How to use an anti-decubitus mattress

The principle of operation of an anti-decubitus mattress. For bedridden patients, mattresses are often used to eliminate and prevent pressure sores. They can be operated from the very first days of the disease. The air chambers of the mattress can change configuration when pumping them with air.

The redistribution of air helps to massage different parts of the patient’s body, increasing blood supply to the affected areas. What causes bedsores? This is a consequence of squeezing human tissues. Due to the unique design of the anti-decubitus mattress, this does not happen. The use of such a product can be the prevention of pressure sores.

They improve the condition of patients with stroke, diseases of the central nervous system, heart attack and pathologies of the spine.

How useful are these mattresses? They help increase blood circulation., improve their nutrition, massaging the tissues of a bed patient.

How to use an anti-decubitus mattress with a compressor

  • We connect the mattress to the compressor with hoses. The compressor is installed at the feet or at the head of the bed.
  • The mattress against pressure sores is laid up by air chambers, while the tubes connecting the product to the compressor are installed at the patient's feet. We make sure that the tubes do not bend, do not fall under the mattress.
  • Initially, we install a compressor, pump up the mattress, check the correctness of its functioning and shift the sick person.

Compressor operation must be constant.

Location on the bed

  • We put an anti-decubitus mattress on top of a normal one, on a berth.
  • A sheet or a special absorbent sheet is placed on it with a stele (if the configuration of the mattress does not provide a blowing system).

What to look for when buying

Should be considered degree of patient immobility (can a person move or just lies), is it necessary to treat the resulting pressure sores, or is it necessary to carry out prophylaxis, how long the bed rest will last.

You should pay attention to the noise level that the mattress makes; measure the parameters of the berth and correlate with the mattress.

Static or dynamic anti-decubitus mattress

If the patient gets up, moves, it is better to purchase a static model that evenly distributes the load from the body to the mattress. Execution material: polyurethane foam.

In dynamic models, a compressor is included. He blows air into one or the other chamber of the product. This guarantees a massage effect and changes the pressure on parts of the body. This helps to eliminate pressure sores, prevents them from forming. Hollow chambers can be of two types: cells and cylinders. The choice of model should depend on the load that the patient’s body gives and on the physical condition of the person.

  • With weight less than 120 kg, the presence of pressure sores (mild or moderate) is better to use mattress with cells. The design of the product implies a lot of empty cells, their compressor deflates and inflates.
  • If the weight more than 120 kg, and bedsores are strong, it is better to take mattresses with integrated cylinders. They are located across the product, filled with air using a compressor.

Patient weight

When choosing a product, you need to look at the weight of the patient.

If the patient is heavy and this weight exceeds the carrying capacity, then the air-inflated cells will not be able to withstand the patient. The surface of the body will begin to come into contact with the mattress. Such a mattress will not be effective in treating pressure sores.

Anti-decubitus compressor noise

When acquiring a dynamic model, you need to listen to whether the compressor is noisy, because it will work continuously. If it is too noisy, then the inhibition of the central nervous system begins, which leads to the development of diseases. Noise should not be more than 30 dB.

Anti-decubitus mattress blowing system

Dynamic models (with cells or with cylinders) can be equipped with a special system for blowing. This is convenient when the patient is severe or has heavy sweating.

The blowing system consists of small holes created by the laser. Air leaving the holes circulates, causing the cooling effect of the body. Absorbent sheets may be used instead of blowing.

Anti-decubitus mattress material

Most often, anti-decubitus mattresses are made of polyvinyl chloride or rubberized material. They are easy to wash, they dry easily. PVC products are easier to repair, and rubberized mattresses are warmer and more comfortable for long-term use.

Storage and care of decubitus mattress

Only the inflated mattress is cleaned, it is wiped with a rag with soapy water. Do not clean the product with alcohol or chlorine. Do not wash it with dye.

Drying takes place away from the light, products do not iron. Every 3 days, the compressor is wiped with a damp cotton cloth.

Do not rub the mattress with soap, powder abrasive products, alcohol.

For storage, the product is blown off, turned over so that the cylinders (cells) are inside and folded. Hoses are twisted so that they do not bend, do not pinch. They are wrapped in a bag.

As a storage location, a place is selected that is inaccessible to dust and light. Optimum storage temperature: 5 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Precautionary measures

If the compressor is switched off for a long period of time, then it is necessary to check its operation. To do this, he plugs into the outlet: air must exit the hoses once every 4-6 minutes.

There should be no dust, soot, or dirt in the tubes. They are folded so that there are no excesses and pinches.

You should not repair the mattress yourself, you should contact the service center to fix the parts that are broken.

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