How to sharpen electric razor knives

The electric shaver is not a novelty for a long time and the male representatives who prefer this device to conventional razors are aware of its advantages. Electric shavers do not require either water or special shaving products, which makes them more mobile, which is especially valuable when traveling. When shaving with an electric shaver, the skin is less irritated and the possibility of cuts is excluded. Those devices that have a self-cleaning function are considered almost ideal.

Razor blades may require sharpening during operation. Now devices with self-sharpening blades are produced, but even they, even later, fail. To solve this problem, it is not necessary to consult a specialist or purchase new blades. You can sharpen razor knives yourself. By choosing one of the sharpening methods and strictly following the instructions, you can extend the life of the blades for at least another year, thereby saving on the purchase of new ones.

How to sharpen a razor at home

Shavers are rotary or mesh. Regardless of the type of appliance, stainless steel knives are coated with a layer of titanium or ceramic to prevent allergies. Of course, if there is any doubt about the possibility of independent sharpening of knives, it is better to consult a specialist, or you can use one of the "popular" ways to solve the problem.

Sandpaper Method

To sharpen the blades, sandpaper with a grain size of 1200 and 2500 is required. To sharpen the knives, you need to remove it. First, the knives need to be processed with 1200 grit sandpaper. To do this, put them on paper, insert a shaft or cardan razor, press and turn on for 10 seconds. Further, the same thing needs to be done using sandpaper with a grain size of 2500. After the manipulations have been done, everything needs to be cleaned and reassembled in the reverse order. For greater efficiency, sandpaper is best taken without a soft backing.

Reference. This method of sharpening is suitable for those razors that cannot be sharpened with GOI paste, for example, for the Era-100 electric shaver.

GOI paste method

GOI paste, appeared almost a hundred years ago, and all this time has been successfully used for polishing metals, including steel, ceramics, stone and some other surfaces. The popularity of this polishing agent is explained not only by the excellent results after application, but also by its affordable cost. GOI paste is available in 4 types:

  • for rough polishing;
  • to give the surface a haze;
  • for finishing and glossing.

GOI paste cannot be applied directly onto the metal surface; you can use a soft cloth for this or pre-dilute the paste with any solvent.

Grinding Stages:

  1. Using any dishes, pasta is bred with vegetable oil.
  2. The available solvent is added.
  3. The knife block of the appliance is immersed in the solution.
  4. Turn on the electric shaver for the period that shaving usually takes.
  5. After all the manipulations, they wipe the knives.

After similar treatment, the razor blades will be like new.

Important! If the blades have recently been changed, then before operation it is necessary to grind them with GOI paste.

Sharpening method with a glass and a screwdriver

To sharpen knives in this way, you need ordinary glass and a screwdriver or drill with reverse.

Important! To sharpen the blades in this way, you need to use the reverse reverse - clockwise movement will only dull the knives even more.

The blade previously extracted from the razor must be placed on the glass and, using the trihedral nozzle and reverse reverse, sharpen. The screwdriver should work at low speeds, the whole process will not take more than 5 minutes.

To summarize

Using one of the above methods, if you have certain skills and patience, you can sharpen your razor blades yourself, which will extend their service life for a long time. The results of sharpening carried out at home, subject to all the rules and recommendations, may not be inferior to the results after professional processing. Practice shows that when sharpening blades using GOI paste, they will work flawlessly for at least a year.

Watch the video: How to clean and sharpen electric shaver blades by regrinding (November 2019).


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