What is a wardrobe

What is a wardrobe? It got its name thanks to sliding doors, the doors of which, if necessary, move apart, without taking up much space. This is a convenient and multi-functional piece of furniture in which you can store absolutely everything that is needed. Such products are built-in and freestanding. Each of these types has its own structural differences.

Features of the design of the wardrobe

A similar interior item differs noticeably from classic wardrobes with a number of pronounced features:

  • Has sliding doors;
  • Built-in models do not have side walls, floor or cover;
  • Doors are often made with a built-in mirror.

Important! When choosing a roomy and convenient product, make sure that the rollers and guides are strong and preferably steel. So the sliding mechanism for opening doors will last longer and without problems.

Increasingly, people give preference to built-in models. This is the cheapest option, because instead of a solid frame when building into a niche, you can use the existing floor, ceiling and side walls. In this case, the shelves are attached directly to the wall, the main thing is to strengthen it in advance and not use this technology for fixing it on drywall walls.

What materials can the product be made of

Modern salons offer a wide selection of wardrobes made of a wide variety of materials. The pricing policy also differs markedly, depending on the cost of materials. Typically, coupes are made from:

  • Particleboard (this is a reliable and inexpensive material, presented in a wide range of colors, it is considered the main one for the manufacture of modern furniture);
  • MDF (a more expensive option, also has a wide palette of shades, reliable and strong);
  • Rattan (exotic material used for decoration of front panels and doors);
  • Bamboo (an expensive material used to decorate the facade).

In addition, facade sliding panels can be made mirrored. To do this, use standard mirrors or models with dimming, opaque, with patterns or spraying. As a rule, a special film is used together with the mirror, which can protect the occupants of the apartment from accidents and ensure the safety of the wardrobe.

Important! You need to choose a way of decorating a sliding wardrobe in accordance with the stylistic orientation of the interior of the room where the furniture is located.

Cabinet internal content

Convenience and functionality of the cabinet directly depend on its internal content and literacy distribution of drawers and shelves. The following are used as interior decoration:

  • Shelves (there are usually quite a lot of them, stationary and pull-out, they give comfort to use the product and allow you to conveniently store things);
  • Drawers (pull-out modules of various shapes and designs allow you to neatly fold and remove the necessary things and always see what is inside, equipped with closers for convenient closing of the opening);
  • Bar (any cabinet is equipped with a bar on which hangers with wardrobe items can be hung);
  • Modules for shoes (most products are equipped with special mesh shelves located at a difficult angle, designed to store seasonal shoes);
  • Baskets (in large mesh baskets you can put bedding, pillows, rugs and other things, they are always well ventilated and visible, which makes them easy to use).

Specialists can offer other additional modules that will provide comfort and usability of the cabinet. The main thing to remember is that any additions will significantly increase the cost of the finished product.

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