Can I shave my head, groin, armpits, legs with an electric razor?

In the era of the development of modern technology, the market offers us various products to create the beauty of the face and body. One of these products is an electric shaver. This is a special shaving machine that allows you to quickly and easily remove unwanted hairs from the body. But there are many questions about this device. We will analyze them today.

Can I shave my head with an electric razor?

This is a fairly common process for which an electric razor is used. It is divided into two varieties - it is mesh and rotary. The first option is considered safer than the second. The design of the mesh electric shaver allows you to gently and simply shave the hairs, while there is no skin contact with the blade. This option is ideal for men with delicate skin.

A rotary electric shaver is not suitable for soft skin and increases the likelihood of cuts during shaving. But the result is perfect, the electric shaver is almost silent and compact.

Important! The rotary model requires more time to shave, and the mesh model can be used even with dry shaves.

Shaving of the intimate area (pubis)

Men are increasingly thinking about shaving in the intimate part of the body. It is important to understand that the use of electric shavers is not recommended for shaving the scrotum.

In the intimate area, the skin is distinguished by its tenderness, so this device can injure it. If there is a willingness to experiment, then the middle of the scrotum should be excluded from shaving with an electric shaver - it is dangerous and uncomfortable.

Underarm shaving using an electric shaver

Armpits are also considered a problem place and care is required. Shaving is the main component of care, for this you can use disposable machines and electric shavers. The main thing to understand is that you need to be careful in the process, since in these places the skin is very tender and prone to damage.

It should not be carried out on the skin several times with the device, and shaving movements should be from top to bottom with periodic examination of the skin. The razor must be sharp, as blunt equipment will do harm.

Electric Shaver

An electric shaver can also be used for foot care. This will require shaving foam and skin care lotion after it. Here you should also carefully and accurately use the equipment.

According to the reviews of women using this method of shaving, the result is perfectly smooth, excluding the occurrence of irritation, as there is no contact of the skin with the blade.

Shaving recommendations for non-standard areas

Before the shaving process, some points to consider:

  • The skin should be steamed;
  • Mandatory use of foam and lotion;
  • Underarm skin after shaving should be protected from the subsequent use of deodorants;
  • if there is irritation, shaving should be excluded;
  • Use an electric shaver on the legs should be based on hair growth, and not against it;
  • Use equipment suitable only for your skin type.

The conclusion is clear, you can use an electric razor if you want to achieve a good result without injuries. But it should be remembered that a foreign device cannot be used, only a personal electrical appliance is a matter of hygiene and quality of use.

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