioned on the equipment of the washing machine with a slight deflection of up to 5 mm when pressed with a finger.

The tension is carried out by moving the motor. To do this, you need to untwist the fasteners in advance. If, for proper tension, the engine operation adjustment is not enough, such a belt must be replaced.

The installation of the wedge element begins with the motor pulley, and then install this element in the groove of the pulley of the drum of the washing machine. You need to hold the belt in the groove with one hand, and turn the pulley with the other until this element completely fits into place.

V-ribbed belt

This element is great for commutator motors. It has a jagged shape. Belts may vary in length, width, shape and number of wedges.

Repair and replacement are exactly the same as the wedge element. The only difference is that the multi-ribbed strap is located in the middle of the reciprocal pulley, both on the drum and the engine.

The tension of this element is slightly lower than that of another model. Therefore, the tension must be done by turning 360 degrees. If the belt is tight during repair, care must be taken as hands may be injured.

We extend the life of the belt in the washing machine

Expert Advice

In order for the machine strap to last longer, it is necessary to monitor the weight of the laundry. Because it is the weight of wet clothing that causes an imbalance during washing or spinning.

Causes of Belt Breakdowns

Belt wear

In narrow devices, all elements are located very close to each other and to the body. Therefore, at the time of wear, such parts have freedom and rub against each other, causing severe wear on each other.

Cracked drum pulley

There are several reasons: the pulley is cracked, the automatic machine has been overloaded, the element is not properly tensioned. A broken pulley cannot hold the belt, so it must be changed.

The cause of the breakdown is bearing wear

Strong wear can lead to high fluctuations in the spinner and drive unit. When they reach their peak, the strap stretches, slips or bursts. After that, repairs are needed.

Incorrect load and operation of the washing machine

The belt can fly off if the drum is improperly loaded and strong vibration is caused. This element may dry out and become very thin if the equipment has been idle for a long time.

Very often in machines with side loading, plastic parts have fatigue deformations, which leads to disruption of the arrangement of elements. Then the strap can fly off along with the displacement of the pulley. In such situations, it is better to buy a new device than to make equipment setup.

Video instruction

In order to clearly understand the repair, you can watch the video - instructions.

Watch the video: Washing Machine Repair - Replacing the Drive Belt GE Part # WH01X10302 (November 2019).


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