How to iron paper

With many, it happened that a very important document was crumpled or soaked. Sometimes you can make a photocopy, but there are cases when it takes a long time or the document cannot be copied (money, cases when originals are required). Do not despair if you have had this trouble. There are ways to straighten paper at home. Consider the leveling method with an iron.

Can I iron paper

In general, you can use the iron to restore wrinkled documents. The method of leveling with an iron, the most famous, and one of the risky. You can use it, but you need to do everything carefully, following the rules.

How is everything going

The crumpled piece of paper needs to be smoothed as much as possible so as not to make new bends. Cover with a towel or cloth to protect it from excessive heat.

Put the iron at the smallest power, gradually increasing the temperature in the process, at high temperatures, the paper may turn yellow. After ironing one side, the sheet needs to be turned over and the procedure repeated.

Ironing Methods

There are two ways to iron paper: dry and wet. If wrinkles are still visible on the paper at the end of the dry alignment, you can use the second option. To do this, moisten the paper product and also iron it.

Important! When wet, paints may lose brightness or even leak.

Using this processing method, you need to be as careful as possible: slightly moisten the sheet, it is desirable to use it for a denser surface.

Pros and cons of ironing paper compared to other methods

The method using the iron should be used if the document needs to be aligned in the near future. If there is enough time, then it is better to choose a safer option.
Alignment under the press. The sheet must be placed between two flat and heavy objects. It is used if there is a lot of time: the option takes about two to four days. Second and last way - This is to take the paper to a specialist for alignment.

Important! If the document is valuable, it is better to try out the method of alignment with an iron on a small part of it, or entrust the matter to professionals.

Alignment with an iron does not require as much time as a press, however, a method using a press is much less risky. And although the option in which you want to take the document to a professional is the safest, most likely it will be expensive.

Ironing tips for safe ironing

Ironing paper is not an easy task. In order not to cause any damage, you must adhere to certain rules.

Do not immediately iron at high temperature. Paints can melt and the sheet deteriorate. The temperature must be raised gradually. It is better to moisten the sheet using a spray gun, in this case there is less chance that the paint will flow.

Do not bring the degree mark on the iron to the maximum. You need to iron at a mark slightly above average. If there is no time to wait until the paper dries, you can iron it without soaking. However, traces of folds may remain visible. In order to avoid similar cases, it is better to buy a folder for documents.

Paper should be handled with care. After all, with such treatment, you can avoid trouble. But if they already happened, the iron will help to rectify the situation. Using this method, care must be taken. If you do not calculate the temperature, or make a mistake in something, you can completely ruin the document.

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