How lighting affects sleep

Strange, but scientists can not accurately answer the question that is known to any person and even children, namely: what is the mechanism of human sleep? But the effect on this lighting is known in some detail. How light affects sleep The human body can correctly create the hormone melanin, which is responsible for rest, only in the dark, as any lighting confuses the “maps” of the processes that are natural to the body.

The ban on light: which lamps will remain on store shelves in 2020

In Russia, they cannot do without reforms. One of them, energy-saving, is aimed at the common population of our country. It seems that we, ordinary people, most of all use electricity for our own domestic purposes. We consume it without measure and all sorts of restrictions. We spend enormous damage on the national economy, especially with our uneconomical actions.

Why did the state rebel against incandescent bulbs

Since 2011, in the Russian Federation a ban has been imposed on the sale of high-power, more than 100 W, incandescent lamps. Low-power LED lamps have become a good alternative to stovattkas, according to manufacturers, ten times more productive. But to call them cheap language does not turn. Where do the legs of such a cool regulatory act grow from?

Which lamp is better for reading

For serious work at the desk in the office and at home, or just for entertaining reading in the evenings before bedtime, it is important to provide the most comfortable lighting conditions. For this and there are lamps. However, to achieve the best result, you need to make the right choice. What criteria to consider when choosing a lamp for reading On sale you can find many different models of lighting devices.

How to save on lighting

Recent government innovations regarding incandescent lamps, namely the ban on the sale of products with a capacity of more than one hundred watts, hinted at the need for energy savings and the purchase of LED bulbs. But still, no, no, and we forget to turn off the light, and it burns without any need. And the counter continues to rotate at a frantic speed.