What is and why is a food processor needed

What technical devices were not invented for the kitchen. Mixers, meat grinders, blenders, ovens for bread, a double boiler and slow cookers!

And this is not a complete list of all the new products that were invented to facilitate the activities of modern hostesses. Frankly speaking, most of them are used as a whole several times, and then gather dust on the shelves. If you want to buy a really useful and versatile device that can replace a whole list of technical devices, you need to purchase a food processor.

Food processor, what kind of appliance?

A food processor is a mechanism controlled through combinations of buttons with a working bowl and a set of nozzles that perform their specific functions.

Description and Definition

At the moment, this device is an indispensable item, because facilitates work and speeds up the cooking process. It will be an excellent assistant in both professional and amateur cuisine.

In the modern world, store shelves are filled with various versions, which are endowed with certain options and functions, various power, nozzles, speed and even design.

In addition, the set offers various nozzles, of which the more, the more work the combine is able to perform.

Attention! The quality and number of processing products at one time depends on the size and power. Therefore, it is recommended, choosing a harvester to decide how many family members you will cook. For everyday use, a not very massive bowl size is suitable.

What functions are in the food processor

All options and functions of the combine are evaluated by nozzles. Such an average device is able to easily chop, chop, chop, mix and even knead without much difficulty. At the same time, various graters of various sizes and juicers are built into it. If you buy a whisk for the combine, then it will take on the functions of whipping, easily replacing the average mixer.

In most cases, the food processor is equipped with a meat grinder, which makes it possible to use it for cooking minced meat or cutlets. Also, modern mechanisms have a high power output comparable to the average electronic meat grinder, therefore, the harvester easily replaces this very useful product.

Important! The low-cost versions have several speed modes of 2-3, and in the expensive ones from 5 to 7 and more. Speeds are needed for a certain type of work, mixing requires low speeds, while for whipping and grinding high.

What can I cook with a food processor

Using this multifunctional unit, you can prepare salads, sauces, dough products, minced meat, filling, breading, decor, mashed soup, mayonnaise, sour cream, cream, and also use as a grater.

What you can grind in the combine

The standard set of nozzles includes a knife for chopping and slicing products, a disk nozzle with a diagonal slot for shredding and grater. Some mechanisms may have additional nozzles.

Reference!So, for example, the mill will help chop products (nuts, herbs, cheese) in small portions.

What a food processor consists of

At the heart of all these mechanisms is a case, the material for which is plastic or stainless steel.

The technical device includes: an electric motor, a gearbox, a speed shift button, an on / off button, a drive belt, a drive shaft roller, a drive shaft, a bowl, a cover, an emergency switch.


So, as it turns out, food processors are quite convenient mechanisms that have found widespread use of their multifunctionality, as they can replace several devices at once. You can also talk about significant savings, since the price of one combine is much lower than all those products whose place it easily takes.

In any case, you need to choose food processors of popular and proven companies over the years, this is the key to their long and safe service.

Have a successful shopping!

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