How to use a blender

A blender is a must-have item in every kitchen. Now, preparing cocktails, diet smoothies and just beautiful food for your favorite households has become commonplace.

Thanks to this device, you can delight your relatives with delicious and healthy food every day. It remains to figure out how to properly use this technique, to get as many useful benefits as possible.

What is a blender?

A blender is an electric appliance that allows you to mix like a mixer and grind like a food processor.

There are two types of blenders - stationary and submersible. They are used mainly for chopping food, whipping cocktails, mousses, making mashed potatoes. Some models can even crack ice. Some trim levels have additional nozzles, which allows you to perform a large number of functions.

How to use a hand blender

This unit allows you to keep the entire cooking procedure under control. A big plus is the mobility of its use.

Allows you to use any capacity and different types of products for work. They should not grind nuts, coffee and ice. If such a need still arises - pour a little water on the bottom of the bowl.

Very often a special deep bowl is included, but you can take another container. The main thing to remember is that the bowl should be deep, otherwise it is likely that you will stain the entire kitchen with flying spray.

There are several rules for this type of blender:

  • You can grind solid products only in small portions;
  • products loaded into the blender should cover the lower part of the leg with a cutting end;
  • fruits are ground without stones;
  • when working with large portions of products, take small breaks in work;
  • after use, wash the nozzle well in water to prevent pieces of food from drying out;
  • do not cook mashed potatoes in a blender. Yes, it will look very appetizing, but in fact the taste will not be so pleasant.

Hand blender nozzles

Most often, there are two nozzles of a standard type in the kit - a chopper, the main nozzle and, most rarely, a whisk. It is used for liquid products and for beating creams and eggs, the effect of it is not the same as that of the mixer, but it is quite possible to beat the batter.

Chopper - It is a container with blades, using grinding seeds, nuts and other solid products. The main nozzle is on the leg, with its help you can grind fruits, vegetables and meat. More expensive models may have cutting tips.

How to use a stationary blender

Stationary blender - a container of plastic or glass, standing on a stand. Inside the blender bowl is a chopper.

It requires a specially designated space in the kitchen and it is precisely necessary to place the exact amount of products indicated on the bowl in it. It has a tight-fitting lid, so working with it is simple and pleasant.

Before use, all the necessary ingredients must be cut into small cubes. Then fill in the bowl, close the lid and press the button.

A few rules for using a stationary blender:

  • There must be at least 2 cm free space under the cover. This is necessary to avoid overheating of the motor.
  • Do not place hot foods in the bowl.
  • All ingredients must be finely chopped.
  • Do not run the unit at idle, this may lead to a malfunction in the mechanism.

Safety precautions

When using the device, both manual and stationary, the main thing to remember is safety. Improper use can seriously injure limbs.

  • The blender itself and its accessories must be stored in a place protected from children.
  • Do not leave the device plugged in unattended.
  • Inspect the power cords regularly to check their condition.
  • If broken, do not disassemble the blender yourself. Its repair should be entrusted to specialists.
  • Keep the appliance away from the stove and other heating appliances.
  • Never allow moisture to enter the motor casing.
  • Until the device stops completely, do not remove the lid from the container.
  • Be careful and careful when washing the knives. You do not need to wipe them, let them dry themselves.

What can not be done

The hand blender must be used for short periods of time. If you need to grind a large number of products, you should take small breaks during operation. It is impossible to grind products with a solid structure and those from which no liquid is released.

Idle the product is not allowed, as this can lead to breakage. A stationary blender also cannot grind hot foods. Equipment with low power may not cope with the crushing of ice and fresh herbs.

Products must be peeled and cut into small pieces, this rule is important for any kind of blender. Technique simply can not cope with large pieces.

After finishing work, immediately wash it. Leftovers can cause equipment malfunction. Nozzles can be washed in the sink or in the washing machine. They should be removed only after complete drying. You don’t need to wash the “foot” of the hand blender, just wipe it with a napkin or towel.

Observing all the rules of use, you will get an excellent kitchen assistant who will save you a lot of time. It will be especially useful for young mothers who want to pamper their baby with freshly prepared food.

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