How to get rid of the smell of plastic in an electric kettle

An electric kettle is used by many housewives. One of its drawbacks is the smell of plastic, which appears immediately after purchase or during operation of the unit. To get rid of this problem, you should familiarize yourself with all existing effective methods.

The smell in the new electric kettle

It often happens that from a new electric kettle you can smell plastic. This is due to chemical additives that are observed in the composition of plastic.

The higher the cost of the unit, the higher quality components are used in its production. This leads to a decrease in the specific aroma from a new purchase. The cheaper the electric kettle, the stronger the smell.

Other extraneous chemical odors

During operation, an unpleasant odor of mustiness may appear in the kettle. Most often, the reason for this is the lack of water replacement. The new liquid is simply added to the kettle and boiled. Or, the water typed into the kettle for a long time stagnated and acquired a musty smell.

Also, the smell of mustiness can occur due to the presence of a large amount of impurities in the water supply. They form scale and sediment on the equipment.

There are several reasons why an unpleasant odor may appear:

  1. Residual oil;
  2. Chemicals that remain in a tightly sealed bag;
  3. Plasticizer. It is added to the equipment enclosure to extend its useful life;
  4. In production, low quality dye was used.

The plastic smell can be expressed clearly or subtlely. Over time, it annoys most housewives, and they begin to look for a way to get rid of the hated aroma. Otherwise, using the device is simply impossible. Water will get an appropriate smell, and they will not use the kettle.

How to remove odor from a new electric kettle

Almost all new electric kettles have a plastic smell.

It is not recommended to use various household cleaning products to get rid of aroma. This can provoke the sedimentation of harmful substances on the walls of the device, absorption in the structure of the housing.

Chemicals can also contaminate the water in the kettle. This can trigger an allergic reaction.

Proven Methods

It should be used to get rid of the smell in the kettle folk remedies. They effectively contribute to the neutralization of unpleasant aroma and at the same time do not harm health. There are methods that use improvised tools used to get rid of the smell from ancient times.

Boiling water several times

When you bring a new kettle home, before pouring tea or coffee into it, you should completely fill it with water and let it boil. Then pour out the liquid and refill the equipment. Repeat the procedure for boiling at least 2 more times.

Such recommendations should be spelled out in the operating rules of the unit. Before boiling water for the first time, it is imperative to rinse the inside of the kettle with an ordinary detergent. Suitable for washing dishes for children. Such detergents do not contain dyes and bright aromas.

Lemon acid

Water is poured into the kettle's capacity to the maximum. Then, several sachets of citric acid are added to the liquid. The water is brought to a boil. After pouring the liquid is not necessary, it is left in the kettle for 12 hours. After time, the remaining water is brought back to a boil. Only after this, the liquid is drained, and the kettle is washed.


For this method, you will need lemon juice. To get rid of the smell you need at least 3 lemons. The kettle is completely filled with water. Then, at least 3 pieces of juice should be squeezed into the liquid. Boil and leave in this form for 12 hours. After, the boiling procedure is repeated and the liquid drains. The kettle must be washed thoroughly.

Lemon zest

Lemon peel does a good job of smelling plastic. It will take so much peel so that it can fill half the volume of the kettle. Pour the entire contents with water and boil. The resulting liquid is left in the kettle for 12 hours, then boiled again. After pouring water, the equipment is thoroughly washed.

Soda and Vinegar

These components are often used to get rid of the smell in the kettle. The tank is filled completely with water. It is necessary to pour soda in it, in the amount of 3 tablespoons. Boil the resulting composition. Leave the liquid for 30 minutes until it cools down and boil it again. Water is poured out and the kettle is rinsed.

For the vinegar method, you need to add in a container filled with water, vinegar essence in the amount of 2 tablespoons and half a glass of 9% vinegar. The kettle must be turned on, but do not bring the liquid to a boil. You must turn it off before the button automatically pops up, at the very beginning of the boil. Such manipulation should be done at least 3 times. After, the liquid needs to be poured, and the kettle itself washed.

Bay leaf

The method is that bay leaves are poured into the kettle and poured with water and brought to a boil. After that, wait until the liquid has cooled and boil everything again. Then the water is drained, and the kettle itself is washed.


Pretty unusual method. It’s better to use Sprite soda. This drink will not stain the inside of the kettle. The unit is completely filled with Sprite. Then everything is brought to a boil at least 3 times. After, soda is poured, and the kettle is necessarily washed.

Other methods

Among other methods, one can note the method using sauerkraut. The kettle’s capacity is filled up to a third with cabbage, and the rest with water. The contents are brought to a boil and left for 3 hours. Then remove everything from the container and rinse.

In addition, various household cleaning products can be used, but they should be used carefully.

Attention! Using aggressive or harmful mixtures, be sure to rinse the kettle as thoroughly as possible after. This will reduce the risk of an allergic reaction and personal injury.


To get rid of the smell of plastic, many popular methods are suitable. Soda, citric acid, vinegar have proven themselves positively many years ago. They effectively cope with the smell of a new kettle and with the scum of a long-acquired device, and will not harm health.

Important! Water boiled in a plastic teapot will not cause harm to health. But it must be constantly poured fresh, and the unit must be washed before this. Otherwise, you will encounter the problem of smell constantly.

Watch the video: How to remove the new smell smell from a 900w kettle. (November 2019).


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