How to clear the thermal sweat from scale

Thermopot is gaining more and more popularity, gradually displacing an electric kettle from the kitchen. All thanks to the convenience of its use. Boiling water is always at your fingertips in a large volume. But the problem for both kitchen appliances remains the same - scale.

Limescale is a real disaster. Every housewife takes any means to get rid of him.

Where does the scum come from?

From the tap water flows very questionable in quality. It is rich in magnesium and calcium, which negatively affects the surfaces of devices. As a result, when heated, all this turns into a calcareous precipitate. It is formed inside the appliance. It has the appearance of a white coating. Will have to make a lot of effort to get rid of him.

Important!Even when using a cleaning filter, it will not be possible to avoid the appearance of scale. Only delay her education.

Care should be taken to monitor the internal state of the thermal sweat. The sooner a plaque is detected, the easier it will be to clean it. The appearance of sediment can provoke various problems in the operation of the device:

  • electricity begins to be consumed in large quantities;
  • water will start to heat up much more slowly;
  • when the device is operating, a loud noise is heard;
  • the water that was heated in the appliance got an unpleasant taste.

Important! If the scale is ignored and the appliance is not properly maintained, it will simply burn.

There are many ways in which you can get rid of lime sediment. In addition to special tools, there are home methods using improvised ingredients. You should understand each of the methods in more detail and choose the most suitable one.

How and how to clean the thermal sweat from scale at home

You can buy in the store a special tool designed to clean the inside of the thermal sweat. However, many housewives do not welcome this method too much. They believe that household chemicals can adversely affect health. They prefer more natural, folk remedies.

Citric acid cleansing

It is necessary to take a bag of citric acid and dissolve in a liter of water. Then wait until the liquid boils and turn off the appliance. Allow the contents to cool. Pour it and rinse thoroughly the entire surface inside and out. After inside, be sure to wipe the appliance with a soft, dry cloth. This will help to remove the remaining plaque.

Compared to soda, citric acid works better. However, it is significantly inferior to vinegar. In some cases, to completely get rid of plaque, you need to use several packets of acid. An important advantage of this method is that there is no unpleasant odor. Unlike the vinegar method.

Cleaning the heatpot with soda and citric acid (together)

If citric acid copes with plaque better than soda, then when these components are combined, double efficiency will be obtained. To get rid of scale you should do the following:

  • for the method you need a bag of citric acid and soda, in the amount of a tablespoon. Fill a liter of water into the container. Add soda to it in the indicated quantity. Boil the liquid. Turn off the thermal sweat and wait until the water has completely cooled;
  • drain the cooled liquid and recycle water into the appliance. Add a bag of citric acid.
  • wait until the contents boil, and leave it for 30 minutes. After everything should be poured;
  • inside the thermo sweat is washed with detergent and a sponge. This will help get rid of balances.

An important advantage of the method is that it is absolutely safe. In addition, there will be no unpleasant odor, which would also have to get rid of for a long time. The disadvantages of the method include the fact that it is suitable only for not too serious pollution. This method will not be able to cope with caustic plaque. If the lesion is large, you will have to repeat the entire procedure several times before significant improvements occur.

Vinegar cleaning

A method that has been tested by more than one generation. A liter of water will require 50 ml of vinegar. Add it to the liquid and bring to a boil. When the solution boils, you should leave it in this position for a couple of hours.

After that, ordinary water is added to the thermopot and everything boils again. After the liquid is poured out, the appliance is rinsed from the inside. A fairly powerful method that can cope with an impressive scum. However, vinegar will leave a pungent odor. To get rid of it, it is necessary to additionally draw ordinary clean water into the thermal stream several times and bring to a boil.

How to clean a thermal sweat with soda (sprite)

In addition to using the long-known home remedies for getting rid of scale, very unconventional approaches are also used. For example, you can remove soda pop. Not any will do. It is recommended to use a sprite. It is colorless, so there will be no trace left after it, unlike other known soda.

The sprite is poured into the thermopot and brought to a boil. Then you need to pour out the liquid, and the device itself must be thoroughly washed and wiped with a dry cloth. Despite the non-standard method, it works and helps get rid of plaque.

Special descalers

It has already been mentioned that in addition to home remedies with improvised components, there is a special household chemical product designed to combat plaque. The procedure using this tool is quite simple and includes the following steps:

  • water is drawn into the thermal sweat;
  • a cleaning agent is added to the liquid and diluted;
  • thermopt turns on. It is necessary to bring the liquid to a boil;
  • leave the solution inside the device for a while;
  • pour liquid from the thermal port. Rinse thoroughly with detergent. Dry with a rag.

Important! It is recommended that you fully observe the instructions on the packaging. As part of such products, there are aggressive substances that will damage individual parts of the thermostat if you hold the liquid longer than it is laid inside.

Scale Prevention in Thermal Sweat

There are no special recommendations that would help save the device from scale formation. It is only necessary to use filtered water and try not to pour liquid from the tap.

Of course, this will not help to completely avoid the formation of plaque. However, his appearance will delay for a while. In addition, scale is formed much less frequently when using water that has passed through the filter.

Conclusions from the article

Useful recommendations should be followed to help make the descaling procedure more efficient: when removing plaque, do not use any abrasive products. This may damage the surface of the appliance;

  • If you do not use table vinegar, but the essence. Then you can not bring to a boil the water in a thermal stream;
  • It is forbidden to use strong acids to get rid of sediment. For example, sulfuric or hydrochloric;
  • It has already been noted that to protect the device from the regular appearance of scale, only filtered water should be used;
  • The field of how you boiled the liquid with the addition of a cleaning composition is important to drain it, pour clean water and boil again. Then it merges and only then can the device be used.

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