What is a dispenser in a bread machine

Mistresses actively use multifunctional household appliances. In the first place in meeting everyday needs is a bread machine.

It allows you to cook delicious, natural homemade bread and experiment with alternative types of baking. The design of a conventional furnace is extremely simple. But there is one functional device in the design of the device, which allows to facilitate the work of the cook - this is a dispenser.

Dispenser in a bread machine

Translated from English, a dispenser is a dispenser. It allows you to automatically add ingredients to the dish at different stages of baking. Thus, you do not need to stand by the device and wait for a certain sound signal.

Pouring a set of products into the dispenser, you ensure timely kneading, even in conditions of delayed start. What is usually added? First of all, baking powder, yeast, raisins, dried fruits, candied fruits, spices, nuts and herbs.

What does a dispenser look like?

When buying a furnace, the manufacturer often emphasizes the presence of a dispenser, ranking it among the advantages of technology. You can see the dosing tank in the lid of the device. It is sealed with a snap-on plastic cap.

Some dispenser parts can be removed for ease of cleaning and ease in dispensing ingredients. Along with the kit, you receive a measuring spoon, which is ideal for filling products into the dispenser.

Varieties of dispensers

Containers can be of different capacities. They are fixed in the upper or lateral part of the furnace, depending on the design features and dimensions. Some manufacturers make containers of non-stick metal, but most of them are made of plastic. There is a difference in how the container is fixed. Check the automatic programs in the oven to determine which ones use the dispenser.


  1. Autonomous operation of the furnace, not requiring your presence;
  2. The ability to use a timer, regardless of the program;
  3. Product dosage accuracy;
  4. The integrity of the components due to accurate input into the test;
  5. Improving the taste due to the added ingredients on time.


  1. Overpriced device;
  2. Increased noise when automatic dispenser mechanisms are triggered, which can be uncomfortable for home users, especially at night;
  3. Not relevant for all types of baking;
  4. Close the opened lid of the device manually, so as not to damage the top layer of dough;
  5. Care of the device requires frequent washing of the container.

When choosing a stove for everyday use, the housewives ask a question: is it needed at all? Determine your budget for the purchase and evaluate whether you are ready to overpay for the opportunity to indulge in unusual pastries. If you need an oven only for making bread, choose a model of simple construction with basic functions.

It should be noted that the dispenser simplifies the work in the kitchen, but not everyone needs it. The number of advantages and disadvantages of this part of the furnace is approximately equal, so the buyer must make the choice in accordance with individual preferences.

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