Laminate thickness

Even if the base for laying the laminate seems perfectly flat, it is impossible to ignore the presence of the substrate. It allows you to make the floor really smooth, prevents breakage of the castle or the formation of recesses in the board, and also helps to improve noise and heat insulation. Its thickness, like the board itself, can be different.

Which is better, laminate or vinyl laminate

Laminate flooring is a fairly common flooring option. We suggest paying attention to one of its subspecies - vinyl laminate. To choose which coating is better and what to focus on, let's compare these options by their characteristics. What is a vinyl laminate This option is called a laminate only on the basis of appearance.

Which laminate is better, with or without chamfer

To date, the laminate has largely replaced the natural plank coating. It is cheaper, more durable, easier to install. However, one of the main goals of the laminate is imitation of natural wood. To this end, a bevel is applied to the lamellas. In plank coating, it has practical value, and in a laminate only aesthetic.

Laminate creaks

The creak that appeared immediately after laying the laminate is a natural phenomenon. Especially if the lamellas were installed without prior acclimatization at the installation site - the coating adapts to the microclimate of the room for about 2-5 days. But extraneous sounds after 1-2 weeks of operation are a reason to beware.

The cat marked the palace than to wash the smell

Many people cannot imagine their life without pets. There is even an assumption that cats can take human diseases on themselves and even contribute to the rapid healing of wounds. But if the cat began to spoil, then the pleasant moments end there and, most importantly, something needs to be done immediately.

Carpet photo

If we talk about the modern interior, then you can immediately mention the use of carpet. And the really presented material equips every space with coziness and comfort. In addition, he has many more advantages. In this article, we will consider the negative side in order to objectively determine the characteristics.

Laying tiles on the OSB plate on the floor

Among the most popular materials used in the pre-finish layer of interior finishing work are oriented particle boards (OSB or Oriented Strand Board in English). The affordable price and the ability to smooth the surface of the floor, ceiling and walls in a short time made this universal material indispensable.

What flooring looks good on the wall?

The variety of building materials in the distribution network is simply amazing. Every year there are all sorts of new products created by the most advanced technologies. Previously, we could not even dream of such a thing. At the time when the ceilings were whitewashed with lime, the walls were covered with cheap paper wallpaper, and the floors were painted with brown paint, everyone was satisfied with this design.

How to collect mercury from the palace

All homes have mercury thermometers. Situations when the thermometer crashed and mercury scatters all over the room are not uncommon. Metal is contained in some other devices. For example, in quartz irradiators, some energy-saving and gas-discharge fluorescent lamps. Its leakage from household appliances is dangerous, since part of the mercury balls can penetrate into the cracks in the floor, parquet, get into the carpet pile, and remain on shoe soles.

Quartz vinyl floor tiles what is it

Choosing a coating during construction, it is worth considering previously a lot of possible materials. In this same article, emphasis will be placed on quartz-vinyl tiles. Thus, we will analyze not only its specifics, but also the advantages and disadvantages that are inherent in the presented surface. Features of quartz vinyl Of course, before delving into the topic, you should understand what a vinyl floor tile is.

Methods for laying tiles on the floor

If you decide to lay the tiles on the floor in one of the rooms of your house or apartment, you will need to familiarize yourself with the many nuances of this procedure. One of them is a tile laying option. Options for laying tiles on the floor There are many options for laying tiles on the floor and each of them is unique and has its own characteristics and advantages.

Creaks parquet board what to do indiscriminately

Each design tends to deteriorate in its own properties over time. However, at the same time, users should have special knowledge that will help get rid of any malfunctions that have arisen. Thus, in this article we will analyze the situation in which parquet acquires various defects, and also consider what needs to be done to eliminate it.

The thickness of the floorboard

Reliability, attractive appearance and comfort of use of floor coverings are the determining criteria when choosing this or that material. Parquet board has such advantages. In the recent Soviet times, parquet was classified as a prestigious type of coating. With proper surface care, such a floor can last 40-50 years, or even more.

Vinyl floor tiles pros and cons

Vinyl tile is an original, modern floor covering, which has essential qualities and an acceptable price background. High-quality material used for any premises with a very high and normal temperature humidity. It has special and important characteristics. It is particularly popular in the arrangement and decoration of any premises that originally transform the general look.

Parquet laying

Parquet board is one of the most popular materials for flooring. She gained her popularity not only due to aesthetic appeal, but also due to her quality characteristics. The process of laying a parquet board is simple and does not require special qualifications; an amateur can put it on.

Laying the floorboard diagonally

If you decide to change the floor, it is worth considering the choice of coverage. One of the most popular options is parquet. It looks beautiful and has a number of advantages, which we will discuss further. In order for the future floor to please you and not cause inconvenience, you should carefully consider its location on the surface.

Tile floor screed

Before making repairs in the room, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the features of the process in advance, as well as carefully examine each stage. Thus, in this article we will consider the procedure for screeding and try to find out all the important points. What should be the floor screed in the bathroom under the tile?

Is it possible to lay a carpet on a warm floor

At first it was warm. Beauty came later. This is how you can briefly outline the history of the evolution of carpets - a coating designed to protect residents' feet from the coolness of the floor. Aesthetics comes to the fore only when the need for heat-insulating properties of a decorative element of the interior disappears.

Laying tiles on a warm water floor

Recently, special floor heating has been in great demand. They create a pleasant atmosphere, give a feeling of warmth and comfort in the house. If you also decided to install such a system, then you need to carefully think through everything. An important point will be the choice of a coating lying on top of the heating part.

How to care for a parquet board

Parquet board is one of the most beautiful flooring. Like all products made from natural materials, it requires careful and thorough care. With proper care, the flooring will last for many years. Consider how to care for the coating. Care for a parquet board with varnish coating Most of all, parquet is afraid of moisture and sand.