How to lend salt

How often do people who live in the neighborhood lend each other the small things they need on the farm: matches, some washing powder, a glass of sugar or salt? If sugar and matches are given to neighbors with no backward thoughts, then before borrowing a little salt, most people think: can this be done?

How to choose a cutting board

Cutting board is one of the most needed items in the kitchen. Without it, it is impossible to cut bread or make a sandwich, crumble a salad or fry potatoes. No, of course, all this can be done on a plate or countertop. But why such sacrifices, when it’s easier to buy an ordinary cutting board, or rather a few.

What is the name of a soft chair

An armchair is a type of furniture intended for one person, often with a back and armrests. In the modern world - popular office furniture. Every year, 70-100 million office models are bought in the world. The materials of their creation are very diverse: wood, chipboard and others. In addition to office, there are many other different types of chairs: massage, bed, for smokers (with an ashtray on the armrest).

Do-it-yourself bed for bed patients

There are many ways that can facilitate the care of sick people. In this article we will try to consider one of them in detail. How to make a bed for bed patients with your own hands Since it is in the bedroom that a person spends the greatest time in his life, it is necessary that it be as convenient and practical as possible.

Can linoleum be stored in the cold

The issue of proper storage of linoleum has always bothered its owners. Often the quality of the whole complex of repair work depended on this. And if glaring mistakes are not allowed, then problems should not arise here, and the source material will serve as a wonderful coating on the floor surface.

How to wash parquet

Specialists consider parquet one of the most refined and beautiful floor coverings of all existing. It looks chic in any interior and serves for a long time without additional investments. However, such a coating requires quite laborious care, but many housewives, having studied the secrets of proper washing and cleaning, are happy to choose this solid material for finishing the floor in the room.