How to choose an electric kettle

A distinctive feature of the modern world is the equipping of the kitchen premises with electrical appliances, which greatly facilitate the human life. Household appliances today are diverse and almost indispensable.

Many consumers are wondering how to make the right choice of electric kettle for use at home. Before we talk about the features of the choice of this device, let's talk about its advantages.

Pros and Cons of Electric Kettles

This device has several advantages that increase its popularity among consumers:

  • A small volume contributes to the rapid heating of water;
  • The compact size allows you to place the device in any corner of the kitchen;
  • A variety of teapot designs and colors contributes to the acquisition of an electric kettle that harmoniously fits into the interior.

There are certain disadvantages to this technique:

  • A large amount of energy consumed during heating;
  • Unsafe when used by children, they can be scalded with boiling water;
  • The water boils, so it’s not possible to warm it up a little.

Modern home appliance stores offer a large assortment where you can get confused. Let us consider in more detail each characteristic of the device.

Electric kettle body

An important element of the device is the material from which it is made. There are four varieties:


The most common model that has an affordable cost. The material is durable and lightweight, which facilitates the use of technology.

Manufacturers create teapots of various colors at affordable prices. Among the shortcomings, the possible presence of plastic odor and a low level of resistance to external influences can be noted. Therefore, with prolonged use of the kettle, its appearance gradually becomes unusable.


The stainless steel model is shock resistant for long product life. As a minus, a high level of heating of the material during operation can be noted, which can lead to burns when inattentive.

When choosing, you should focus on the handle by which you need to hold the device. It should be as comfortable as possible. There are two varieties of stainless steel surface - glossy and matte. The first option looks attractive on the kitchen table and requires careful care. The matte surface is easy to clean, there are practically no handprints on it.


This model is distinguished by its originality and the ability to observe the process of boiling water. Glass electric kettle is environmentally friendly and does not add impurities to the liquid during operation. The hostess has the opportunity to monitor the condition of the product through transparent walls. It is made from special thick glass that is resistant to high temperatures.

The model has a number of minuses - This is fragility, constant care and exhausting cleaning of the material, noise and a high level of glass heating, which requires an additional casing. Some models are equipped with a teapot function, for this a tea strainer is placed.

Ceramic Electric Kettle

This model is a novelty, made from certain grades of clay. She has several advantages:

    • presentability;
    • unique design;
    • most models come with a set of cups;
    • lack of scale for a long time;
    • easy care;
    • long-term preservation of temperature;
    • no noise;
    • is safe.

But there are also disadvantages that the consumer should be aware of. Such a model is expensive and has a high level of fragility, ceramics is a heavy material, so a product of even a small volume cannot be called light. The feature of the material helps to slow down the heating of water.

Each model has its own qualities and individual characteristics - this should be considered when choosing a product.

Electric kettle heating element

Another main criterion for choosing a device is a heating element. There are two options - an open spiral and a disc heating part. The speed of boiling depends on the variety.

An open spiral facilitates direct contact of water with the part, which is made of stainless steel. This model is characterized by efficiency, affordable price and quiet heating mode. Sometimes the spiral has a golden color, it is coated with titanium nitride, which prevents the occurrence of scale and protects against corrosion.

Important: for safety reasons, the model with an open spiral should be operated according to the instructions, water should completely cover the heating structure.

The flat version of the equipment differs from the above in a large area of ​​contact with the liquid. It boils faster, and the consumer has the ability to regulate the volume of water. This design is easy to descale.

Optimal volume

Its measurement is in liters and depends on the number of people in the family. To calculate the average value, you need 0.25 liters. (one circle) multiply by the number of users. It turns out that for four people it is enough to purchase a 1.5-liter kettle. It is undesirable to purchase a model for a large displacement if you do not need constant use of such an amount of water, since a lot of electricity is needed for heating.

It is important to know: the volume does not affect the heating time of the liquid, since the design of the model is proportional to its size.

Electric kettle stand

Important elements are stand and cord. The last part is made in a small footage - this ensures the safe use of the product. The stand can be of two types:

  • stationary.

There is a rigid fixation of the teapot with a design, it is installed in a special socket and can only be in one position.

  • "Pirouette"

This is a free stand option in which the product can be rotated 360 degrees. Provides usability and time saving.

The presence of a filter in an electric kettle

Water filtration is required with strong rigidity of the tap fluid. Using a nylon filter, there is no chance of lime particles entering the cup. It can be built into the design of the product or an additional element.

Heating rate

This factor depends on the power of the product. This parameter is selected according to the application. The standard version of the electric kettle has indicators 850-1500 kW.

At higher power ratings at home, system overload is possible, which puts a person at risk of fire from the device.


The cost of the product depends directly on the quality of the materials, so it is better to neglect the cheap options from China for your own safety. The most affordable models are open-spiral plastic kettles. In the presence of additional functions, the price accordingly increases.


This parameter also depends on the material used in the manufacture of the model. The most durable options are stainless steel, they are resistant to shock, and the appearance remains decent for a long time with proper care for the kettle.

Electric kettle shape and weight

It should be understood that a heated electrical appliance contains boiling water, improper handling of which can bring disaster. To protect yourself from unforeseen unpleasant circumstances, it is better to purchase a model with a lockable lid. It is important that the kettle lies comfortably in the hand, and its weight does not burden the operation.

The shape of the product varies, there is a jug and a cone. Manufacturers claim that in the model a jug, water heats up faster.

Auto power off (security)

This function is optional and works during power surges, when removing the product from the stand and when the water is completely heated. It ensures the safe use of the kettle, as it prevents possible fire of the device.

Expert advice on choosing an electric kettle

There are some rules that should be considered when buying a device:

  • The plastic model must be replaced every two to three years;
  • It is better to purchase a white model;
  • The handle of a metal kettle should be equipped with a rubber gasket;
  • The cord of the product should be short so that it is not possible to install the device away from the outlet.

Given the characteristics and rules, you can choose the best option for an electric kettle, which will be not only an interior decoration, but also a safe element of household appliances.

More detailed instructions for choosing a device can be viewed below.

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