How to choose an air mattress

A mattress is an almost universal item. It can be taken with you on a camping trip and set up in a tent, you can swim on it, and also use it at home instead of a permanent bed or only for guests. In order for the mattress to last a long time, you need to pay attention to its correct choice.

How to choose the right mattress for swimming

A beach mattress should meet several criteria.

  • It should have several sections. This is designed for safety: if on the water some section starts to deflate, the others will retain their integrity, and the product will stay afloat;
  • valves should not be closed with caps, but screwed on. This provides greater reliability;
  • screw valves do not open suddenly. This is especially important for children's products, since babies on the water are very active and do not always realize the degree of danger;
  • the material of manufacture must be dense, since the mattress has to come into contact not only with water, but also with uneven ground, and also withstand the load of the human body;
  • the size depends on who uses it and personal preferences. For children it is better to take a narrow mattress, but if there is a need for a family swim, then take wide models;
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer and reviews about him.

Attention! always check the product before launching.

How to choose the right air mattress for sleeping

There are several parameters that you should pay attention to:

  • the size. The mattress is single, one and a half and double. When choosing a product, they are guided by the place where it will be located and the number of people who will use it. If you select a mattress for a tent, then you should take into account its area. The mattress should not protrude, and also not be too narrow to sleep comfortably, and the tent itself was not damaged;
  • material. The mattress must be durable, because it is subjected to a strong and constant load;
  • thickness. If the product is chosen for sleep, it is better to take tall models, not lower than 25 cm. This is not only convenient for the body, but also creates an additional air gap so as not to freeze;
  • material of top and bottom. It is preferable that the mattress for sleep had one side with a soft coating. This creates additional heat and does not allow bedding to roll;
  • weight. If the product is taken with you on vacation, especially on hiking, then this parameter should also be paid attention to. Headrests and an integrated pump make the product heavier;
  • maximum load. A quality mattress for sleeping for one person should withstand 120 kg, if it is double, then 200 kg;
  • ribbing and the presence of partitions. These parameters allow you to make sleep more comfortable. Also, if the mattress suddenly starts to deflate, he will not do it right away or completely. Partitions ensure that the body is held in a comfortable position, without shedding much surface on the mattress;
  • availability of additional options and accessories: carrying bag, built-in or external pump, removable backrest.

How to choose an inflatable sofa mattress

An inflatable sofa is a good alternative to a regular one. When choosing, they are guided by the height - it should be comfortable to sit on it. Size in width and in disassembled condition is important. Pay attention to the maximum load. Inflatable sofas are transformers, they are easy to lay out to get a wide berth. Some manufacturers offer a corner option.

Top material must be durable. A soft flocked coating is preferred. Pay attention to the valves. They should enable rapid inflation and deflating. The product must be accompanied by a pump and repair kit.

Main characteristics of an air mattress

The stores have a large selection of a wide variety of mattresses, they differ in parameters, but there is a common among them.

The size

Standard thickness from 13 to 25 cm. The air bed will be thicker - from 46 cm the size also affects the weight of the product, including when folded. This should be taken into account if the mattress is supposed to be taken with you on trips.


Quality mattresses are made of PVC. They can be completely smooth, such products are designed for swimming, or with flock (velvety) coating. Sometimes mattresses are made from cheap raw materials that look like a film. Such mattresses quickly fail and are unsafe, especially when used on water, as their reliability is low.


A single section mattress is easy to inflate, but also easy to deflate. This can be dangerous when used on water. Therefore, mattresses with at least two sections should be purchased, and preferably several. They are more expensive, but more reliable and last much longer.


This includes personal preferences. The standard color is blue. You should not take a black mattress if you plan to relax on it on the beach - it will heat up very much. Transparent products are poorly visible on water. For swimming, especially children, mattresses of noticeable shades should be taken.

Mattress pump

There are two types: built-in or separate. The pump should come complete and fit a specific model. The advantages of an external pump is that if it breaks down, the accessory can be replaced with another. There are some difficulties with the built-in models.

The pump can also be manual or electric. Manual universal, it will have to make efforts when pumping, but it will work in nature. Electric is more expensive.

Important! if you take the mattress on trips, the electric pump should be able to work from the machine.

Storage bag

This accessory is a must, especially when traveling. The bag must be tight to prevent damage to the product during movement.

Repair kit

A mattress is a product that can be damaged by sharp objects, stones, or simply from time to time. For these purposes, a repair kit is needed. Some manufacturers sell mattresses already with it. You can buy a repair kit separately. Includes patch and glue.

What to look for when choosing a mattress

Rest and sleep should be comfortable, so you should not save on a mattress. There are models to which headrests or recesses for cup holders are additionally attached. This increases the comfort of use.

reference: Mattresses with a soft surface are comfortable and warmer. It is also better to take the product ribbed, it is more comfortable and reliable.

Attention should be paid to the presence of a framework. She gives the mattress orthopedic properties. The type of assembly is also taken into account: manual and machine. The advantage should be given to the machine type, since such products are more reliable and last longer.

Pros and Cons of Air Mattresses

Any products have their minuses and pluses, and air mattresses also have them.


  • A convenient solution for a small apartment. It is easy to install and can be quickly removed.
  • Suitable for accommodating guests.
  • You can take it with you on vacation.
  • No parasites in the product.
  • The mattress is not saturated with moisture and dries quickly after use on water.


  • The need to inflate.
  • Possibility of mechanical damage and deflating with careless use.
  • Not all people are comfortable sleeping on an air mattress for a long time.
  • In winter, it is colder than on an ordinary bed.

Recommended Air Mattress Manufacturers

The stores have a very large selection of these products, but some manufacturers, according to users, have high reliability and quality.

The most popular mattresses are Intex brand. They produce models of various sizes and types, is one of the leaders in the production of mattresses. As well as well-known brands - Camping, High Peak, Bestway.

Tips & Tricks

When buying a mattress, focus on your own convenience. Of course, an inflatable product will not replace a fully orthopedic bed, but it can become an assistant on vacation and at home. Children enjoy spending time swimming on a mattress, and it is safe if a reliable manufacturer is selected. In hiking, this thing also has advantages, because even in a tent you want to sleep comfortably, without laying back on uneven ground.

Basic rules of operation:

  • Do not jump on the mattress and do not stand on it - the internal partitions may break or seams to burst;
  • inspect before launching;
  • do not pump.

With proper use and following the manufacturer's instructions, the mattress can last several years.

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