How to choose an electric shaver

Long beards and bristled cheeks are gone. A smooth chin not only attracts the attention of women, but is also one of the criteria for social status. "A man should be well-groomed, neat and clean-shaven!" - the motto of our time. Unfortunately, daily shaving is a bit of a problem.

How to clear the thermal sweat from scale

Thermopot is gaining more and more popularity, gradually displacing an electric kettle from the kitchen. All thanks to the convenience of its use. Boiling water is always at your fingertips in a large volume. But the problem for both kitchen appliances remains the same - scale. Limescale is a real disaster. Every housewife takes any means to get rid of him.

Is it possible to return the electric shaver

At home, you found that the purchase did not meet the quality requirements or decided that you just bought the wrong thing. You can return the unshaved electric razor to the store, but it will not be easy. The store will not refund you if the goods have already been unpacked or used. After all, an electric razor is a means of personal hygiene and, moreover, refers to technically complex products.

How to shave with an electric razor

Sooner or later in the life of every man there is a need for shaving. An electric shaver has become a popular shaving tool, which reduces the risk of cuts and is more convenient to use than classic machines. Its proper use requires a little experience, useful to everyone who chose this method of parting with excess vegetation.

Shaving Care

Comfort during daily shaving is very important for delicate skin. Any electric shaver requires care to ensure smooth operation. To make your device last much longer, it is enough to perform a few simple manipulations after each shave. How to clean the electric shaver: instructions for proper cleaning If your device works on a wet method of shaving, then after the hygiene procedure is complete, rinse the device under running hot water and dry thoroughly.

How to sharpen electric razor knives

The electric shaver is not a novelty for a long time and the male representatives who prefer this device to conventional razors are aware of its advantages. Electric shavers do not require either water or special shaving products, which makes them more mobile, which is especially valuable when traveling. When shaving with an electric shaver, the skin is less irritated and the possibility of cuts is excluded.