Is it harmful to sleep on an air mattress

Inflatable mattress - A universal solution for sleeping. It is easy to use as a primary or secondary bed, to take on vacation or the beach. It is worth remembering that the comfort of sleep depends a lot on the thickness of the mattress.

If there is a choice to purchase a mattress with a thickness 50 cm or 20 cm It is worth giving preference to the first option. It will protect against overcooling on cold ground and will be convenient when used on water.

The width of the product is also important, because in a narrow berth it will be difficult to sleep comfortably for a person with large dimensions and weight. This is more of a guest option. The best option is one and a half mattress to sleep on it will be comfortable. Such a product, it would seem, could well replace a regular mattress, but in fact it will bring many disappointments.

Sleep on an air mattress: effects on the spine

Orthopedic effect is provided only by those mattresses that are able to support the spine in a physiologically correct position. That is, the spinal column must have a correct bend, where the hips will fall lower, and the lumbar drops less.

Orthopedic mattresses on a spring and springless block are elastic and have sufficient rigidity. In comparison with them, an inflatable product cannot guarantee this effect, and therefore the spine does not relax properly.

The point is the internal filling of such an air mattress. They consist of vinyl air chambers with air surrounded by rubber or foam. This does not allow stiff support for the spine: the head lies higher, and the lower back and hips “go” under their weight into the recess.

This position of the body during sleep for a long time is harmful. Often it provokes soreness in the muscles of the back.

Air mattresses: fiction and truth


One of the main advantages of an inflatable product is practicality. It is easy to inflate and deflate, especially if the model is equipped with a pump.

But often after a month of operation, the mattress begins to deflate, most often it happens at night. And you are forced to get up, look for where the mattress has become thin. Most often, holes form at the joints or at the seams of the mattress. The air from the hole formed leaves slowly, without breaking out with a whistle, so you have to smear the surface of it centimeter by centimeter and look for the damaged area.

Important! If you inflate the mattress to stiffness, then it will begin to skip even faster. And if a cat or dog scratched it, then it would threaten each time with a new hole. The life of the product ranges from 6 to 12 months.


Filling an air mattress, in comparison with a regular one, provides an orthopedic effect worse. Its prolonged use leads to a sore back and a constant incorrect position of the body during sleep.


In comparison with a conventional mattress, the manufacturer uses glue to produce an inflatable product. Inhalation of the adhesive can be harmful to the body, and the synthetic surface of the mattress does not absorb moisture well. Sleeping on such a mattress is always hot, which negatively affects the breathing of the skin.

Is it harmful to sleep on an air mattress constantly?

Such a mattress is best used for sleeping for a short period of time: when you went to nature, while relaxing on the lake, or use it as a guest option.

Continuous sleep on such a mattress can lead to back problems, and lying on the floor can lead to hypothermia, a cold or a runny nose.

Is it comfortable to sleep on an air mattress

This mattress is convenient to use in small apartments, where it is difficult to put an extra bed. And just blew off the mattress and put it in a drawer. This is a great advantage when used, but is it comfortable to sleep on it?

If you read the reviews of people who purchased an inflatable product, instead of a berth, you can hear such opinions on this topic:

  • if you pump the mattress, then the partitions begin to tear and in the future the bed is blown off at night;
  • holes easily appear on it;
  • bedding rolls up and folds;
  • often smells of chemistry;
  • after sleep often hurts his back.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that such a product is better to use as an intermittent or temporary berth. Do not replace them with full mattresses made from natural materials (coconut coir, cotton).

According to orthopedists, a constant sleep on an inflatable berth in the long term will lead to serious problems with the spine, up to the appearance of a hernia.

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