What windows are most often broken by burglars

Domushniki - people are quiet and fast. Their goal is to get into the apartment as quickly as possible, without attracting the attention of neighbors and passersby. A professional burglar needs no more than a minute to open the sash. If there is a hitch, then most likely, the thief will immediately abandon his venture. But the opening of most types of window shutters does not pose any difficulty for burglars.

10 life hacks for washing windows without streaks

Many people choose natural and improvised products as detergents. Window cleaning was no exception. Read on in the article about how you can quickly and safely make windows clean, shiny, without streaks and scratches. How to choose the "right" day and temperature? For washing glasses, it is better to choose a cloudy day so that the sun's rays do not heat the surface and do not dry it.

Why Europe refused plastic windows

Plastic windows are the most common form of the product. With the development of technology, glass has been seen by plastic, as it provides the greatest strength of the window, and also has a more practical and efficient use. Due to its low cost, the product is much loved by ordinary people.

DIY stained glass window

Patterns of multi-colored glass, gaping in the sun or mysteriously flickering at night - the sight is very beautiful. Stained-glass windows are decorated not only with windows, but also with screens, ceilings, and doors. This decor transforms the home, and also gives it a unique atmosphere. How to create a stained-glass window on a window yourself Most often, the following technologies are used: Fusing.

Why a window in the attic

The window, which is located in the attic, is called "auditory." It is believed that these openings began to appear when the owners of buildings realized that attics can also be equipped for living or leased to other people. There was a reasonable need to organize lighting in the attic. As the window appeared in the attic There is a legend that is associated with the Manege in Moscow, built in 1817

Why in the bath window

People living in houses that were built under Khrushchev often wonder why developers planned windows between the bathroom and the kitchen. This article will tell you what this technical feature is for. Why make a window in the bath? For many, this peculiarity of a strange layout causes inherent discomfort.

DIY newspaper blinds

A newspaper is a very universal thing. Many things can be made from it, including blinds. It is cheap and affordable, and the material is easy to process. At the same time, it can be given a beautiful appearance, for example, by painting with paint. Preparing newspaper tubes for the blinds First, newspaper tubes are made.

Why a plastic window allows cold

Changing an old tree to a new-fashioned metal-plastic, each apartment owner hopes to reduce heat loss in the living space. But alas, sometimes technology passes in before winter frosts and starts to pull significantly from the window. There may be several reasons for this. Why a double-glazed window allows cold to pass Incorrect installation.

Which is better: wooden or plastic windows?

Wooden classics, now scornfully referred to as joinery, due to their whimsical care, has given way to plastic with double-glazed windows. But then euro-windows appeared - a new development, which brought the frames from wood to a higher level. And if earlier tightness was a key parameter when choosing windows, now it has turned into a secondary, mandatory characteristic.