Sizes of children's mattresses in a crib

The importance of choosing the right baby mattress is undeniable. Indeed, a strong and healthy sleep of the child depends on its quality, and therefore the proper development of a growing organism. The main factor influencing the choice of the appropriate mattress is the age of the child. It also determines the main selection criteria, such as stiffness, internal filling, orthopedic indicators, size and height.

An important criterion for choosing a mattress for a crib is size. It changes significantly as children grow up and grow, as the mattress should provide a child of any age with a comfortable position in the crib. Of course, it is permissible to use mattresses made on individual orders, however, There are standard sizes for cots and, accordingly, mattresses for them.

Size Chart for Baby Mattresses

SizesLength seeWidth see
The size of the mattress in a pram or cradle for newborns80-9540-50
The size of the mattress in the crib for newborns120-14060-70
The size of the mattress in a crib for children from 3 years140-19070-80
The size of the mattress in a crib for teens190-20080-120

Before buying a mattress, you should accurately determine its size. To do this, you must correctly determine the internal size of the bed by measuring the length and width along the side. Do not rely on standard sizes, because they can fluctuate quite a lot, and the deviation on 5-10 cm will make the mattress unusable.

reference: The acceptable gap between the mattress and the edge of the bed is considered an indicator in 2-4 cm. Such free space will allow you to make your bed with great comfort. However, exceeding this indicator is considered dangerous, as it can lead to accidental injuries to the child.

The size of the mattress in a pram or cradle for newborns

The smallest mattress in human life is a mattress in a pram or cradle. Its standard sizes may vary in parameters. from 40x80 cm to 50x95 cm. Such mattresses are not endowed with anatomical qualities, but perform the function of providing a newborn with a smooth and rigid surface.

At the same time, the mattress in the pram becomes a buffer, smoothing out irregularities at the bottom of the pram. Their dimensions must strictly correspond to the inner surface of the stroller or cradle, because even slight deviations will lead to tangible discomfort for the baby.

The size of the mattress in the crib for newborns

In most cases, parents prefer not to buy a crib for babies, but a crib. Unlike a cradle that can be used no more than 1 year and a half, it is already used before reaching the child 3 years of age.

In the case of buying a crib, she will also need to buy a mattress, the size of which will already be 60x120-70x140 cm. It will also become a low breathing space between the bottom of the bed and the body of the baby, while maintaining sufficient rigidity of the bed.

On a note. It is better to buy a mattress for babies with double-sided filler, when coconut fiber or coir is located on one side, and latex or polyurethane foam on the other. This type of mattress will allow the child to provide more proper rigidity. At the same time, it should be put the coconut side up for the first year and a half, and then turned on the soft side.

The size of the mattress in a crib for children from 3 years

At the age of 3-4 years, the child will become cramped in his first crib. Therefore, parents will have to purchase a larger bed. In order to save money, children can be purchased once a large single or one and a half bed with a mattress.

However, for the emerging skeleton, this option is not entirely correct, since the stiffness requirements will change twice more. A more correct decision would be to purchase a bed and mattress ranging in size from 70x140 to 80-190 cm.

At the age of 4-5 years, children still need a certain stiffness during sleep. At the same time, they become quite active, begin to jump and run everywhere, including on the bed. Expensive orthopedic mattresses can not withstand such a load, therefore, for children aged 5-10 years, it is better to purchase high-quality spring mattresses.

The size of the mattress in a crib for teens

Adolescence is the time of active growth and the final formation of the spine. Many teenagers manage to grow to the size of an adult, or grow at a significant rate. A change of berth for them will become an unwillingness, and an urgent need.

The sizes of mattresses in a bed for teenagers will be determined not only by growth indicators, but also by opportunities, since a bed for them can already be bought, both single and one-and-a-half. The width of standard sizes will be 80-120 cm, and the length is 190-200 cm. The preferred type of mattress will be orthopedic. He will no longer suffer from childish pranks and will be able to fully fulfill his function.

Note. Today, there are both spring and springless orthopedic mattresses.

Children's mattress height

The height of the mattresses for cots is also a significant criterion. It is determined by both the stiffness requirements and the internal filling of the mattress. In some cases, the height of the mattress is determined by the inner side of the bed, in order to avoid injuries, the mattress should rise at least 5 cm above it.

In turn, there are age restrictions on the height of the mattress. So, the height of the mattresses for Children under the age of 3 should be between 6 and 10 cm, height of spring mattresses for elementary school students - 10-20 cm, height of orthopedic mattresses for teenagers - 14-20 cm. In this case, a certain excess of indicators for spring and orthopedic mattresses is allowed. Thinner mattresses can be used as mattress covers or bedspreads on sofas.


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