Sink in the kitchen: double or single is better

The sink is one of the most important items in the kitchen. Together with the stove and refrigerator, it forms the so-called triangle of the working area, on the basis of which the design of the room is built. It is in the kitchen that the hostess spends a significant part of the time. Therefore, such a criterion as convenience comes to the fore.

Is it possible to wash oilcloth in a washing machine?

A tablecloth, as a household item, has tightly entered our everyday life since ancient times. It protects the table from dirt and scratches, sometimes hides furniture imperfections or simply pleases the eye. Nowadays, fabric tablecloths are rarely used. Oilcloths gained great popularity. They are easy to maintain, practical and cost much less than a textile canvas.

How hydrogen peroxide helps in the kitchen

"The kitchen assistant who is unjustly offended and overlooked by the kitchen" - this is how hydrogen peroxide can be characterized. Indeed, among the bright jars and bottles with spray guns it is not always possible to find a nondescript bubble with peroxide. But our ancestors actively used the available pharmaceutical preparations not only for their intended purpose.

Dream Kitchen: What Should Be in the Perfect Kitchen

Each owner of the living room dreams of a kitchen that will be beautiful, comfortable and functional. How to achieve that the dream turned into reality? It is necessary to follow certain rules when organizing kitchen space. What kind? About this - further. Designing and designing the perfect kitchen. You need to start working to make your dreams come true with design.

How to choose a cutting board

Cutting board is one of the most needed items in the kitchen. Without it, it is impossible to cut bread or make a sandwich, crumble a salad or fry potatoes. No, of course, all this can be done on a plate or countertop. But why such sacrifices, when it’s easier to buy an ordinary cutting board, or rather a few.

Top 10 most necessary appliances in the kitchen

Most women spend a lot of time in the kitchen. To make cooking less time consuming, and the process was simpler, there is a variety of kitchen equipment. There are so many different aggregates that the hostesses can just get confused. Therefore it is necessary to identify some of the most useful kitchen appliances.

10 of the strangest and completely unnecessary kitchen appliances

To make life as simple and comfortable as possible, hundreds of companies around the world conduct numerous studies, develop and produce new useful devices. Because of this, it is no longer necessary to always wash hands, worry about maintaining the right temperature in the house, and even fussing around the stove for several hours for the usual dinner.

Why medicines cannot be stored in the bathroom and in the kitchen

Have you ever had this: got a pill from a contour cell, and it crumbled in your hands? Or did the medicine change color, although the expiration date has not yet expired? In a similar situation, we are looking for a reason anywhere: counterfeit, tricks of the pharmacy chain that sold the "delay". But in fact, as they say in the famous fable of Krylov, "the casket just opened!"

Where in the kitchen should be a trash can

A trash can is an integral, and at the same time the most nondescript piece of kitchen interior. In most homes, it is located in a closed locker under the sink, but the rules of feng shui are recommended to treat the choice of place for the garbage can more responsibly. Such factors as the amount of free space in the kitchen, interior design and personal preferences affect the choice of a bin space.

TV in the kitchen: pros and cons

Modern apartment is difficult to imagine without a TV. Several devices in the same apartment are not uncommon for a long time. But the question arises, where and how best to install such a technique. Do I need a TV in the kitchen? TV in the kitchen When placing the TV in the kitchen interior, you need to take into account the positive and negative points.

How to easily get rid of carbon in the pan

For every housewife is important order in the house. Especially you need to follow the kitchen where the whole family eats. But sometimes it is difficult to clean old stains on dishes and ingrained scurf in pans and pots. In some cases, it is difficult to wash dishes with standard cleaning products, so you have to resort to the advice of experienced housewives and use traditional methods.

Kitchen utensils that prevent you from losing weight

In the fight against excess weight, as in war, all means are good, and most nutritionists agree that many items from our everyday environment can directly or indirectly affect the result of losing weight. Especially this rule applies to the kitchen - the sacred monastery of any gourmet. How to make houses "and the walls help" in the desired weight loss?

20 kitchen gadgets that you definitely want to have

The range of kitchen gadgets is striking in its diversity. Moreover, among them there are both the necessary things, without which it is difficult to do, and those whose benefits remain in doubt. In any case, they will be pleased with an unusual design, construction, and even the very fact of existence. 20 cool kitchen gadgets Consider the most interesting fixtures that just will not leave anyone indifferent.

Creative kitchen helpers. What just do not come up!

Dreaming of smart helpers in the kitchen? How to make life simple and convenient? What modern high-tech novelties will become your faithful helpers? We will answer these and other questions below. Kitchen original novelties. There is never much good! To facilitate their work, the hostesses are pleased to purchase various new items.

A tap that saves water beautifully

Many people sooner or later think about the issue of saving water. The reasons for this can be different: from a disaster to a banal lack of water in the region. However, in normal times, some people think about how to save water. Naturally, you can simply limit the use of water, but this is not easy.

American-style kitchen: find six differences!

I don’t always like American films and TV shows, but what they are always great at is that it’s in a beautiful picture, thought out to the last detail. And I do not know about you, but I, if the plot ceases to interest me, I still look further. But I do not follow the plot, but I look at the interiors. All these decorative trifles: vases, rags, lamps, etc., etc.… And of course, the thought “oh, but I would be so ...” And really, is it possible to create an American kitchen polish in Russian realities?

Competent care for dishes with non-stick coating

Expensive dishes require special care and proper handling during cooking. Only in this way it will serve for many years and will remain in its original form. Frying pans with non-stick coating are especially capricious in terms of the impact of aggressive detergents and the use of certain dishes during cooking.

The organization of the working area in the kitchen

The kitchen is the main place in the house. Here the family is going in full force to have lunch or just to be together. The comfort of the stay of family members in it depends on how the working area in the kitchen is organized. Many housewives want to see their kitchen clean and comfortable, then cooking will be only a pleasure.

Proper storage of spices in the kitchen

Spices give a special taste and aroma to almost any dish. Each kitchen has at least a minimal set of seasonings, especially loved by family members. But even in this case, it is useful to find out how to properly store spices in the kitchen and what is their shelf life. Where to store spices? Proper storage of spices can significantly increase their shelf life.