How to choose a thermos

A thermosome is a special vessel in which a certain temperature is maintained. It is used to store food, liquids in hot or cold condition. It is compact and mobile. The main components of the product are the flask and the inner container.

Basic thermos selection options

Purchasing a product begins with determining the purpose for which it will be needed. If the model is needed for use in a home environment, then it is better to purchase a product of large volume, with the presence of a universal cork and a wide neck.

For hiking or picnics the model is lightweight and compact. Let us consider in more detail each of the characteristics:

Volume of liters

Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of displacement models. There are small models, the volume of which is 0.25, there are also options for industrial use up to 40 liters, they are called thermal containers. Models are divided into several categories:

  • Small displacement is 0.2 - 1 liter. These models are called thermomugs.
  • The standard option is 1 - 2 liters, this is a universal model that you can take with you, it fits comfortably in a backpack;

Large capacity thermoses have a volume from 3 liters, for large companies.

Important: Checking the performance of the product is carried out at home. To do this, boiling water is poured into the thermos for about two hours, after which the condition of the case of the model is checked. The outside should be cold and the contents of the thermos hot, as if it had just been poured.

Thermos case

This element of the vessel is made of stainless steel or plastic. Metal has advantages over plastic in terms of resistance to external influences; therefore, such a product can be easily transported without worrying about the integrity of the thermos.


This is an important detail in the design of the thermos. One of three material options is performed - stainless steel, plastic and glass.

Stainless steel flask has a high level of strengthholds well the temperature inside the product. Among the minuses can be noted sufficient weight and complex care of the inner part, as food or liquid residues adhere tightly to the metal.

The plastic version of the part is much lighter than the metal one; it is quite resistant to external influences, for example, drops. A significant disadvantage of this material is the good absorbency of odors that are released when exposed to temperature.

Glass bulb is fragile and not suitable for travel. But it holds the temperature well and preserves the beneficial properties of the products.

It is important to know: Before purchasing a product, it is advisable to check the thermos for its integrity. To do this, take the product in your hands and shake. If there is a rattling sound inside the thermos, it is better to refuse the acquisition.

Which thermos is better: with a glass flask or metal

This question is often of interest to consumers. The advantages of a glass bulb in good performance are excellent in keeping heat, and are easy to clean. But they are very fragile, so the use of a thermos it is impossible to go with a glass bulb on hikes - this is an exclusively household appliance for home use.

As for the metal flask, it is shock resistantbut keeps heat a little worse, and particles of food or tea remain on the metal. But such a product is ideal for tourism. Based on the facts, the choice of the best option depends on the scope of the product.

Popma (trigger valve)

Manufacturers of modern models equip a thermos with a special pump. This is usually a small thermos with a pneumatic pump. It is activated by pressing the lever-key. In more expensive models, there is a dispenser, through which a certain volume of the poured liquid is set at a time. Such a thermos holds up to 3 liters, it is important to know that the larger the volume of the product, the slower the water cools in it.

Types of thermoses

A large number of product varieties are presented on the modern market. Before purchasing, you should determine the scope of the model, for example, it will store food or water. According to this, all models are divided into separate types:


This model is characterized by a wide neck, due to which the consumer is comfortable using it as a container for eating food. They are purchased for first courses and second courses, they are available in volumes of up to 2 liters with a folding handle for easy transfer;

For drinks

This model has a narrow design and a small neck for the convenience of drinking tea or coffee from a thermos. Produced in various volumes;


Such products are ideal as a working option. They are easy to carry, easy to operate, and a protective pump prevents possible inconvenience when pouring tea into mugs;


This model has a small volume of up to 1 liter. Suitable for use by athletes, it is compact and fits in a backpack without any problems;

Universal thermoses

These vessels are distinguished by their functionality. Depending on the chosen model, they can be used to transfer products on hiking trips, to hire or apply at home.

All varieties have their pros and cons.

What thermos to choose for food

Very often, buyers are lost in choosing a thermos designed for storing food. The function of this product is to provide normal nutrition to a person during working hours. There are two types of products:

  • The model with containers allows you to place several dishes in a vessel. These containers can be used subsequently to heat food in the microwave;
  • the one-piece flask option is a classic thermos model that has a wide neck for ease of intended use.

Choosing a thermos should be based on its characteristics. It should be borne in mind who the product is intended for, for example, the student will not need a two-liter thermos, and a small model will not work for an adult man. When buying, you can pay attention to the presence of additional elements - these are cutlery and a thermal bag.

When purchasing a thermos for food, you should carefully examine its interior for odors. If it is present, then you should refuse to purchase this product, as it is unlikely to get rid of the "aroma". In addition, you need to take into account the presence of a pen, paying attention to its convenience in the process of transferring a thermos.

Thermos which company holds heat better

Each buyer is interested in the question of which manufacturer is better. It is worth noting that when choosing a thermos, it is better to pay attention to well-known brands that have already established the technology for the production of goods.

In the modern market there are several companies that produce high-quality thermoses:

  • The Arctic and Biostal are Russian firms;
  • LaPlaya and Thermos are manufacturers from Germany.

These companies produce modern models that are ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and safe for the body. European companies specialize in the production of products that have isothermal properties. Russian companies focus on the production of thermo-ware and its components. The last option is affordable and high quality.

Not many people are ready for the right choice of thermos, often buying, because they wanted to. In fact, the acquisition should be based on needs. If it is needed for tourist trips, then the characteristics should correspond. Thermos must be resistant to external influences, the volume is selected according to personal capabilities.

It is better for athletes to purchase a thermomug for training, a compact and ergonomic product. For tea drinking at work, it is advisable to buy a pump thermos that will close reliably and look stylish on your desktop. A universal model is perfect for home use.

If you have any questions about choosing a thermos for personal use, we advise you to watch a detailed video recommendation on the purchase of the product and the difference in models by characteristics.

Watch the video: : Thermos Comparison Tests (November 2019).


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