Polyurethane foam in the mattress

The modern development of production has brought polyurethane foam to the first market place as a filler for mattresses.

What is polyurethane foam for mattresses

In everyday life, it bears a simple name - foam rubber. Its main component is polyurethane foam, which contains about 90% of air. It is produced in the form of special blocks, which are obtained by pouring foam into molds.

It is a softening and supporting material that has elasticity and resilience. It does not crumble, does not clump, there is no miss. Therefore, the material is widely used to fill various mattresses.

Pros and Cons of Material

This is an artificial filler, which has several advantages:

  • Modern production of the material allows you to create a practical filler that is suitable for a proper and complete sleep;
  • The cost of foam rubber is distinguished by its availability;
  • Resistant to strong pressure;
  • It has orthopedic properties, due to its ability to repeat the anatomical shape of the human body;
  • Air exchange is carried out due to the cellular structure of the material, which ensures unhindered passage of air, which means hygienic cleanliness;
  • Easy to transport;
  • Low cost.

Important! when choosing a mattress with polyurethane foam should not be paid to products that have a very low price. This threatens that the purchased item will be of poor quality and may be harmful to health. Counterfeit goods are produced without observing the required technology, therefore, they are not different in safety.

Despite the large number of advantages of foam rubber, although this is artificial material, it has a number of disadvantages, which should be remembered:

  • Absorption of moisture, it is able to absorb even moist air;
  • The complexity of the process of care, foam rubber is very difficult to clean at home, which leads to additional costs for dry cleaning.

Given all the pros and cons, when choosing a mattress with such a filler, you should carefully check the correctness of its production and the quality of the material used.

Classification of polyurethane foam mattresses

All varieties of the product are classified into two options:

  • Spring loaded;
  • Bes spring.

Additional grouping of goods is carried out by rigidity. Very rarely mattresses are made on the basis of only PPU blocks. The height of the product is up to 15 cm. Another option is the addition of foam rubber with layers of felt or coconut, which provide additional rigidity, or latex and strutto.

Is a polyurethane foam mattress harmful to health

This controversial issue does not remain without attention in the modern world. Polyurethane foam is a polymer that contains basically organic compounds. They are obtained from oil - these are hydrocarbons. In the process of heating the material to the temperature of the human body, it emits a harmful odor and chemical elements.

This fact is the main component of the opinion about the dangers of foam rubber. But there is one argument in favor of the filler. Toxicity is caused by improper production of foam rubber. Hence the conclusion that the purchase of a mattress with such a filling element should be based on the right choice.

What is better latex or polyurethane foam in a mattress

Latex and foam rubber have a number of differences in order to understand which filler is best to conduct a comparative analysis of materials.

The first option is a natural material, it is extracted through the processing of rubber wood. It has a number of advantages - it is antibacterial, has a pleasant smell, a porous structure that promotes the transmission of air and airing of the material, ease of care and orthopedic effect.

Of the minuses, it should be noted the high cost, since it is a natural component, and heavy transportation due to the large weight.

As for polyurethane foam, it is an artificial component that is produced using modern technologies. Its advantages are:

  • affordable price;
  • the presence of the same properties as latex;
  • safety for health during operation;
  • the possibility and ease of transportation.

Of the minuses of this material can be noted a shorter life than latex, less wear resistance and permissible load on the material.

To summarize, both materials are quite suitable for use as a filler for a mattress, but latex will be better. But it should be borne in mind that a product with a foam element is better to purchase on a spring basis - this will increase the life of the mattress and increase comfort during sleep.

The purchase of a mattress needs to take a lot of time. The choice should be based not only on personal preferences, but also on the characteristics of human health, taking into account his weight and duration of sleep.

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