How to shave with an electric razor

Sooner or later in the life of every man there is a need for shaving. An electric shaver has become a popular shaving tool, which reduces the risk of cuts and is more convenient to use than classic machines. Its proper use requires a little experience, useful to everyone who chose this method of parting with excess vegetation. They will be discussed in our article.

Shaving preparation

The main enemy of a man associated with the process of removing bristles is irritation. Unprepared skin is stressed by razor blades, causing redness, scratching, and a burning sensation. You can avoid irritation using a moisturizing procedure, using, for example, a warm compress from a towel soaked in water.

Important: after rubbing the face, it is recommended to wait until the skin dries slightly - this contributes to a more voluminous foaming of the gel and improves the contact of the razor with the bristles, providing a more effective shave.

Shaving technique

The bristle removal procedure itself must take into account a large number of conditions and factors. The density and frequency of the beard, the pigmentation of individual areas of vegetation, the specifics of growth, and most importantly - the desired end result.

If you try to average the standard process, it will look like this:

  • first section - cheeks, where smooth gliding with a razor up and down (from the cheekbone to the chin) will provide the best result;
  • second phase - neck and chin;
  • final stage - mustache. As a rule, they are harder and thicker than the rest of the bristles, so for a comfortable shave, additional lubrication or a decrease in the speed of movements may be required.

The selected type of razor also affects the technique of movements: mesh is more convenient with vertical amplitude, rotary - with a circular one. However, this is nothing more than tradition - the most correct method is that which is convenient.

Important: Do not try to press the machine deeper into the skin, hoping to achieve a better effect. Mesh razors are not designed for perfectly smooth shaving, and rotary razors can earn additional irritation.

Dry shave

The process of removing bristles without additional makeup requires increased attention from the shaver. This is especially true for rotary machines, the blades of which closely interact with unprotected skin.

It would be better to have in stock a special disinfecting lotion, which, in case of scratches, can speed up the healing process of damaged areas.

Wet shave

A similar procedure, but with the use of foam or gel, is called "wet" shaving. The choice of brand depends on personal preference (or may be due to medical conditions).

Each product has its own specifics of use, so it is better to study its properties in advance in order to more effectively protect the skin from possible damage.

The optimal time of day for shaving

This time of day does not exist. More precisely, for each man it is different - depending on the rhythm of life and the schedule of sleep. The only universal advice is to part with stubble after sleep or a hot bath, when the body rested and gained strength. At the very least, this will protect against accidental cuts or uneven haircuts caused by carelessness.

But you should also remember that before you start the procedure for removing excess facial hair, you need to prepare the skin for execution. No matter how soft the razor, no matter how soft the gel, shaving is a mini-stress anyway. Washing and pre-moisturizing not only relaxes, but also prevents the risk of infection that can occur during an accidental cut.

Shaving products

Facial skin care is required not only for women but also for men. Therefore, after the bristles are shaved off, it is worthwhile to withstand a short pause and carry out several procedures that help to tone the skin and prevent unpleasant sensations.

First, rinse your face with cold water to remove the remnants of shaved hair and narrow the pores. Then you need to apply a disinfecting lotion, preventing irritation and inflammation. After that, you can proceed to the use of various moisturizers: here you can already be guided by personal preferences and wishes.

Rotary Shaving

Rotary-format electric shavers, when used correctly, can produce a perfectly smooth result - the same as when shaving with a traditional triple-blade machine. It is achieved due to the design features, which include blades that are static and moving along the rotor system, located radially.

Given the active interaction of the razor with the skin of the face, a softening gel or foam should be used during shaving.

Shaving with mesh model

Mesh razors are popular among men due to the "light bristle" effect. Such devices leave short hairs on the skin, due to the mesh being unable to shave them clean, and thereby give the appearance a more masculine look, fashionable at all times.

In addition, the grid system does not imply direct contact of the moving blade with the skin. This avoids irritation and reduces the need for additional moisturizers.

Conclusion: which electric shaver is better, mesh or rotary, is a matter of exclusively taste and methodological preferences. When choosing a device, one should take into account the degree of sensitivity and irritability of the skin, personal stylistic preferences (the desire to wear light bristles does not always coincide with the opportunity dictated by company regulations), as well as personal habits regarding the use of moisturizing aids.

An example of how to choose and use an electric shaver

Operating Rules: Shaving Care

The selected device will last longer if a number of simple rules are followed when using it.

After wet shaving, you should turn off the power of the shaving machine, apply a special cleaning solution to the contact surface (mesh or discs) and turn on the razor (to ensure uniform distribution of the product over the elements). After that, you can rinse the device under a directed stream of water, turn it off again, remove all elements and dry them thoroughly before reassembling.

At the end of a dry shave, it will be enough to turn off the machine, remove the shaving segment, blow it off by shaking off the hairs, and clean the internal parts with a brush or brush.

IMPORTANT: regardless of the method of use, it is recommended to change the blade in the machine with a frequency of 12-18 months.

Summary and Conclusions

Shaving is a routine and often inevitable process that, apart from the first time, does not always make men happy. An electric shaver is a good way to simplify and protect it. If you follow all the recommendations and tips, you can choose the most convenient unit to use to make shaving a much more pleasant and comfortable procedure.

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