What can you grow on your windowsill

In winter, I really want fresh greens and vegetables. In stores, we are usually offered watery tomatoes and cucumbers that do not smell. And where to get the vitamins? There is an exit! Today I want to talk about how to grow your own vegetable garden on the windowsill! Why it is necessary For those who have doubted, I will argue in favor of homemade vegetables: Perfect for practical people.

May sowing carrots: is it worth it?

Regarding the timing of planting this useful vegetable, you can find many opposing opinions. Some people think that it is best to do this in April, others are inclined towards the middle and even the end of May, while others prefer winter sowing in November. Let's understand Supporters of winter sowing argue this by the fact that carrots sown in autumn cold earlier emerge, are less sick and affected by pests.

May Chrysanthemum Transplant

A perennial flower - chrysanthemum - does not like to sit in one place for a long time: at least once every three years, it requires a transplant. The best time for such works is the end of May and the beginning of June. At the same time, young seedlings are also planted, which will allow the bushes to take root well before the autumn frosts, stock up on forces for winter.

Iris in May: features of care

Iris, cockerel or iris - this is probably the only plant that does not want to be picked. Charming and unpretentious, they look great in flowerbeds, perfectly ennoble fences and benches, grow with pleasure on any soil and are ready to delight everyone passing with their colorful shades.

How to overcome aphids: effective methods. Quick reference

Aphid is a pest causing serious damage to garden and garden plantings. In total there are 4 thousand of its varieties. But there are also many effective ways to destroy this scourge. On how to save the garden from the invasion of insects, read on. Folk recipes You can fight the following methods (we take water in a volume of 1 l, unless otherwise indicated): soap solutions (laundry detergent, liquid, odorless soap), are prepared at the rate of 5 tablespoons.

What is afraid of the Colorado potato beetle

The Colorado potato beetle is one of the most voracious pests in the garden. Fighting it is not necessary with the help of chemicals, because then they get into the potatoes that we eat. On the natural ways to destroy these insects, read on. Solutions for spraying Infusions and decoctions that are able to protect and destroy the beetle (we take water in an amount of 10 liters, unless otherwise indicated): birch tar: 100 g are mixed in a bucket, the treatment is carried out three times within seven days; Walnut is used as a mixture: 1 kg of fresh (or 300 g dried) leaves and shells are poured with boiling water, infused for a week, then the infusion is filtered; celandine: add dried (or fresh) stems and leaves to the tank, add water, boil for a quarter of an hour, dilute the resulting concentrate before use (0.5 l per 10 l of liquid); Poplar: we load its leaves into a container (up to half), bring to a boil, boil for 15 minutes after boiling, bring the volume to 10 liters and leave to stand for up to three days; garlic: 200 g of heads and arrows are ground, insist from 24 hours to 4 days (the longer, the stronger the infusion); hot pepper - 100 g cooked 2 hours; Onion peel: 300 g diluted in hot water (70 ᵒ C), press down with a lot of weight, the infusion is prepared 24 hours; dandelion: 200 g boil for 15 minutes, cool and filter, take 0.5 liters of decoction to 10 liters of water.

Cucumber Cases: A Quick Guide to Helpful Seasonal Growing Tips

Crispy cucumbers are good at any time of the year, whether it be summer sunshine or winter cold. And their additional charm is that the cultivation of this crop does not require special skills. But this does not mean at all that in the affairs of cucumber there are no tricks that experienced gardeners prefer not to disclose.