Why water flows out of the iron

In almost every model of the iron there is a steam steaming mode when ironing. With it, you can smooth out even the strongest creases. The hostess, using the device equipped with a steam jet, will easily and quickly cope with the deposits of linen.

But here we raise the iron and a trickle of water pours from it. How to overcome this problem? What are the causes of such breakdowns? How to repair a malfunction? This will be discussed in this article.

Common causes of water leaking out of the iron

Water may leak from the iron if the instrument valve breaks or if the appliance is not used properly.

Broken valve

Water from the water tank is supplied to the inner surface of the sole. A regulator for steam is integrated in the housing. They can adjust the intensity of the steam jet. When the appliance is heated, water turns into steam and steams un-ironed folds on the laundry.

If there is still water in the tank and the iron has cooled, then with the valve closed, it can leak. Causes of leakage in valve failure.

Check the fault as follows: turn off the steam supply and not including the iron in the network, shake it, placing it in a horizontal state. If water escapes, then the valve does not control the flow of steam to the soleplate. Often the problem lies in the wear and tear of the elasticity of the rubber gasket of the valve.

Improper operation

After turning on the device, if the iron has not warmed up to the optimum temperature, then the steam has not had time to form yet and water will begin to leak through the holes, which the valve has “distilled” into the steam chamber.

How to avoid water leakage from the iron during operation?

To avoid leakage of liquid from the holes on the sole, you should wait each time until the iron warms up.

This is done correctly: turn on the steam mode, set the desired temperature, turn the iron vertically, wait until the heating indicator turns off and start ironing things.

The opening for filling the water after filling the tank must be closed. So, drops will not get on the fabric and will not leave wet spots.

What to do when water flows from the iron

The iron needs to be descaled from time to time. Carrying out this procedure is easy and at home.

Method 1

  • We dissolve citric acid powder in water;
  • Pour the solution into the tank;
  • We set the iron to maximum temperature;
  • We wait until the indicator goes out;
  • Shake the device slightly and supply water to the steam chamber;
  • Repeat until completely cleaned.

What will happen? Water touches the hot heating element. In this case, the hot and cold surfaces come into contact, the effect of an acidic environment is added. The scale lags behind the walls and exits through the holes in the sole of the iron. In the same way, you can wash the specks that hit the sole of the device.

Method 2

Many models of devices have a special rod for collecting scale. From time to time it should be cleaned by putting it in a solution of citric and acetic acid for a couple of hours. After cleaning, the rod is washed under running water and reinserted into the device.

The first ironing after cleaning should be on an unnecessary piece of cloth. Scale and debris will remain on the fabric.

If cleaning the iron does not help, then you should contact a repair specialist at a service center. There, they will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Ways to fix the breakdown

  • Self cleaning iron;
  • Repair in a service workshop;
  • DIY repair (if the owner has the necessary skills).


Often we are faced with the fact that we began to iron our clothes, and water poured from the iron onto things. This occurs due to improper operation or due to a breakdown of the control valve. The reason may be due to improper care of the device. Therefore, it is necessary to wait before ironing things to heat the sole of the iron to the optimum temperature. The appliance should be descaled from time to time to avoid breakage. This can be done using improvised means, such as citric acid. If this does not save the iron from leaking, it should be taken to a service center so that the master corrects all the malfunctions of the device.

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