Broken dishes - how to avoid trouble

Superstitious people have always been careful about the signs of broken dishes. They say that it was not without reason that they began to shout "for good luck" after someone broke a plate or glass. In this article we will talk about the most popular signs associated with smashing dishes, find out when it fights for good luck, and when, on the contrary, and also tell you what actions you need to take to avoid the negative from broken dishes.

Use of a vacuum in the kitchen

Vacuum - a device for packaging food in a plastic film with air evacuation and hermetically sealed by heating method. What the vacuum cleaner does The device performs several important functions: it increases the shelf life of products in and outside refrigeration units; reduces the risk of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator to zero; saves usable space of refrigerators; indispensable in the preparation of products using the su-view technology at a fixed low temperature, contributing to the preservation of the natural taste and aroma of products; in conditions of high humidity is the best way to preserve the natural smell of coffee, tea, herbs, spices; The best way to transport food while traveling, eliminating the possibility of leaks.

How to age a mirror at home

An aged mirror is a fashionable detail of a stylish interior; it is at a premium. Using this item you can create a unique vintage style in the living room, hallway or bedroom. If you do not have such a detail in the interior, you can always create it yourself. A little effort, and a stylish accessory will already hang on your wall.

How to make an endless mirror with your own hands

An endless mirror is a new-fashioned decoration of a home, which is quite popular due to its unusual appearance. The illusion of infinite depth, which is his "trick", is deceptive, because the thickness of the product is only a few centimeters. How to make an endless mirror with your own hands and is it really difficult?

Which class of laminate is better

The laminate has several classes of wear resistance. The choice is made depending on which rooms are used for decoration. Only if all factors are taken into account, the floor covering will please its owners for a long time - both in appearance and in technical characteristics. On the main criteria for choosing a laminate It is worth considering each of the significant parameters.

Tile first on the floor or on the walls

The tile is the best solution for facing walls and floors in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen and other rooms where a waterproof and durable surface is required. The process of laying tiles is complicated, but, nevertheless, it can be made independently. And professionals with years of experience argue about what to revet in the first place: the floor or walls?