How to make toasts without a toaster

Toast is a special toasted bread served for breakfast. In addition, butter, jam and caviar are provided. There are many filling options, so this product is rapidly gaining popularity among people.

How to make toasts without a toaster?

Such a product can be easily prepared without even having a special appliance for this. To do this, you need to know the methods and recipes. They can be fried using an oven, gas stove or a street fire. For cooking, you may need:

  • skillet;
  • a baking sheet;
  • grill grill.

Ways to make toasts

We will consider each method and provide detailed instructions.

Toasting in the oven

To do this, cut the bread into thin slices and place it on the rack of the oven or on a baking sheet. The rack should be installed at a high position in the device, while using the maximum baking temperature. It is advisable to use the grill mode - This will make it possible to prepare the product with the highest quality.

It is required to continuously monitor the toasts and turn them over with tongs. They should be removed with an external crisp appearance and brown color, to avoid burning the future breakfast.

Use the pan

This will require a shallow pan, which will allow you to evenly fry the product. It is desirable that it is cast-iron and dry. You can add a small amount of butter or sunflower oil.

The pan is heated to medium frying temperature. The lower side takes longer to cook than the upper side. The product should be closely monitored and turned over regularly to avoid burning.

Interesting way on fire

This is the most amazing method., which will allow you to enjoy crispy toasts on vacation. To make them even more flavorful, it is advisable to use a grill on which sausages are previously grilled.

Sliced ​​bread is neatly laid out on the product and sprinkled with olive oil - this contributes to a crisp. The process takes very little time, so you need to carefully monitor future toasts so that they do not burn. Turn them over very often.

Tips! If the toast is still burnt, then you can carefully clean the soot using a knife blade. The pan is thoroughly heated before cooking. Sliced ​​bread is stored only in the bread box.

A healthy breakfast can be delicious, using toasts with various additives, you can get enough for the whole day.

What types of toasts still exist?

Varieties of bread products on store shelves imply a variety of toast options. They are qualified for the choice of bread from which the product is prepared:

  • from ordinary bread, for this you can purchase any kind of product;
  • the use of cereal bakery products allows you to fry crisp toasts;
  • chopped product is made specifically for the preparation of this food product for breakfast;
  • from stale bread;
  • the use of loaves, buns with raisins.

The choice depends entirely on the tastes and preferences of the person.

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