Do I need a sink in the bathroom?

In small apartments, you can think about the need for a sink in the bathroom. This applies to old buildings and newfangled studios. Maybe such an accessory has become a relic and it's time to get rid of it, freeing up space for a washing machine and cabinet, or still leave it and continue to use it?

How to easily clear the clog in the sink

Congestion in the sink - an unpleasant event, from which no one is immune. Leaves of food, hair, small debris that accumulate on pipes and do not let water flow into the sink. The best way to get rid of blockages is to prevent them from appearing. But if the pipe is clogged, there are several options for how to clean it.

Why do you need a double sink in the kitchen

The double sink in the kitchen in the first place is comfort and convenience. Fortunately, new buildings allow you to realize the dream of any housewife. Women do not have the question “why in the kitchen a double sink?”, Because they are well aware that this will speed up the preparation and washing of dishes. Why do you need a double sink? Very often there is not enough space in the kitchen, so in order to get out of the situation, they install a twin sink in the corner.

Dimensions of the corner sink in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the apartment and in the house. They spend a lot of time here and most of it is spent at the sink. It should be comfortable, accommodate a large volume of dishes, withstand temperature extremes and exposure to chemicals, as well as fit into the interior of the room and not take up much space.