Orthopedic mattress benefit and harm

From a quarter to a third of the life span, man is allocated to sleep by nature. The body relaxes, rests, the brain processes the information received. The quality of rest depends on the convenience of the situation.

About orthopedic mattresses

Classic orthopedic mattress - This is a special certified medical product used as prescribed by a doctor, intended for treatment in a hospital or at home.

But in everyday life this is the name of a product with an "orthopedic effect." There are no special regulatory requirements for such a mattress in Russia. It is considered such if it has the following properties:

  • provides a comfortable sleep;
  • prevents problems with the back, joints;
  • supports the spine in the necessary physiological position;
  • does not lead to constriction of the blood vessels of the circulatory system.

The rapid spread of such products has given rise to many myths.

Myth: Orthopedic mattress is only necessary for people with a sore back.

This is a misconception. Not being a special medical device, it is a tool to prevent deformation of the spinal column, musculoskeletal system. Allows you to maintain health without any effort. During the day we care little about our posture, at night the mattress helps the body to take an optimal position.

Important! In the presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, choosing a mattress, it is advisable to find out the opinion of the orthopedic doctor.

Myth: a hard mattress is preferable.

Wrong. The main parameter of the product is elasticity, it determines the position of the body. Moderately rigid, resilient models are useful for children, providing the desired location for the forming spine. On a soft surface, irregular bends can be fixed, become a habit, lead to stoop.

Mattresses according to the degree of rigidity are divided into 5 categories:

  • Older people are recommended softer, more elastic models with several zones of stiffness.
  • Soft or medium elastic - suitable for consumers weighing less than 60 kg.
  • Medium resilience is recommended for people. weighing up to 90 kg.
  • With greater body weight, a rigid structure is preferred.

Important! To maintain the characteristics of the mattress, it is advisable to turn it over every three months.

The main benefits and harms

Problems of the musculoskeletal system in people arise due to high activity. An uncomfortable posture in a dream fixes these anomalies.

Myth: a hard mattress is preferable.

Orthopedic properties are the ability of the product to provide the body with the correct position. A good orthopedic mattress has several hardness zones. The area under the hips should be less rigid, bending from their weight. And the neck, lower back - supported - located on more elastic zones.


  • It adapts to the bends of the body, which gives a therapeutic result: muscles relax, pinches are removed, headache, insomnia passes.
  • Prevents diseases of the spine.
  • Special impregnationIt promotes bacterial safety.
  • Made from safe materials., nNot causing allergic reactions.
  • It is used to cure acquired injuries.


  • The right choice is important, otherwise the consequences of sleeping on a bad mattress are possible: lack of sleep, headache, allergies.
  • An excessively soft or hard berth results in unnecessary strain on the spine.
  • Some cheap products cope poorly with ventilation, moisture - odors accumulate, bacteria can multiply.

For the manufacture of a mattress, springs have been used for quite some time. Orthopedic properties of the product are determined by their number and installation method. When on a sleeping area of ​​1 square meter their quantity reaches 250 pieces, it acquires sufficient convenience. The most advanced models have on such an area 1000 - 2000 small diameter springs. When installed, they can be connected in bundles or arranged independently.

Dependent spring unit

A once widespread design in which the springs are interconnected, referred to as the “bonnel”. It is used in products of low cost.


  • Ability to withstand loads up to 180 kg / m².
  • Affordable price.
  • a model for people without spinal problems.


  • Such an elastic field works as a single one, responding to local load with a vast hollow.
  • The product is characterized by fluctuations in the type of wave, disturbing a person sleeping next to him.
  • Some springs are constantly loaded. They gradually lose their elasticity - the product sags, begins to creak.
  • The small number of springs, their significant size do not provide these models with proper orthopedic properties. The mattress has a small local compliance, poorly adapts to the irregularities of the body, provides insufficient comfort.

With independent spring unit

These disadvantages are devoid of designs made of freely springs. Each is installed in a fabric cover, perceives an individual load. In general, the product perfectly adapts to the contours of any body, has a variable stiffness along the length (up to 9 zones), which is more complex in the middle price category.


  • A large number of springs, their different elasticity give the model the best healing properties, ergonomic fit to the human body, comfortable bends. The spine is provided with an anatomically correct position.
  • High quality provides a comfortable sleep, rest.
  • Uniform distribution of pressure on the body surface in contact with the mattress - there is no "leakage" of the body.
  • The full functioning of the circulatory system of limbs, organs.
  • Complete relaxation of all muscle groups, ligaments - removal of loads from the spine.


  • The appearance and accumulation of dust over time as a result of wear of the filler and fabric. The likelihood of developing ticks that cause allergies.
  • Rusting of springs due to moisture, creaking, breaking.
  • The appearance of a static charge when using metal springs that negatively affects a person.

With all kinds of additives and fillers

The springless products are based on natural or synthesized materials - additives and fillers. They are stacked in layers, which allows you to create products of different levels of stiffness, with different elasticities along the length and sides. There are models in the form of a monoblock from one component.

They are produced in a significant price range - from budget products using polyurethane foam to high-cost models using expensive fillers.

One of these is natural latex - an elastic elastic material. Able to withstand loads up to 140 kg, It is quickly restored, it can be either soft or hard (up to 7 levels). Latex mattress has high orthopedic properties, it is recommended for people with excess body weight, diseases of the spine.

  • Coir coconut. It gives increased rigidity, durability, helps to form the correct posture in children, prevents back pain in adults. One of the most expensive fillers.
    Read more about the benefits and harms of coconut coir here.
  • Horse hair - durable elastic, non-absorbent natural material. It is used for rigid models with a high price category.
  • Material Memory Form - one of the best fillers with body shape memory effect. It is made of the latest technology from polyurethane foam. Relieves stress from the back, provides a comfortable rest, recommended for people with spinal problems.

As fillers are also used: wool, palm coir, coconut spring sea ​​grass, bamboo fiber, other materials with their own advantages, with different price characteristics.


  • noiselessness - due to the absence of metal parts;
  • high breathability of most products;
  • compact packaging models with low rigidity;
  • orthopedic ability to take the form of a body;
  • long term of operation.


  • products made from some artificial materials have insufficient bacteriological resistance;
  • loss over time of the form of individual fillers such as foam rubber. On sagging sleeping places, the spine is subject to deformation;
  • difficulties in moving products of high rigidity due to significant weight;
  • the possibility of formaldehyde emission. When buying, you must require certificates for materials.

And in conclusion

The mattress is not chosen on the advice of friends or acquaintances. The best option when choosing a mattress will be consultation with an osteopath. Having a certificate with a mattress will give you additional confidence in the quality of the product. But still the best mattress on which is comfortable to the body. You need to lie down in several possible positions on various products, feel the features of each model and make a choice.

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