How to choose a mattress pad

A bed for sleep consists of three main elements: a frame, a frame and a mattress. Choosing a convenient and comfortable berth is not an easy task.

In order to preserve the good appearance of the mattress as long as possible, they put on a mattress cover. And what this addition to the bed will be, depends only on the mattress.

Mattress cover for orthopedic mattress

The task of the orthopedic mattress is to keep the human spine during sleep in the anatomically correct position. Therefore, the main criterion for choosing a cover for it is the naturalness and environmental friendliness of the material. The best model for an orthopedic mattress will be a latex cover, which will give it softness and elasticity. If a person has a tendency to allergies, then you can also choose a single-layer microfiber product.

Choosing a mattress cover for a sofa

In most modern homes, a regular sofa turns into a berth every day or only on holidays. To make such a dream comfortable, it is necessary to put on a mattress cover on upholstered furniture. In this case, it is better to adhere to such rules:

  • choose a model with a filler - if the sofa is used as a child’s bed, then the filling should be orthopedic and consist of natural materials (coconut, latex);
  • fastening should ensure a snug fit of the part to the bedTherefore, it is better to choose a model with an elastic band;
  • perfect option - double-sided mattress cover (summer, winter) on an orthopedic basis.

If the house has small children, then a waterproof model is the best option for maintaining the cleanliness of the sofa.

What mattress pad to choose for a newborn

At birth, the skeleton of a baby is 50% composed of cartilage, and it has the ability to quickly deform. To prevent this from happening, parents need to take care of the bedding for the child.

In the first 7 months, the baby will not need a pillow, but the mattress needs to be selected carefully. You should also carefully consider the choice of mattress cover:

Mattress pad material for babies - only natural cotton, with water repellent properties.

  • Lack of filler - it does not benefit the fragile structure of the bones of the baby;
  • Quality certificate - this will help protect the emerging organism from possible negative effects (chemical odor, the use of toxic glue and low-quality synthetic fibers).

Important! A popular version of the mattress cover is waterproof. In it, the upper layer is sewn from cotton, and the lower layer is made of waterproof oilcloth. Parents need to choose a product from breathable materials - 100% terry and microporous membrane. This will protect the child's body from excessive sweating, which leads to the formation of dermatitis.

What you need to know before buying

Going in search of "shelter" for a brand-new mattress to a shopping center (online store), you need to take into account such details: material of the top and filler, size and type of fastening.

It is best to use two types of mattress covers - summer without filler and winter with warming filler. The second rule for a successful product selection is a precisely selected size that must be measured in advance.

It is also worth paying attention to the type of fastening - it can be corner straps, elastic, threaded around the entire perimeter of the product or zipper. It is equally important to determine the type of mattress cover: classic, orthopedic, special (waterproof) and antibacterial (its composition prevents the formation of microorganisms).

Important! Before buying a mattress cover, you can pay attention to customer reviews and tips. They are posted on trading floors, thematic forums.

About the sizes of the mattress pad

The beds are characterized by different lengths and widths, according to which a mattress is selected. Manufacturers of soft additions to the bedroom and mattress covers offer customers the following sizes of mattress covers:

  • 90 * 190, 90 * 200 - teenage models;
  • 120 * 200 - one and a half bed;
  • 140 * 200, 160 * 200, 180 * 200 - for double mattresses;
  • 200 * 200, 200 * 220 - for a double bed "Euro".

Important! Separate mattress covers for children's beds, their size 69*120. You need to measure the length and width of the product along the very edge of the bed. Also, before buying, it is important to pay attention to the height of the mattress.

Mattress cover cover

Sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers protect bedding from dirt and wear. The same function is performed by a mattress cover. The material from which the mattress cover is made must complement it, comply with sanitary and hygienic standards, and be safe for the body. Modern manufacturers of covers for the soft part of the bed make them from the following materials:

  • Natural - cotton, bamboo, calico or silk:
  • Synthetic - microfiber, polyester, polycotton;
  • Combined - Jacquard.

Less popular are satin and viscose cases. In the manufacture of children's models are used cambric, cotton. In addition to the top material, the form of the mattress pad filler plays a huge role.

Mattress pad filling

From what material fills the inner surface of the mattress pad, its functionality depends.

Three types of filler are distinguished: natural, synthetic, combined.

To natural materials include cotton, coconut coir, wool (sheep, camel) and silk. Another popular modern filler is bamboo fiber. All species are considered environmentally friendly and safe for health.

The second type - synthetic fillers: synthetic winterizer, holofiber, latex (from Hevea resin). Such products do not cause allergies, are easily erased and have a long service life.

Combined Models also easy to clean and do not wear out for several years. These include: cotton-wool, cotton-polyester models and combinations cotton and holofiber.

Mattress pad mount

There are three types of fastening of the product to the mattress:

  • angular elastic holders;
  • elastic around the perimeter;
  • zipper.

First view fastenings put on the corners of the mattress.

Second view better than the first covers the soft part of the bed, does not pull out from under it. Lightning in mattress covers is found only in premium-class models.

Third view there are models with push-button fastenings or fasteners in the form of buttons and loops.

Healthy sleep is the key to success and good mood. When choosing a mattress cover for a bed or sofa, it is important to remember that during sleep, the body recovers from physical and emotional stress. Therefore, a correctly selected cover for the mattress will complement the mattress and correct its possible shortcomings, as well as keep it in its original form for many years.

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