Differences of an orthopedic mattress from anatomical and from ordinary

Before you buy a mattress, you need to know about its advantages and disadvantages. A correctly selected mattress will relieve insomnia, back pain after sleep.

Comparison of a regular, anatomical and orthopedic mattress

An important feature of an orthopedic mattress is its medical purpose. A sufficiently rigid product helps to get rid of fatigue, relieve muscle hypertonicity, and also improve blood circulation. A medical certificate for such a product is required.

Anatomical mattresses in many ways combine comfort and benefit. The ability to take the shape of the human body is provided by a block of independent springs.

There is no clear difference between orthopedic and anatomical mattresses (often they are not distinguished at all). But their main difference is rigidity. Orthopedic products are more rigid.

An ordinary mattress has existed for about 80 thousand years. Its main function is to provide comfort for a person; use does not imply an improvement in the condition of the skeleton. You can stuff the product with anything: wool, fluff, special clothing wool, bast, etc.

Orthopedic mattresses

Important! The best mattress is a custom made mattress by individual standards and body characteristics.

The functions of the orthopedic mattress are:

  • maintaining proper bending of the spine;
  • ensuring comfort when using due to springs and fillers.


  • sensitivity to the shape of the human body;
  • many products provide air exchange, this helps to regulate sweating;
  • the use of an orthopedic product helps to prevent the occurrence of pathological curvature of the spine - they are especially useful for osteochondrosis and scoliosis;
  • spring mattresses can be different in stiffness in different parts - this is useful for uneven distribution of weight (overweight, pregnancy, etc.);
  • springless mattresses are the most convenient option - depending on individual preferences, you can choose a mattress with the desired degree of rigidity.


  • price - many people note the high cost of products, but such a high price is fully justified;
  • new mattresses often have a specific smell, but it also quickly disappears.

Anatomical mattress


  • helps maintain the shape of the spine;
  • relieves stress from internal organs;
  • the natural position of the neck, head and limbs provides an even supply of blood to the whole body.


  • the specific smell inherent in all products of this type - quickly disappears:
  • weight - for the most part, spring mattresses have a lot of weight, so it may be difficult to transport;
  • exactingness to service conditions.

Conventional Bonnel Mattresses

The Bonnel system is a block of dependent springs. Their connection provides sufficient rigidity and reliability. It is an inexpensive and reliable option, but a mattress with such springs will not be beneficial for health.


  • low price;
  • such mattresses are quite rigid and elastic.


  • due to the block of springs, such a product cannot repeat the bends of the body, so the orthopedic properties of the Bonnel mattress leave much to be desired;
  • gradually this technology is becoming a thing of the past, but now it is a reliable budget option;
  • Sleeping on a mattress with Bonnel springs is not always convenient, since the edges of the mattress are reinforced;
  • relative fragility - orthopedic and anatomical mattresses last about 15 years, this product - about 10 years.

Important! When choosing you need to consider the following criteria:

  • type of construction - spring or springless;
  • material;
  • human health and biometrics.

Expert review

Many doctors recommend using orthopedic mattresses with independent spring blocks. It is they who evenly distribute the load, therefore, they precisely repeat the contours of the body. These products should be looked at by people suffering from osteochondrosis or arthritis.

At the moment, products with independent springs are the best option - they are very durable, comfortable and do not lose shape. They are also good because “dents” form on the mattress with prolonged use.

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