What is better than a thermal sweat or an electric kettle

The electric kettle has been known to people for a long time, but the thermopot is a rather new invention. This is a useful, sometimes indispensable device for home and office.

It is needed if there is a need to constantly have hot water at hand for preparing drinks, food or some other functions.

This appliance is a modern analogue of an electric kettle, it allows you to save time and energy in the fast pace of life. Therefore, it is not surprising that he is gradually replacing the usual electric kettle from the market, winning every year more and more popularity.

Thermopot or electric kettle - which is better?

Do not know which of these electrical appliances is more practical and economical to purchase? Let's look at their comparative characteristics and find out.

Instrument Comparison Chart

SpecificationsThermal sweatElectric kettle
Functionsboils water and maintains the set temperatureboils water
A heating elementspiral or diskspiral or disk
Volume3-10 liters0.5-3 liters (1.7 L medium)
Powerno more than 800 W700 W - 3 kW
Cost800-4000 rubles350-2000 rubles
Boiling time13 minutes or more6 minutes

As you can see from the table, purchasing an electric kettle will cost you less. The volume of water in it is much less, therefore, the boiling time is short. But it does not have the function of constantly heating the water, and therefore in a couple of hours it will cool in it.

The heating elements of the devices are similar, and the energy consumption consists of many factors.

How quickly the water cools down also depends on the material from which the device is made. Often plastic is used for the case of the thermal sweat, and a metal or glass bulb is placed inside. Electric kettles are ceramic, plastic, metal and glass.

Important! When choosing which electrical appliance to prefer, answer a few questions: how much hot water do you need, what temperature, how often and under what conditions will you operate it.

Functional Features of Thermal Sweat

Have you thought about whether you need a thermal sweat or also use the kettle in the old fashioned way? Let's look at what opportunities this latest household appliance provides. Thermopot combines the functions of an electric kettle and a thermos. He not only boils water, but also does not allow it to cool for a long time, maintaining the set temperature (60-80 degrees). Usually has 3-4 modes temperature regulator.

Thermopot for boiling water requires a lot of time, but to reheat it takes only about a minute. It allows you to boil more water, which is good when using it with the company. It is much safer to use for children and elderly people than a kettle, since there is no danger of dropping it when pouring or burn yourself.

The device makes it possible to get water at an optimum temperature for you, which is especially important for children and people who do not like hot drinks. It is very convenient to breed baby food. You do not have to wait for the water to cool or dilute too hot water. Some models have 2 water tanks, which allows you to have water of different temperatures.

To fill the water in a thermos kettle, a manual or electric pump is used (sometimes both at the same time). The body of the device heats up to only 40 degrees, which is a definite plus for safety. Useful functions of the device can be anti-scale filters and blocking water loading during operation of the device.

Disadvantages of thermal sweat

  • the disadvantages of the device include its significant size in comparison with an electric kettle and considerable weight;
  • You can use the compact kettle anywhere and even carry it with you on trips. The thermal sweat is completely non-mobile; it is a stationary household appliance;
  • The disadvantage of this electrical appliance is also its high cost (2-10 thousand rubles).
  • in cheap models, the water does not heat up to the boiling point;
  • the device requires a constant connection to the mains to perform the heating function.

As you can see, a thermal sweat, like a kettle, has its advantages and disadvantages, we advise you to focus on those that are really important to you.

Important! You need a thermal sweat if you have a large family or a small child. You often drink tea, several times a day breed baby formula or cereal. This is a convenient device for the office with a large team.

Thermopot or electric kettle - which is more economical

Many buyers, before buying, are also concerned with the question: "How much energy does each of these devices consume?"

When purchasing a kettle or thermo sweat, keep in mind that energy consumption depends on how many times a day and where they will be used. In the case of home use of an electric kettle by a family of 4 people, no more than 5 times a day, buying a thermal sweat is completely unprofitable: in this case, energy will be consumed 2-3 times more.

But if ten or more people use the device, moreover, several times a day, then in this situation the thermo sweat is simply irreplaceable. After all, it will boil a lot more water at a time and for about 10 hours its temperature will not be lower than 70 °, while very little energy is consumed (30 to 100 watts). There are models without a heating function, they do not require a constant power supply, but they only maintain temperature like a regular thermos.

Attention! Thermopot is not economical if only you use it and only a couple of times a day, it is also not relevant for a small family. In this case, it is more profitable to purchase a conventional electric kettle.

Before you buy an electric appliance: a kettle or a thermal sweat, think about whether you need hot water all the time, or from time to time, where exactly you will use this appliance and other individual moments. After all, each of these devices will be ideal in a certain situation. And to the question: "Which is better?" everyone must answer independently. If you choose the right household appliances, it will become an indispensable tool for you in everyday life. On sale, you can easily find many different models in color and design.

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