How to choose a food processor: make the right choice

Food processor - This is a multifunctional kitchen unit, which any housewife thinks about buying. A huge assortment of this technique can cause confusion and even panic. It turns out that in order to make the right choice without any problems, it is necessary to take into account everything to the smallest detail, starting from the size of the equipment, and ending with the package bundle.

How to choose a food processor with quality

Even before going to the store, you should definitely determine for what purpose a food processor is needed. If it is supposed to be used exclusively for slicing vegetables and fruits, then the choice can be stopped on inexpensive models. Their advantage in small dimensions and ease of use. Such units are easy to disassemble and wash.

Among the criteria that you must rely on when choosing, you can distinguish the following:

  • performance;
  • work functions;
  • convenience of storage, washing and use;
  • reliability;
  • safety of use.

Given every little thing, you can choose the technique that will make the cooking process a real holiday.

Food processor functionality

Functionality is what you need to pay attention to first. In many ways, the price of the unit depends on the set of functions that it has. Among the main features of the harvester are the following:

  • meat grinder. Attached nozzle, which provides grinding meat into minced meat, makes it homogeneous;
  • blender. The bowl is used for making cocktails and crushing ice, whipping various sauces;
  • juicer. It can be universal or intended exclusively for citrus fruits;
  • nozzle for the test. Helps replace any dough, regardless of its purpose. No lumps are formed;
  • special slicing discsas well as graters and shredders. With their help, you can prepare absolutely any vegetables;
  • whipping nozzle. Helps beat eggs, make pancake dough;
  • nozzle for making pasta. With its help, it is possible to make pasta of the desired shape and size;
  • mill. It allows you to grind flour, coffee. If desired, you can even set the degree of grinding, depending on personal preferences;
  • emulsifier. Indispensable in the preparation of various sauces;
  • ice cream maker. An additional function, due to the presence of which there is no need to buy ice cream separately.

Important! Many manufacturers offer to purchase a food processor with a minimum number of nozzles. In addition, any others are sold, thanks to which the functionality of the unit will become maximum.

What are food processors

There are several varieties of combines. Among the most common and sought after are the following:

Food processors with a meat grinder. The most popular of all models, allowing you to chop meat in a matter of seconds. Some units are additionally equipped with a nozzle for filling casings of sausages.

Food processors for the dough. They have high power and a large bowl. It turns out to be simply indispensable for housewives who prefer to bake bread and pies on their own.

Professional food processors. The power of these units is not less than 1 thousand watts. They are equipped with a large bowl, due to which it becomes possible to process a large number of products. In addition, such combines are equipped with special nozzles that are not found in simple household appliances.

Diced food processors. The technique is equipped with special nozzles, with which vegetables are chopped not only in cubes, but also in strips. There are few such units to date.

Food processor with juicer. For high-quality juice extraction, the apparatus must make at least 8 thousand revolutions in one minute. It is best that the bowl is made of glass. If you approach the choice of such an aggregate correctly, then you can daily indulge yourself and loved ones with delicious juice.

What to choose between a blender and a food processor

Making a choice between an ordinary blender and a food processor is actually not so difficult. It is enough just to think about for what purposes the unit will be used. If its main tasks will be whipping and grinding products, then a blender will be the best acquisition.

In the same cases, if the apparatus will be used for more complex work, for example, kneading dough, chopping meat into minced meat or making juice, then in this case, you need to purchase a food processor.

You should also consider the size of the kitchen itself, because a huge combine harvester on it will not look very attractive, it will take up a considerable area. A simple blender will not interfere.

How to choose the best food processor

Let's look at the features of such a technique as a food processor. It's just that some of them have only basic functions, due to which they cost significantly less. Others are more universal, but their price is much higher.

Choose a food processor according to the parameters

The parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing this indispensable kitchen equipment:

  • speed;
  • power;
  • compactness and weight;
  • bowl material and its volume;
  • nozzles;
  • equipment.

It depends on these parameters how practical and convenient a food processor will be.

Main settings

Among the main parameters when choosing, you can highlight the speed of rotation, weight and size. After all, the greater the number of speeds the food processor is equipped with, the easier it will be to choose a mode for preparing food. Grinding solid products, possibly exclusively at high speed.

Of particular concern is weight. After all, no matter how conveniently the unit was placed in the kitchen, it will have to be lifted and rearranged from time to time. Often, mistresses do have to hide it in a drawer at the end of work.

Compactness is no less important issue. Some of the units are equipped with special drawers for storing nozzles, while others are missing, which subsequently causes a lot of inconvenience.

Bowl volume

The complete set of the combine may include a bowl with a volume of one liter to six. For a small family, in which it is customary to cook in small portions, a bowl with a volume of about two and a half liters will be quite enough, for the same families in which there are children, you should stop choosing more voluminous, about four liters.

Bowl material

The material for making the bowl of this kitchen unit can be glass, stainless steel and plastic. Models of the budget series are often equipped with plastic ones, but they are used only for processing cold products.

Aggregates with glass bowls are much more expensive, but you can put both hot and cold products in them. Steel bowls are considered the most durable, heat-resistant.

Number of nozzles

Most often, among the main nozzles with which a food processor is equipped, the following are found:

  • coffee grinder;
  • mill;
  • juicer;
  • meat grinder;
  • for slicing potatoes;
  • for cooking pasta.

But even if the kit of the selected equipment does not have the necessary nozzle, you should not immediately go in search of another unit, many of the manufacturers offer to buy the missing parts separately.


The performance of any food processor depends on its power. The higher this characteristic is, the better the unit will cope with the task. Depending on this parameter, the processing time of products will vary from a few minutes to a quarter of an hour.

Depending on the model, the power can be as low as 50 W and reach 2 thousand watts. If the bowl is small, then 500 watts will be enough to grind the products, but only if the products are quite soft. It will be impossible to chop ice and grind raw meat. Units with a power of 700 watts or more can already cope with this task.


A small combine includes a bowl and several nozzles. The complete set of larger equipment is somewhat different. It includes several bowls, nozzles in the form of nimbuses, stirrers, knives and wire racks, special hooks for meat, dough and a juicer. The number of these parts may vary significantly depending on the model chosen.

To choose a food processor without any help is the power of any housewife. For this, it is enough to understand what exactly is required of this technique. After all, it should not only fit perfectly into the interior, but also be a real helper in the cooking process.

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