We make an eco-lamp from corrugated cardboard

If you like environmentally friendly materials and handmade lamps, then this life hack is for you! You will not need any special knowledge or devices to make a lamp from corrugated cardboard at home! The creation of the device does not require great accuracy or strict adherence to the stages of lamp manufacture.

Lampshade for thread floor lamp: master class

Creating a cozy atmosphere in the house is a fascinating puzzle for every housewife. Filling the decor elements of your home’s home causes excitement and a deep sense of satisfaction when demonstrating the result to guests. Do-it-yourself things carry a special energy and reflect the care and warmth of the owners of the house.

DIY do-it-yourself floor lamp

Foamiran is a modern foam-based material. Easy to use, plastic, non-toxic. Foam is used in creativity. It is great for making flowers, dolls, jewelry and other crafts. Thanks to the sheet thickness of only 1 mm, beautiful and realistic crafts are obtained from the material.

DIY lampshade for floor lamp

If you want to change the atmosphere or design of the room, you need to start with little things. One of these is the lampshade for the floor lamp. From improvised materials you can make the apartment more beautiful. From what you can make a lampshade for a floor lamp There is a huge amount of materials that can be taken as a basis for a lampshade.

Floor lamp "Flower" do it yourself

The comfort in the house largely depends on the small accessories installed in one or another part of the room. Often they carry not only aesthetics, but also an emotional burden. In addition, there are accessories that, among other things, have practical value. An example of such an accessory can be a floor lamp.

How to update a lampshade for a floor lamp yourself

Floor lamps are one of the favorite and multi-functional light sources. Under the influence of time and other adverse factors, the lampshade may lose its attractive appearance. Often there is a need to update it in accordance with the new interior styling. To do this, it is not necessary to contact the masters or buy expensive materials.

Do-it-yourself floor lamp made of wood

A floor lamp is not only a source of lighting in the room, but also an element of decor, since it creates a cozy and relaxing environment. A clock reading an interesting book near it flies by unnoticed, which can also be said of gatherings in the company of friends or relatives. Their assortment in furniture stores is quite large, but it is not always possible to choose a model that would fit perfectly into the interior - either there are no colors, then the price bites.

How to make a "Flower" floor lamp from Isolon

It is enough to see once a growth flower-floor lamp glowing in the gloom to lose peace from the desire to see this beauty at home. Those who have experience in making decorative flowers of ordinary size, such work will be especially to their liking. Preparation of materials and tools for creating a floor lamp "Isolon" from Isolon How to make a floor lamp from Isolon do it yourself?

Floor lamp is

For local lighting, compact table lamps and pendant lights are often used. However, they should not be limited only. Try reading in the evening under the floor lamp - and you will not want to return to the previous options. What is a floor lamp? A floor lamp is a floor lamp, the classic version of which consists of a base, a column and a lampshade.

How to make a rose floor lamp do it yourself

Flowers made of insulation, this is a real work of art. Easy-to-use Isolon looks nice, does not melt. This property is successfully used by craftswomen in the manufacture of elegant lamps or whole compositions, they are decorated with balustrades and shop windows. Today I will tell you how to make a lamp in the shape of a rose.

DIY floor lamp restoration

If you are tempted to upgrade your old floor lamp, it’s worth considering some restoration options. If you want and use some materials, you can breathe new life into the lamp, it will sparkle with new colors. Having decided to restore the product, you can apply various techniques that are available even to an inexperienced master.