How to assemble an acrylic bath frame

Acrylic bathtubs feature thin walls. In order not to damage them, installation of the structure on a support is required. You can install on a special frame, which is manufactured at the factory and comes with a bath. Installation on a brick base is also allowed. As a rule, the scope of supply includes, in addition to the bathtub, also a frame or legs.

Which bath is better - acrylic or steel?

More recently, people have been deprived of the possibility of choosing the material from which the bath is made. In carrying out repairs, it was possible to replace the old sanitary ware made of cast iron with a new one made of the same material. Now the situation has changed, and many buyers are faced with a problem: which bath is better to choose - acrylic or steel?

What is the best overflow for bath?

Safe use of the bath is provided by the drain-overflow complex (another name is strapping). About the fact that this system is, the rules of choice, options, materials and methods of connection, read our material. What kind of system - overflow-overflow? This is a single design consisting of interconnected connections.

Can I throw toilet paper into the toilet

A trash bin standing near a toilet bowl and filled with used toilet paper can unbalance even far from an esthete. Therefore, most people try to get rid of toilet paper, throwing it after use in the toilet and flushing with feces. And then the question arises: would not such actions lead to clogging of the sewage system, because the paper, swelling from the water and accumulated in the pipe, can completely block it?

Pros and cons of steel bath

Light plastic steel allows you to purchase a budget version of the bath. The buyer takes doubts - whether such a design can withstand the entire severity of the loads experienced by the plumbing? Let us consider in more detail its features. Features of the manufacture of steel baths Material for steel baths are metal sheets up to 5 mm thick.

Cast Iron Bath Restoration

A bath, like any other product, loses its attractive appearance over time. Chips, scratches, cracks form on the surface of the bowl. At the same time, the replacement of a bath is a rather troublesome event, and the purchase of new plumbing can form a tangible gap in the family budget. Several options for restoring the surface of a cast-iron bath can help in this situation.

What bathtubs are there?

Each family at least once in a lifetime makes repairs in their apartment and changes the plumbing. Buying a new bath is not an easy task: you need to measure your needs with the dimensions of the bathroom, the amount of money in your wallet, study the offers and types, and then choose the best and best option. Classification of bathtubs Today in the plumbing market you can find products that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers, accustomed to receiving only the best.

Cast iron bath sizes

Cast iron baths were and remain at the peak of popularity. This is a classic, recognized throughout the world. To wash it was comfortable, and the bathroom cozy, you must correctly select the dimensions of this type of plumbing - length, width and depth. In the article we will tell you what sizes and types of cast-iron bathtubs of domestic and foreign manufacturers are.

DIY bathtub installation

Anyone tries to make the bathroom cozy. In order that the feeling of comfort does not disappear over time, periodically it is necessary to carry out repair work. If the repair is accompanied by a change in plumbing, this is ideal. Technological progress is striding by leaps and bounds, and the once-popular cast-iron baths can already be replaced with more beautiful, comfortable and modern ones.

Replacing the bath tub

No matter how beautiful and expensive the bathtub is, but after the lapse of time it comes into an unusable condition. However, before changing it, you need to understand how the drain works. To drain the water in the bath special holes are provided. The pipe system allows for the tightness of the drainage system.

Pros and Cons of Acrylic Bathtubs

Roma beauty and convenience, the bath should meet the quality requirements. The main selection criteria are parameters such as material, size, design, brand. The first point is already able to puzzle. What to choose: marble, glass, earthenware, steel, acrylic, cast iron, metal? Increasingly, the choice of the modern buyer stops on an acrylic bath.

Rating of cast-iron bathtubs

A cast-iron bathtub is an old reliable "friend" of any family. In addition to the large weight of minuses, she has practically no. Not surprisingly, with a fairly wide range of materials, today it remains one of the most popular. So, which cast-iron bath is better to choose? Selection Options The bathroom in the apartment can be separate or combined, large or small in area.

Which bathtub is better - cast iron or steel?

Sooner or later, everyone is faced with the need to replace plumbing. And despite the fact that shower stalls are becoming more popular, many prefer bathtubs. After all, they are not only a place for washing. Basking in the warm fragrant water, we can relax, distract from daily problems.

How to wash an acrylic bath

Recently, acrylic bathtubs are gaining popularity. This is because such plumbing products can be of various shapes. In addition, they are practical, environmentally friendly, have a beautiful appearance. Acrylic is a type of plastic, therefore, it has poor resistance to mechanical stress.

How many liters in the bath?

In recent years, installation in bathrooms, especially small in size, compact shower enclosures, is gaining popularity. However, most people are not in a hurry to give up the pleasure of soaking up in a bathtub filled with warm water and fragrant foam. Children are especially pleased with this opportunity. So how many liters of water is consumed when taking one such water treatment?

Pros and cons of a bath of cast marble

Cast marble - sounds solid! True, it is difficult to imagine the process of casting a stone, although a bath of such material looks solid and noble. What is it really a product from? Analysis of manufacturing technology and the idea of ​​the "correct" composition will help not to miss with a choice of bath. Likbez on cast marble Without natural marble, of course, it did not go - it is present in the composition in the form of crumbs left over from grinding of defective slabs or pieces of stone after making various objects.

Hydromassage bath: cures or cripples?

Despite the growing popularity of showers, only a bathtub with hot water and fragrant lush foam allows you to completely relax and distract from the daily routine. Now in the market you can find bathtubs equipped with a hydromassage system. They allow you to use the healing procedures of air and water massage.

Sizes of a sitting bath

A sedentary bath is most in demand in small apartments with small bathrooms. What model to choose? What standard sizes does our industry produce? We will talk about this below. Sitting bathtub for small bathrooms In the modern plumbing market there is a wide selection of such products of different sizes and shapes made of metal and high-strength plastic.

How to plug a bath drain if there is no plug

We all take a shower daily. But only a long lying in the warm fragrant water will help relieve stress, distract from the daily routine. But once again you are going to soak in a warm little water, but you can’t find a cork. What to do? You can go to the store and buy a new one. And if the shops are already closed?

How to clean a bath at home if it is clogged

If you have a bathtub at home, and many have it, then most likely you already know one of her “cute” habits. They really like to clog baths. However, shells sin no less. And, most importantly, at the most inconvenient moment. Why is this happening? How to get rid of blockage? Let's try to figure it out.