How to glue rhinestones on a fabric with an iron

Rhinestones - a tool for decorating clothes, home decoration, canvas, plastic and other surfaces. In order to make decorative decoration with rhinestones, you do not need special skills, it is enough to take an iron and apply a little effort.

The glue on the shiny “bead” heats up and sticks to the surface of the fabric, plastic when cooling. In this article we will tell you what types of rhinestones are, methods of attachment to surfaces, how to glue correctly.

Instructions for gluing rhinestones on a fabric with an iron

  • We mark the picture with chalk or a marker for sewing, you can transfer the picture using tracing paper. We draw the contours.
  • We put under the material where we will make gluing foil or wax paper. So, we will not smear the table with molten glue.
  • We put the iron on a gentle mode, which is usually set for ironing woolen or silk items. We spread the rhinestones along the intended contour, according to the image.
  • We put another layer of material on top, iron it. It is not necessary to hold the iron for a long time and hold them tightly, 2-3 seconds are enough for the glue to melt.
  • Remove the protective layer of fabric.

Methods for gluing rhinestones to fabric


Take the glue Schmuckstein Kleber. The consistency of a water-based adhesive is like a solution of milk with water. After gluing the rhinestone, it will not leave greasy or sticky residue. We need a candle made of wax, with our fingers we will sharpen its ends. You can use a wooden (plastic stick) by dropping on its molten wax:

  • On the contour of the laid out drawing, we apply droplets of adhesive composition. Pre-coordinate the size of the drop. It should be such as to adhere the decoration and protrudes slightly beyond its edges. If you make a drop small, then the rhinestones will quickly disappear;
  • We take crystals with a candle, put them in the resulting droplets;
  • We put a piece of material or a special mat under the working base (purchased in stores for needlewomen);
  • You can just take a rhinestone, dip in adhesives and press it to the surface. But gluing is more difficult: strass is smeared, and tweezers stain the fabric and stick to it.


The tool configuration includes several nozzles for different diameters of crystals:

  • We select the nozzle, turn on the device in the network. We lay out the contour according to the drawing;
  • Pressing the fabric to glue the decoration;
  • There is a vacuum applicator, a pump is mounted in it, which draws in the jewelry, preventing it from falling out.

Do not use a regular soldering iron instead of the device, it is easy for them to burn through the material or leave tan marks on it.

Toothpick or match

A similar tool can be made from ordinary toothpicks and a piece of wax on the tip.

  • Squeeze glue from the tube, dip the rhinestone into the adhesive mixture;
  • Glue to the fabric while pressing;
  • Remove excess glue with a piece of paper or cardboard.


In sewing shops you can buy a special heat-resistant adhesive tape, on which the entire pattern is transferred, it remains only to iron the resulting image with an iron.

  • We put the tape-tape, apply thermostrases to it;
  • We spread the prepared film on the work surface;
  • Iron and remove the tape;
  • On rhinestones that cannot be glued with an iron, glue is applied. The gluing procedure is the same, after decorating the film is removed.

The disadvantage of this method: the application of every detail is not controlled, the rhinestone can easily slip. This method is easy to process large areas.


If the rhinestone has two holes, for which the decoration is sewn to the material. We put the thread into the needle, leave the knot on the wrong side, sew the jewelry, without cutting the thread, continue sewing. On average, one thread is enough for fixing 6-12 pieces.

If necessary, you can easily remove the rhinestones or stitch the seam. So, it will not turn out to spoil the material. But over time, the sharp edges of the decoration will fray the thread, and rhinestones will have to be altered.

What types of rhinestones exist

Rhinestones are divided into several groups:

By material: glass, crystal, acrylic, ceramics, plastic.

By effect:

  • Colored. As a rule, one color with slight tints in the light; transparent the bottom is embossed or flat; may have a mirror bottom;
  • With spray effect. Jewelry with iridescent flicker; the bottom is flat or embossed. They are sewn, glued or glued with an iron;
  • With satin effect. Glitter is muffled, usually used to decorate a dark surface. The bottom is embossed or flat.

By mount (on glue, hot fixation, with sewing, in metal baskets, mounting on a solution):

  • Cold fixation. Fasten with glue. Usually have a flat bottom and mirror coating;
  • Thermostrases (hot fix). Hot glue is applied to the flat bottom, when heated, the glue melts and fixes the decoration to the fabric;
  • Sewn. Such crystals are larger, through the holes they can be sewn to the fabric. Can be reused;
  • Crystals in the mouthpiece. They are attached with a needle and thread, often whole ribbons or strips are made of them, used to make jewelry;
  • Crystals with fastening on solution. They can be small and large, often used in the manufacture of jewelry, for inlaying different surfaces, interior items.


Rhinestones are used for decorating clothes, home decoration, dishes, laying out pictures. The method of attaching crystals to decorate the surface should be selected taking into account the material (plastic, ceramics, type of fabric), the surface area to be treated, technical capabilities, craftsmanship of the needlewoman.

To process clothes, the decoration method is recommended to choose a hot glue or with the application of an adhesive base. For processing more complex surfaces, such as ceramics, you can use crystals with a mount on the solution. And crystals in baskets are perfect for making beautiful ribbons, chains, necklaces or bracelets.

Watch the video: How to Iron on rhinestone transfers (November 2019).


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