In the USA, a mother of 4 children built a house based on YouTube lessons

The story amazes with the dedication and strength of the human spirit! Never need to give up and complain about fate. Each of us has opportunities that must be included in the minutes of necessity and realize dreams. A difficult family life I do not think that when a US citizen named Kara Brukins married for the first time, she knew in advance all the difficulties that life had prepared for her.

Heat shades

One of the parameters that is estimated when buying an apartment or building your own house is the exit of windows to the sunny side. Yes, it is difficult for a person without sunlight, especially in the long autumn-winter period. But in the summer this dazzling, burning and debilitating sun can be completely inappropriate, especially when it is in abundance.

Why is order on Russian balconies a big rarity?

The balcony is part of our home. All owners of additional premises agree with this statement. And those people who do not have a balcony are madly jealous of the owners of this "spare room". However, not always such "rooms" are pleased with the order and well-groomed, like the rest of the apartment. How Russians use balconies Indeed, homeowners who have these areas have something to envy.

Why Americans have almost no stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings have become so familiar to the Russians, it can be assumed that this way trim ceilings everywhere. An increasing number of those who have already begun to renovate their apartment, or have just thought about this issue, are choosing this option. Rarely anyone enthusiastically smears the ceiling with paint or with the risk to life does not glue it wallpaper.

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen: the pros and cons

Stretch ceilings are a modern type of interior decoration that is available to the average consumer. There are different opinions about whether to install such a structure in the kitchen interior. What are the pros and cons of this method of finishing, how expedient to use it, read our material.

The gizmos from the USSR that were in every house

Tales of the Soviet past continue to excite the minds of many people. And not only those who managed to find this time personally, but also those born after the collapse of the USSR. Let's look at the things that were present at the time in the homes of our parents, grandparents. Many stood on shelves in sideboards and were an integral part of life.

Who and why came up with a peephole

We have got used to some things and have ceased to notice, for example, a peephole. Who is the "dad" of the peephole? What is it in a few words? This hole in the door leaf to track the situation outside the house, it allows you to choose who opens the door and who does not. The main role of the door eye is personal security and protection from criminals.

The chain-link in interior design

Metal wire, assembled in a grid, is a very convenient and reasonably cheap material for the construction of fences. But the scope of the chain-link does not end there. With the help of this grid, any owner of the cottage or garden has the opportunity to beautifully and tastefully equip his plot. Also, the rabbit can be used to decorate home interior.

How to use LED garland not only on the Christmas tree?

Are you dreaming of continuing the New Year's magic? Do you like the bright decor of this sincere holiday and don’t feel like putting your favorite colorful garland in a distant box? A little imagination, and a fairy tale will settle in your house! How to do this, we will tell in the article. Methods of using the Christmas garland. It is impossible to imagine the New Year without these luminous lights.

A mess in the houses of the stars

My home is my castle. Therefore, each person tries to restore order in his home, to make it cozier, more comfortable. But is it what our favorites do? How do they contain their "nest"? Let's look behind the scenes, see how the audience’s favorites live. Foreign idols in their apartments Not all celebrities believe that cleaning the house affects them as well as ordinary people.

How to make a wall key holder

Each owner loves cleanliness, order and comfort at home. In the device of life, an important role is played by various details, which include the key keeper. It is she who sometimes helps to permanently get rid of delays and stressful situations associated with the loss of keys. Today, the most common are pocket, desktop and key holders that hang on the wall.

Why there are no chandeliers in American homes

From our point of view, the Americans have many oddities in everyday life that they consider normal, but it seems to us that this is complete nonsense and living so uncomfortable. The lack of ceiling lighting in most rooms is one of these oddities. If we go into the living room to any of the native inhabitants, it will be problematic to see the familiar chandelier there or at least spotlights.

Why there are no halls in Europe

The lack of hallways in European houses and apartments is not only a tribute to tradition. The lack of space for construction makes us come up with the most economical housing options. And this is the main reason. The second reason for the lack of entrance halls is the high cost of heating. Europeans freeze in the winter - in the truest sense of the word.

Bad taste in the houses of Russian stars

Star popularity makes it possible to get from life not only what is needed, but also what you want. Many celebrities, starting to earn decent money, want everything at once. The same applies to interior design of their private apartments. When decorating premises, it is important to follow a certain style, so that pieces of furniture, interior decoration of the room and small accessories together create a single harmonious image.

Ideas for using old doors and frames in the interior

Making repairs, people often remove old interior doors and windows, which could still serve. And the designers really believe that they can be successfully applied in the new interior, creating unusual elements of decor. The fantasy of experts is limitless, from the old doors and window frames make many unique items that look great in a renovated apartment.

The second life of a blown bulb

It turns out that even such, at first glance, a completely ordinary thing, like a burnt out bulb, can become an unusual decoration for the home. You just need to show a little imagination. Therefore, do not be upset if a light bulb burns out in the house. From it you can make amazing things that will not only help to realize your fantasies, but also decorate the house.

How nice to close the battery

Modern radiators are completely different from the batteries of the USSR, bulky and devoid of any aesthetics in appearance. However, even such neat modern models of heating devices do not always fit into the interior and style of the room. In this case, there are two ways to solve this problem.

Interior doors: is everything so simple with them?

Doors between different rooms in the house perform many functions. For example, noise protection falls on them. Of course, this way it is only partially blocked. But still, the mumbling of the TV in a locked room makes it less difficult. If necessary, they also block odors, drafts, and light.