Disposable tableware at home: convenient, profitable or stupid?

It is considered that the history of the appearance of disposable dishes associated with a curious case. Once an American student, dissatisfied with the cleanliness of a drinking vessel in a public institution, built an improvised glass of cardboard. Since then, more than 100 years have passed. In addition to cardboard, plastic is being manufactured, and the appearance of the dishes has become more presentable.

What is a pan? What is it for us?

Before buying a new dish, it is worth exploring its types, forms and purpose. It is necessary to take into account every detail so that in future you can cook your favorite dishes without any problems. Also on the size of pots depends on the amount of space occupied in the kitchen. What is the pan, and what kind to choose for your kitchen?

Unusual use of cutlery

Do you like to give a second life to unnecessary things? Then urgently review the old kitchen utensils! Suddenly there are spoons, forks and cooks lying around? They are tired of gathering dust in a dark corner and more than thank their owners for the right to change their original functionality. They make unusual, very original interior items, decorations, crafts.

The secrets of using a gravy boat

Etiquette rules dictate that there should be a gravy boat on the served table. This is a special dish in which a wide variety of liquid seasonings are placed in addition to the main dishes. However, few people know how to use them correctly. Most people either don’t use them at all, or use them only on festive meals.

Bulonnica or plate: which is better for the first

Our memory works like a time machine, but only in one direction. If you go back thirty or forty years ago and go into a china store, then there will not be some items there. No, not because of the deficit, just then they did not even guess. Take at least a stand for tea bags - it successfully replaced the usual saucer, and now continues to do so.

Which cup is better for hot: porcelain, glass, metal?

The taste of tea depends on the variety, this is not in doubt. But no less important, from what utensils the drink is drunk. Choosing a cup is a kind of ritual, because drinking from beautiful dishes is much more pleasant and tastier. Everyone chooses their favorite cup based on their preferences. Someone likes to drink burning tea from a large mug, while someone prefers a cooled drink from a small mug.

Why don’t give cutlery

Perhaps you think that a set of quality cutlery is a great gift. But tradition warns: it is impossible to present it! Why? Let's get it right. Why it is forbidden to give cutlery Sets of tableware suggest the presence of large and small spoons, forks, often knives. Items from such sets can lead to disappointment and failure.

What dishes do not let you down in the oven

Cooking in the oven is a fairly quick and not very troublesome task. Here you can bake both juicy chicken and vegetables. And delicious biscuit cakes are baked quickly. But so that you have the opportunity to cook different dishes in the oven, you should choose the right dishes. An ordinary plate will not work, because it will simply crack due to the heat.

Why pans can not be poured cold water

Modern materials of which kitchen utensils are made, are designed to significantly facilitate the work of hostesses. But attention to the care they need special. After all, many of the compounds covering the dishes do not tolerate too aggressive detergents, temperature drops and neighborhoods with scouring sponges.

Why not drink from a cup with a spoon

Have you also been taught from childhood to take a spoon out of a cup after the sugar is stirred? Yes, such a ban was most often expressed by our grandmothers and mothers in a categorical form. And why, in fact, is impossible? Is the ban a superstition that you can forget about, or do you need to continue to take out a spoon?

What is the difference between a ladle and a cook?

Kitchenware of good quality is, above all, the ability to cook with great convenience. No matter how developed technological progress and modern technology, but without the usual accessories in the kitchen can not do. For example, without a big fork, skimmer, shovel, ladle and povereshki. There are so many utensils that it is not surprising to get confused in its name.

Thermos glass surprised by the Russian president

To talk about the dishes, it must appear in the hands of a famous person! The glass of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin confirms this. And if everything else happens at a large international event, so much the better. The G20 Summit, held in Osaka, came in just right. Let's try to figure out what the miracle of dishware was in the hands of the head of the Russian state.

When you can’t eat with a fork

A fork is a necessary, but not always appropriate cutlery. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the traditions and elementary rules of etiquette. And they continue to use it, demonstrating a bad tone. To prevent this from happening to you, we will tell you when you should not ask the hostess or waiter for a plug. Funeral table: forks banned Many traditions have deepest roots and from this many of our contemporaries seem incomprehensible.

Why does the restaurant serve 2 forks and 2 knives

Surely each of us considers himself a cultured person. We know that it is necessary to give place to the elderly, that the young men should skip ahead of the girls, hold the door in front of them, and so on. But going to a restaurant can be a real headache. The reason is that many do not know the rules of serving.

How to choose the perfect dish dryer

Washed dishes can be wiped dry first, and then put in a pile. But why waste precious minutes if special dryers for wet cups have been invented long ago ?! In them, the dishes are not just dried, but kept until one or another object is needed. Of course, no one forbids, as in the old days, to use a fence for drying dishes.

Why insert a spoon in an open champagne

Virtually no festive event is complete without champagne. The special charm of this drink is given by gas bubbles, which pleasantly foam in the glass. Without them, all the magic is lost, and the taste leaves much to be desired. But what if the dinner is over, the guests left, and the sparkling wine is only half drunk?

What is the induction bottom of the pan

Manufacturers constantly produce various devices that can facilitate the difficult work of creating various culinary delights. Not so long ago, another appliance appeared in the kitchen arsenal - an induction panel. Why is it so remarkable? The most important thing that distinguishes an induction hob from other options for cookers is the principle of its operation.

Which pans are suitable for glass ceramic plates

A glass ceramic plate will delight the owner not only with a modern design, but also with a set of useful options, ergonomics and comfort in use. However, such an acquisition raises the question: what utensils can be used on it. Read about the distinguishing features of kitchen appliances and the choice of utensils for it in our material.

How to keep pot covers in the kitchen

The issue of compact placement of pots and lids is one of the most “painful” for most housewives. It is good if there is a lot of space in the kitchen - so it seems to disappear by itself, and with the insignificant dimensions of the room it is sometimes difficult to turn around in it. Keep lids with pots?

How to fry and do not spoil: the error of the hostess, not pans

Tell me, can you cook the meat so that it is completely roasted inside? To have a delicious crisp, but without the "embers"? If not - do not worry! The proper handling of the pan can be learned. We will tell you how to fry the dish so that everyone will like it. Fry without mistakes Let's start with the basics: we will select a griddle that will not spoil any food or mood.