The fifth corner in the house: where is he?

With the corners of the house is connected a lot of signs, proverbs and sayings of the Russian people. These include the desire to find one’s corner, and the common sentence phrase about finding the fifth corner in the house. Let's see where this concept came from and where this place is located. Where is the fifth corner in the house? Of course, in the classic four-wall house, the fifth corner cannot exist.

Why in the bedroom near the bed put a bench

Equipping the bedroom, we come up with a design so that the room becomes the most comfortable place in the apartment. We study design tips, strive to select the most comfortable furniture, choose the wall decoration that is most suitable for rest, think over every detail. For example, a bench near the bed. She is present in almost all interior photos.

Why is lemon needed in the bedroom?

Many people have heard about the benefits of citrus plants. The most famous and widely used of citrus fruits is lemon. Guest from China - a real storehouse of vitamin C, a source of essential oils and minerals. Its useful properties are used in the treatment of diseases, to improve the indoor microclimate, neutralize unpleasant odors.

Beds with a ladder: why Americans sleep on three mattresses at once

Many Russian citizens moving to permanent residence in the United States, are surprised to find that the beds in America are significantly different from ours. Americans are accustomed to paying great attention to night rest, comfort and convenience. Therefore, most of them use large beds with two or three different mattresses, while the royal bed has a rather large height, and you need to climb onto it literally with a ladder.

TOP 10 cozy bedrooms of stars

The appearance of the bedroom can tell a lot about a person, especially if he is successful and purposeful. Stars, famous all over the world, pay great attention to the most intimate place in the house, trying to highlight it and make it to your taste. To realize all their ideas, celebrities hire the most experienced designers who also have worldwide fame.

Why the bed can not be put to the wall

"Where to put the bed?" - This question interests many families, especially when people built a house on their own. As a rule, when choosing a place, people appreciate only comfort and coziness, however, it is worth taking care of the spiritual component of the interior. Why it is impossible to put a bed against a wall The installation of a bed against a wall by spiritual people is rather negative.

Why in Europe the toilet is in the bedroom, and we have near the kitchen

Have you ever wondered why in foreign films, series, even in the legendary game The Sims, the toilet or the combined bathroom is located near the bedroom? After all, the traditional Russian layout taught us that this important room is located next to the kitchen. Now, for many, this situation seems uncomfortable, but it is still quite difficult to find an apartment or house with a layout that differs from the usual one.

Items in the bedroom that interfere with healthy sleep

Healthy sleep is a full night's rest, during which the most important body processes occur: recovery, rejuvenation, growth, and many others. But not always an 8-hour sleep brings the expected effect. Often people wake up broken and not rested. And the reasons leading to lack of sleep are mass.

The perfect color for the matrimonial bedroom

Creating a bedroom interior for spouses is probably the most crucial moment. This room must radiate romance, warmth and harmony. During the design of a bedroom for spouses, the use of Feng Shui knowledge and psychology will help strengthen the marriage even more. But regardless of the knowledge in these sciences, the main task is to create a peaceful, attractive and comfortable atmosphere.

We decorate the bedroom according to the zodiac sign

The bedroom is exactly the place where you can relax and unwind after working days. Therefore, the design of this room needs to be given special attention. You can decide on the interior of the bedroom taking into account the zodiac sign. Designing a bedroom by the zodiac sign During the design of a house, people rely on personal preferences, fashion trends, life principles, internal experiences.

Do-it-yourself budget wall decor in the bedroom

When you want to change something, and the budget does not allow you to make fundamental changes, you can use simple decor options. The main task of decorating the bedroom is to create the most comfortable conditions for relaxation. Wall decor from the remains of wallpaper and newspapers You can change the decor of the bedroom with the help of newspapers and the remains of wallpaper from past repairs.

Salt pads for joint pain and other

Salt is often used in traditional medicine to get rid of certain diseases and alleviate certain symptoms. One option for using salt is a salt pad. You can perform it at home and then apply to relieve different types of pain. What pain can be relieved HELP!

Salt under the pillow and sleep like a baby

Almost every person at least once in his life suffered from insomnia. Although this ailment is painless, it causes a lot of problems. As a rule, a sleeping pill can be bought only by prescription, but in fact very few people go to the doctor with a complaint of insomnia - most solve the problem on their own and without taking medication.

The obvious pros and cons of a husk pillow

The importance of a good rest for a person is difficult to overestimate. In a dream, strength is restored, the children's body grows, and even lose weight! But all this will happen to the full extent only when a person rests fully. High-quality deep sleep is guaranteed: cool temperature in the room, light dinner, comfortable mattress and pillow.

Wood bedroom decoration

Wood is an environmentally friendly material; moreover, it has attractive aesthetic qualities. Thus, natural wood has earned an honorable place in the materials for decorating the room. So, for a bedroom where it is necessary to maintain a healthy microclimate, this is the best option. How can I decorate a bedroom with this material?

On which pillow will the head and neck not hurt

The importance of a good night's rest cannot be overestimated. Sleep charges us with energy for the whole day and in life as a whole. A person spends a third of his life in a dream, so it is important to provide all the conditions for a good rest. This is influenced by the general atmosphere, the temperature in the bedroom, the quality of the bed, mattress and pillow.

Which tulle to choose for the bedroom

The bedroom is the place where people spend a third of their time. There should be an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and good rest. Screaming and heavy color, a heap of decorative elements and lots of furniture are superfluous. An important role is played by lighting, both artificial and natural.

Pictures that bring misfortune to the house

In an effort to decorate their homes, people rarely think about one very important detail. When choosing images that will hang in the house, it should be borne in mind that they carry a special aura. Important! Our thoughts are material and think only good. And setting ourselves in a positive way helps us in the environment, comfort.

Location of outlets in the bedroom

Checking into an apartment with a typical electrical wiring often entails the purchase of many extension cords and tees. The reason is extremely simple: the formula for universal placement of outlets does not exist. They are always few. They are constantly not where they need to be. But extension cords do not add aesthetics to the design, and there are a lot of risks associated with their use.