How to clean a thermos

Thermos today is an almost indispensable thing in which you can keep hot not only drinks, but also food, so a thermos will be useful to those who can not warm lunch at work. But time passes, and the thermos is covered with a coating or starts to smell bad. How to fix the situation and return the thermos to its former fresh look?

What you need to clean a stainless steel thermos

In order to clean a stainless steel thermos, you can use tools such as:


In general, many citrus fruits are used almost everywhere as an effective tool against surface contamination. They are effective (in particular, lemon) and in order to clean the thermos.

For high-quality cleaning of a thermos with lemon, you need to take fresh lemon, cut it into slices, put in a thermos and pour some boiling water. After this, close the thermos and leave it overnight. Sometimes, if necessary, this procedure should be repeated several times. In addition to lemon, citric acid is also used. 2 tablespoons of the powder should be poured into a thermos, and then pour the tank to the maximum level with boiling water.


Everyone has soda, and it is perfect for cleaning a thermos. A solution of soda is made in equal proportions of soda and water. This soda solution must be poured into the flask, and then loosely cover the thermos with a lid and leave it until the next morning. After that, in the morning, the solution is drained, and the thermos itself is cleaned with dishwashing detergents.


Vinegar is also an effective tool, suitable for cleaning the thermos from plaque. To clean the thermos, it is necessary to fill it with 3/4 hot water, and the rest of the space must be filled with 9 percent vinegar. After that, close the thermos and shake it - vinegar and water should mix. Next, you need to leave the thermos in this state for several hours, periodically shaking it.

Denture Pills

Tablets used to clean dentures. This is a new method that has already managed to show its effectiveness. The recipe is simple: in a thermos filled to the brim, you need to dissolve 3 tablets and leave the thermos closed overnight. Next, you need to drain the liquid, and wash the thermos with standard detergents.

How to clean a thermos from tea and coffee plaque

To rid the inside of the thermos of coffee or tea plaque, you can use one of several methods:

If the thermos has been used recently, sometimes it is enough to rinse and dry it.

Soda and Vinegar

Soda and vinegar solutions (in the proportion of 1 tablespoon per 1 cup of hot water) will help get rid of any simple tea / coffee plaque in a thermos. For the procedure, it is necessary to fill the thermos with hot water and leave it closed for 1 hour. In most cases, all traces of coffee and tea disappear;


Mustard will also help to cope with a raid from drinks. It is necessary to dilute 30 grams of mustard in hot water, and then pour the solution with water to the edges of the thermos. A closed thermos is placed at night. In the morning everything should be drained from it and rinsed;

Regular Coca-Cola, which everyone knows as a rust remover (other than a drink), also copes with plaque from drinks.

How to clean limescale in a mirror thermos

Thermos with a glass flask is best cleaned with vinegar (best suited as apple) or citric acid. In order to clean the thermos, you need to take a large spoonful of lemon acid, pour the entire inner surface of the thermos with boiling water and leave for one hour. Or you can take vinegar and fill it with a quarter of a thermos, fill the remaining space with boiling water and also leave it for one hour. For effectiveness, you can add a little soda to the solution of water and vinegar.

The second popular method that has been shown to be effective in cleaning a glass thermos is to use whiteness (1/4 thermos). As in the previous method, the remaining space is filled with water, after which the thermos is shaken for 5-7 minutes.

Thermos Cleaning Methods

The most popular methods of cleaning a thermos can be considered:
Using table vinegar in a pair with boiling water in a ratio of 1 to 3. This method is suitable in case of contamination;


Used citric acid or lemon itself.

Pearl barley and soda

Half a glass of cereal and 3 small spoons with soda can help to cope with both plaque and smell.

There are also prohibited ways to clean the thermos. It is not recommended to use various technical means for cleaning the thermos, designed for bleaching and / or cleaning kitchen surfaces. These include domestos and toilet duckling. These substances contain components that can damage soft rubber gaskets or weld seams. Whiteness is also included in this list, but it can be used if diluted with water, as noted above;

Another prohibited method - the use of metal brushes, sand and any other abrasive harsh cleaning agents. Of course, by the end of the thermos, they can be cleaned, but then there is a risk of spoiling the polishing part.

How to get rid of the smell in a thermos

There are several proven and proven methods that relieve dishes (including thermos) from odors:

Lemon juice

An excellent product that not only eliminates odors, but also gives the thermos a light and very pleasant aroma after cleaning. To eliminate any unpleasant odors, lemon juice and boiling water are added to the thermos. After this, the thermos should be closed and left for half an hour. After the expiration, the water is drained, and the thermos is rinsed several times under water. Plus of this method: use a thermos immediately after rinsing, you do not need to wait until it is completely dry;

Dry tea leaves

Another way is to lower several tea leaves into a thermos (tea bags and loose leaf tea will do). Dry tea leaves quickly absorb odors;
Salt. An ordinary hydrochloric warm solution is poured into the thermos to the brim, and the thermos closes for 2-3 hours. After this, pour the solution and rinse the thermos. This method has shown its effectiveness, especially if you wash the thermos immediately after returning from a picnic or work;

Coca Cola

The well-known rust exterminator, perfectly copes with the elimination of unpleasant odors. You just need to pour Coca-Cola in a thermos, close it and leave it for one night. In the morning there will be no plaque or smell in a thermos;

Baking soda

Another good way to help get rid of any smell in a thermos is to use ordinary table baking soda. The advantage of soda is that it acts much longer than lemon juice. To eliminate the smell, it is necessary to fill the thermos with hot water, and then add two tablespoons of soda there and shake several times. It is recommended to leave a thermos with soda solution for a couple of hours, but ideally you need to leave it overnight.

From the article it is clear that the methods for cleaning the thermos from scale and plaque, as well as methods for eliminating the unpleasant odor are approximately the same. All of them have proven their effectiveness in practice.

But it is best to rinse and dry the thermos immediately after use. So you can not worry about how to clean the thermos from plaque.

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