What is a thermal sweat and how does it work

In everyday life, we make extensive use of electrical appliances that perform various functions. Some participate in the cooking process, others wash the dishes, others help make our life easier.

Recently, many new and very useful devices have appeared in everyday life, the purpose of which is not known to everyone.

Thermopot belongs to such electrical appliances, the device is relatively new, but very useful in everyday life. Having appeared relatively recently, it quickly gained great popularity among the population.

In this article we will tell you what kind of electric device it is, what its purpose is, how it works, we’ll talk about the pros and cons, as well as how to use it correctly.

What is a thermal sweat

Each of us knows well what an electric kettle and a thermos are for. The main purpose of the kettle is boiling water. A thermos - keeping the liquid in a hot state for a long time.

Thermopot combines these two functions. It is a universal electric device that can simultaneously heat water to the desired temperature and maintain optimal temperature for a long time. A number of the most advanced models also provide for filtering water, so that the prepared drink is more pure and healthy.

This machine is purchased for the preparation of tea or coffee, as well as other drinks, brewing food, cooking for children and other reasons. Having such a multifunctional and practical device nearby is always useful and convenient.

Numerous manufacturers present on the market different models of heat sinks, which differ in design features, sizes, some functions and appearance. However, the basic principles on which this device operates are common to all manufacturers.

Device thermal sweat

The design of the device is quite simple. In general, it differs little from the design of an electric kettle. As a rule, the case of a thermal sweat is made of plastic. There are models with a metal or glass case.

The heating element is closed and has the form of a spiral or open disk. In use, the most convenient devices with a disc heater.

The main element of the device is a water tank. In the inside of the device is a special metal flask made of high quality stainless steel or glass. A special glass is used that is resistant to abrasive damage. To maintain temperature for the longest possible time, the water tank is covered with materials that do not allow heat to pass through.

Inside the thermopot case there is a metal flask into which water is poured. It is necessary to bring it to a boil, and then maintain the given temperature regime. The user chooses the mode that suits him best. There is a button for pouring water at the top of the structure, when pressed, it drains. Therefore, the apparatus is not required to be lifted.

The control elements of the thermal sweat are built-in water filters (not on all models), a manual pump with which you can pour water when the device is disconnected from the mains (also not present on all models).

The volume of thermal sweat mainly varies from 3 to 5 liters. Devices of a larger volume are also available for sale, allowing boiling up to 8 liters of liquid.

Thermopot is a device that helps a lot in everyday life, and has several advantages:

  1. Thermal sweat boil and heat water to the required temperature.
  2. You can set the temperature mode yourself. As a rule, many of these devices have 4 modes for heating water. Often there are devices with 5 temperature conditions.
  3. It maintains the temperature for at least several hours. The water will completely retain heat, as if the kettle had just been boiled. You can choose lower rates. This is especially important for large families and families with small children.
  4. Thanks to thermal sweat you save a lot of time (no need to wait until the water heats up), as well as electricity (you do not need to turn on the device whenever someone in the family needs hot water).
  5. Thermopot is heavier and more voluminous than an electric kettle. However, he will not have to be moved. In all models of thermal sweets there is a special device with which water is supplied - an integrated electric pump. To pour the liquid, you just need to press the button. A number of models of thermal sweets include a manual pump, with which you can draw water if the device is not in the network.
  6. Do not burn or burn if using a thermal sweat., its surface does not heat up.

Like other electrical appliances, thermal sweat has its drawbacks.

  1. Since this device is designed for more water than a conventional electric kettle, it will boil longer.
  2. Relatively high cost compared to a conventional electric kettle. Depending on the model, the average price of a device varies from 3 to 12 thousand.

Small families do not need to buy a thermal sweat; an electric kettle will be enough.

How does the thermal sweat work?

First, fill the tank with water, close the lid and turn on the device. The heating element starts to work, respectively, the liquid begins to heat up. When the water boils, a thermal switch trips in contact with the tank. It will break the electric circuit, as a result of which the process of heating water will stop.

The liquid cools down gradually, this continues until the temperature set on the control panel is reached. For example, you set the temperature to 60 degrees. As soon as the water cools down to this value, the temperature sensor will work. To pour heated water into the cup, a pump will turn on, which will begin to pump water from the tank, supplying it to the outlet of the apparatus.

How to use

It is very simple to work with this device. Pour ordinary tap water into it. You can do this with any containers, for example, buy a bucket with a volume of about 1.5-2 liters or a jug of the same volume. If there is no special container, pour the liquid with an ordinary cup or jar. Pour water to the maximum level indicated inside the appliance. Please note that you must not place the device under the tap.

Close the thermopot cover tightly, connect the device to the network and press the "Boil" button. Then it remains to wait until the water boils. Before boiling water, set the highest heating mode.

When the water boils, you can switch the device to the desired heating mode by pressing the "Select" mode switching button. Temperature conditions for heating water are different, depending on the brand of apparatus. The most commonly used 4 temperature conditions. The device will keep the temperature at the required level for a long time. When you need to pour water, place a container under the spout of the device and press the corresponding button on the lid.

What points to look for when choosing a thermal sweat

When choosing a device, its technical characteristics should be taken into account: tank volume, power, fixed temperature, way to supply boiling water, as well as the presence of additional devices: filters, a manual pump, and even design.

Of course, you need to take into account the number of family members, this will help to calculate the optimal volume of the device. You also need to decide which features are most important to you. For some, the most important indicator is the ability to constantly monitor the temperature, for others - additional functions (the presence of a manual pump, built-in filter, timer), for someone, efficiency comes first.

A more detailed article on how to choose a thermal sweat.


Thermopot is a very useful device that will solve many problems and greatly simplify life. But its purchase must be approached thoroughly and when buying take into account both advantages and disadvantages. Now on the market there are many models of thermal sweets of various price categories. And if you choose the device correctly and take into account all the nuances, you can buy a reliable and relatively cheap model that will help in everyday life and will serve for a long time.

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