Return mattress

The legislative framework

Considers the provisions and disputes between the seller and the buyer the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

Orthopedic mattresses are non-refundable and only the largest and most loyal companies meet the consumer so that a person can make a return.

In the current legislation of the Russian Federation there is "List of non-food goods of good quality, not subject to return or exchange". According to this list of furniture, which includes mattresses. This means if the mattress fully meets the requirements and characteristics declared by the buyer, the seller has the right to refuse to replace or return money to the consumer for the goods.

Return mattress of proper quality and presentation

There is still a chance to return the mattress. If within 2 weeks you did not open the packaging of the mattress and did not sleep on it, then it can be returned to the point of sale where you bought it.

there is a warranty period, then with proper quality (the mattress was not opened from the packaging, was not in use) it can be returned until the warranty has expired. Otherwise, the return of the goods is valid if the manufacturer has not installed a guarantee on the product or the warranty period has ended for up to 2 years.

Mattress Return Terms

The product must be sold at an official point of sale, and the buyer must keep a check confirming that they have paid the money.

  • the seller is obliged to return the money paid and to compensate for the damage caused by the sale of defective (defective) goods, if the buyer so requests.
  • when buying a product under a loan agreement, the paid money for the mattress is returned (the money that the person paid under the contract) and the price of the mattress.
  • if during this time the mattress has become more expensive, then the buyer has the right to demand from the seller to return the amount for the goods and the difference in its value.

Documentation for the exchange / return of the mattress

What do you need to have with you? When returning, the buyer should bring: a passport (another identification document), a coupon with a guarantee and a receipt for payment.
If the check is lost, the buyer has the right to bring with him a witness who saw the fact of the purchase of goods.

Return or exchange of a mattress under the guarantee of inadequate quality (factory defect)

If the buyer revealed inadequate quality, and the seller disputes this fact, then an inspection must be carried out. Examination can be carried out by the seller. There you can understand whether the marriage was present before the purchase or occurred after the acquisition and the consumer himself caused the damage. If the situation is not resolved in any of the parties voluntarily, then the parties meet in court and there the judge already decides on whose side the truth is.

If the product has expired or has not had a warranty period, and the seller refuses to return money for the purchase of the goods, then the examination is carried out at the expense of the consumer. If the consumer is right and proves the fact of marriage, the seller must do so. If this condition is not met, the parties meet in court for sentencing.

Important! If the buyer was warned of the impossibility of exchange and return or signed an agreement, then it cannot be returned.

The procedure (design) of return in the store, online store

We are writing a return application. If the seller is not looking for a way out of this situation within the allotted 14 days, then we file a claim for non-compliance with the rights of the buyer by law. If the store does not return the money, and the goods are of inadequate quality, the seller makes an examination of the mattress and with the results it is sent to the courts.

The store itself can make an examination and prove either the fact of inadequate quality, or prove that its consumer spoiled it. If the buyer’s fault is not proven, then the company returns the money. If the company does not comply with the requirements and does not respond to the claim, then you should contact the courts.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend that you carefully pay attention to the choice of a mattress, carefully measure out the size and other characteristics, in order to avoid lengthy disputes, which will save your nerves and money, and sleep will be calm and comfortable on a properly selected mattress.

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