Reasons why the iron does not heat up and does not steam

Quite often there are situations when the iron ceases to function normally for no apparent reason.

There are several common malfunctions that are fairly easy to identify at home, before calling the wizard.

Common irons breakdowns

A preliminary inspection of the iron significantly reduces the search for damage. It is necessary to inspect the housing and make sure there are no cracks or defects.

The most common is the lack of contact in the power cord. This usually happens due to frequent kinks and substandard materials used in the production.

The next frequency is the breakdown of the temperature controller. In this case, the warning light is on.

Fuse against overheating, the next element in line, according to the frequency of failure. He forcibly opens the electric circuit. Its breakdown is quite simple to determine, the iron, when it reaches a certain maximum, continues to heat up to the physical limit.

The heating element completes the list of breakdowns. If the iron is in working condition and at the same time all the indicators are normal, then the reason is in it.

Reasons why the iron does not heat up

The primary reason for the lack of heating is the breakdown of a special plate. The heating element may burn out or the connecting wire may simply be loose. Sometimes this happens after a fall, but due to the lack of visible damage, they do not pay attention in a timely manner.

The next reason for the lack of heating is the breakdown of the thermostat. Since, according to the scheme, the current, before getting to the heating element, needs to go through several fuses, one of which is a regulator.

Most often, the regulator breaks down due to improper operation or due to mechanical damage.

Due to the frequent twisting of the wires, the contact wires break and cease to fully transmit electricity, this may be the reason for the lack of heating.

Reasons why the iron does not steam

The most common reason for the lack of steam is improper operation. It is then that the iron instead of steam begins to spray water.

The second reason is a valve malfunction, when used correctly. If the warranty period has already passed, you must contact the masters of repair of household appliances.

Iron tips for avoiding breakdowns

Important! Careful reading of the instructions before starting operation will help to avoid commonplace and common breakdowns.

It is necessary to carefully monitor the cord, do not twist it in order to avoid cracks and rupture, conductive conductors. Naturally, do not drop the device, he will not say thank you. Before putting it back in place, allow it to cool slightly so that condensation does not accumulate and does not cause corrosion. Be sure to wipe the heating surface after cooling. Do not leave it turned on for a long time without use.

Iron breakdown tips

It is possible to eliminate simple breakdowns with improvised means. In case of poor functioning of the steamer, a 1: 200 acetic-aqueous solution is cleaned.

Of course, if a person does not understand the technique, it is advisable to call a master. Ask to repair the malfunction.


Each breakdown requires a competent approach, since inattention or carelessness can lead at best to a short circuit.

Attention! DIY repair without special skills is dangerous for your health.

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