How to inflate a mattress without a pump

Pumping an air mattress with a built-in pump. We will need the mattress itself, an electric pump and the nearest outlet.

We bring the product into a heated room with an air temperature of at least 15 degrees. The mattress does not tolerate cold and the proximity of heat sources.

We lay the mattress on a flat surface, there should be no sharp objects on it, so as not to pierce the product. The bottom of the mattress should be protected. durable foil or tarpaulin.

The product must not be exposed to direct sunlight. If an increase in ambient temperature is expected, the air should be slightly released. Do not pump the product to avoid damage. We make sure that the mattress does not crumple and does not bend.

Inflation is carried out until the mattress becomes embossed. So his seams will not be damaged, and when you fall asleep and lying on it, the owner of the mattress will experience maximum comfort.

From time to time, air pressure is checked, if several people are sleeping or lying on it, then perhaps the mattress should be slightly “lowered”. To blow it off, just open the valve.

How to inflate a mattress An air mattress without using a pump

Not always in the complete set of the mattress, a built-in pump is provided. Alternative pumping methods, such as a foot or hand pump, can be used. Do not pump the mattress with a compressor from a car or other high-pressure devices. Do not inflate the product more than 85% of the volume.

If there is no pump, then you can inflate the mattress with a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner and even a bag

Ways and means at hand

We use a vacuum cleaner

We take a vacuum cleaner, connect the thin nozzle of the device to the outlet and connect it to the hole of the mattress. We turn on the device and wait until the mattress is pumped up to the desired stiffness.

Blowing a mattress with a hairdryer

This is done quite simply. We turn on the hair dryer in the outlet, turn on the "cold air" mode and start swinging. This method is longer than blowing a built-in or conventional pump, but also effective. The main thing is not to inflate the product with hot air, which can damage the product.

Blowing a mattress with a large garbage bag

This method of inflation is very convenient in nature, in the country or in cases where you accidentally forgot the usual sediment at home.

We take a dense garbage bag with a large volume. It must not be damaged. We open the inlet valve on our mattress, fill the bag with air, and adjust both necks in diameter. We lay down our body on the bag, driving the air from the bag to the mattress. We continue such manipulations until the mattress is completely inflated.

How not to do it?

If nothing was at hand? You could use the power of your lungs by inflating the mattress with your mouth. Such manipulations are easier for a man to do, but if there are a couple of strong guys nearby, then the two of them will go to inflate the mattress 15-20 minutes. It is better to abandon this method and save your lungs.

If a machine is nearby, then an exhaust pipe can be used to inflate the product. This method is easy to inflate not only a mattress, but also a children's pool and an inflatable boat for fishing. It is enough to build an adapter and start inflating. The disadvantages of this method are that exhaust gases and carcinogens destroy the product from the inside and seeping to the surface, causing harm to health.

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