Which blender is better: submersible or stationary

The modern market for electrical goods offers a wide range of different models and brands.

It is difficult for the average buyer to navigate the open spaces of electric abundance. The desire to purchase a blender creates additional difficulties in choosing between submersible or stationary models. To begin with, it is worth considering such factors:

  • purpose of the proposed purchase;
  • room parameters and free areas of the kitchen;
  • regular use of equipment and volumes;
  • the availability of a specific amount of money and the budget intended for the purchase.

Hand blender

The hand blender is a compact elongated electric appliance with several nozzles. This is a mobile device that can be easily moved and operated in a user-friendly position.

With their help, you can easily and quickly:

  • chop vegetables or fruits;
  • make mashed potatoes;
  • They are ideal for whipping cream, homemade mayonnaise, creams and sauces.

Such models are convenient for small volumes, they are operated in any convenient utensil.


The device looks like an elongated electrical device, consisting of two parts:

  • the upper part serves as a handle. It has an engine;
  • the lower part is a device for the various nozzles that come with the kit. The more nozzles, the more functional the ability of the unit.

When buying, many housewives purchase electrical goods, fixing attention to such indicators:

  • the presence of the battery and the length of the wire;
  • power, number of nozzles and the presence of a pulse mode;
  • the quality of the material of the case itself and its additional elements (nozzles).


Hand blenders have three main advantages:

  • they are compact in use;
  • have a small weight;
  • are operated in any ware, convenient for the hostess.

Due to their small size, such devices are easily placed in kitchen cabinets or on shelves. Particularly relevant are small devices in families with small children. With their help, you can easily and quickly cook vegetable soups or mashed potatoes, knock down cream for a cake or cake.


From a technical point of view, this group of products has no drawbacks, but in domestic use the following points are considered minor inconveniences:

  • during operation, you have to hold the blender in your hand and fix the work by constantly pressing buttons;
  • with the help of submersible blenders it is not possible to completely knock down cocktails;
  • working with different containers does not provide for a lid, therefore, when knocking or grinding, it is necessary to minimize the splashing of the contents.

Stationary blender

Many consumers prefer to install a standard stationary blender in their kitchen. The ideal helper of modern housewives helps to minimize the time spent on cooking, and diversify the daily diet. Especially such units are convenient for a large family, when efficiency plays a dominant role.


Structurally, the electrical unit consists of three main parts:

  1. on a stable basis, a housing is installed, inside which the engine is mounted. It performs a drive function;
  2. the circuit part is represented by a narrow and tall bowl, which have lids and are designed to immerse products in them, followed by grinding or whipping;
  3. chopping knife is located in the middle part of the whole device and is the main functionality of the mechanism.

The package may include one or several nozzle knives designed for various kinds of whipping and cutting.


The main advantages of working with stationary models are consumers:

  • lack of need holding it in a hand. In operation, the electrical equipment of this series occupies a stable position and does not require additional fixation during operation;
  • many modern models suggest effective ice breaking and knocking down batter, which saves the hostess from a mountain of dirty dishes;
  • it is convenient in work, and with the help of a "nose" it is easy to transfer the prepared mass into the necessary utensils.


Among the shortcomings, two main factors can be distinguished. They consist in the fact that a stationary blender does not crush the greens, but simply spreads it on the walls. The second factor is its parameters. In small-sized apartments, there is not always enough space to place such a device for permanent use or to store it on a shelf in a cabinet.

The main differences between a submersible and a stationary blender

There are three main and significant differences, and they are as follows:

  • Sizes. Submersible are more compact and miniature.
  • Functions and power. Depending on the nozzles and additional options, the overall ones are supplemented with the possibilities of working with the test.
  • Convenience in work. Stationary ones have a stable position, while submersible ones must be held in the hand when working with it.

Which blender is better?

Given the design, functional and technical capabilities for an ordinary family, it is better to give preference to submersible blenders. Even with the daily use of technology, they are practical and durable. Their main advantage remains compactness and ease of attachment of nozzles.

Cooking in small volumes does not require additional capacities or costs for stationary units. The power of a conventional hand blender is quite enough to prepare such blanks and dishes:

  • sauces for meat and fish;
  • soups - mashed potatoes;
  • vegetable and fruit purees;
  • minced meat or cake blanks;
  • smoothie
  • sweet creams for cakes, whipped cream;
  • ice cream;
  • with the help of a whisk, many housewives prepare batter for pancakes or pancakes.

Blender Tips

When choosing the best option for the blender model, it is enough to consider two important points:

  1. The size of the kitchen. For small sizes it does not make sense to clutter up the kitchen space with additional and cumbersome appliances. Minimalism is always relevant and has a number of priority indicators.
  2. The purpose of the purchase. If the intended use of the device is to periodically prepare a particular dish, then modern small blenders will become reliable helpers in the household.

It is important to pay attention to technical indicators and the brand of the manufacturer. Given that such things are designed for long-term use, it is worthwhile to prefer trusted and well-known manufacturers. Many models are equipped with self-cleaning functions. This is an important indicator, so when choosing, you must immediately pay attention to the ease of washing and maintenance.

A more detailed article on how to choose a blender.


The final is obvious - Small-sized modern hand blenders are an ideal option for kitchen appliances. Their assortment will allow you to choose for the family not only a multifunctional and useful unit, but also to navigate in the color offers and design of each model.

Buying a blender will provide an opportunity to significantly expand the range of culinary opportunities, diversify the daily diet of the family, and please them with their culinary masterpieces. And most importantly, change the menu and make a choice in the direction of proper and healthy nutrition.

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