What is latex in mattresses

If you ask the consumer what kind of material this real latex is, then it will be confused and unlikely to answer the question

What is natural latex in mattresses

This is the juice of rubber trees. By its nature, the material is fragile and therefore complemented by other ingredients. So, latex will not break down from moisture and light.

Latex containing 85% rubber is considered clean and juice content limits from 45 to 65% enough for the material to become more flexible and resilient. It is often used to make mattresses on a spring and springless unit.

Most often, the manufacturer takes proportions with a 20% rubber content for the manufacture of the material, because natural latex is much more expensive than artificial. “Natural” latex is suitable for a springless mattress block or is combined with other fillers (coconut coir, etc.)

Important! Natural latex has a beige or yellow hue and softly smells of baked bread.

Its advantages:

  • Microorganisms do not live in mattresses from it.
  • At night it does not heat up from the body of the sleeping
  • Durable, does not lose shape, ergonomic
  • Elastic. The body during sleep takes an anatomical shape.
  • Antiallergenic material
  • The service life of such a mattress is 10-15 years.

Its disadvantages:

  • High cost in comparison with the artificial counterpart.
  • Afraid of high temperatures

What is artificial latex in a mattress?

An analogue of natural material, created for military purposes. Another name is latex foam. The basis of which is a simple or complex foamed polyester and isocyanate. In the production of synthetic latex, foam with a density of 25 to 35 kg / m3 is used for mattresses.

His virtues

  • It is not a hotbed of dust mites;
  • convenient, easily takes the form of bodies;
  • not crushed;
  • good for allergy sufferers.

His flaws

  • short term of operation in comparison with a natural analogue, only 5-10 years;
  • afraid of high temperatures;
  • it smells bad chemistry.

Important! Upon purchase, you should ask the seller for certificates of quality and compliance.

How is latex made for a mattress?

Natural material made from Hevea juice. Such an unusual plant grows in Brazil, today, it can be observed in Thailand, Malaysia, Africa and other countries. A tree can grow both in the jungle and on plantations created by man. The plant has an antiseptic effect, so the tree does not begin to rot with cuts to extract juice and is quickly restored.

  • Hevea's juice is collected and merged into a deep container;
  • in it, the composition is mixed with other ingredients and poured into a container;
  • in it, Hevea juice is foamed and poured into forms, putting on vulcanization, at a temperature of 100 degrees;
  • the latex block is pulled out of the mold, dried, tested and packed.

Proper use of latex mattresses

Do not expose the mattress to direct sunlight:

  • categorically can not be bought in bed;
  • Precautions should be taken when using the iron or curling iron on the bed. The mattress can become crowded;
  • Do not leave it in cold rooms. Latex at low temperatures is similar to plastic. It will crack easily;
  • in case of damage, use a special adhesive for latex.

Latex mattress care

The mattress is easy to clean and not afraid of the effects of water. Latex products can be moistened and even washed in a bath or a washing machine. With small impurities it is rubbed with a rag with a small amount of detergent, but you can not clean it with chlorine-containing substances and keep it in the sun.

In custody

Latex is a durable and high quality material. It is well ventilated and removes moisture from the body, does not change shape. With proper care, the mattress will last for many years and will delight you and your loved ones. You can’t jump on it, which is important if you decide to use it in a children's room.

Important!Every 3-4 months the product is turned over. To buy a mattress made of latex is only from well-known companies that have established themselves in the market.

It is recommended to choose a product with a minimalist design and the absence of many layers. During operation, multilayer products can move, which makes them uncomfortable for sleep. When choosing a mattress, preference should be given to products from Sri Lanka or India, because Hevea juice is stored no more than 12 hours, and it should be transferred for further processing. The birthplace of the mattress can be a guarantee of its quality.

A video on the production of latex for mattresses will also be useful to you.

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