How to open a washing machine if it is locked

A washing machine is a type of household appliance found in 8 out of 10 apartments of modern families. The machine makes life easier for housewives. Therefore, a malfunction of technology is a serious problem.

Automatic machines are equipped with an automatic hatch lock system. One of the most common problems is a malfunction of the locking devices. As a result, the owners of the machine are feverishly looking for a way out - to pull the hatch, try to open it by force and do other stupid things. We will tell you what to do and pay attention to each of the popular brand manufacturers.

Washer Door Lock System

Appointment of devices - provides safe washing, block the door. The system is triggered automatically. The hatch remains locked after washing for 1-2 minutes - a standard feature incorporated into the machine program.

The equipment sometimes malfunctions, as a result of which the door is blocked and it cannot be opened even after washing is completed. The causes of the malfunction:

  • typewriter software failure. Problems with electronic filling arise from power surges, power outages or interruptions in the water supply process;
  • the sunroof closure block has worn out;
  • the drain hose is clogged. Part of the water remains in the drum, and the automation thinks that the wash is not finished. As a result, the cover just does not open;
  • accidentally turned on the protective system from children.

If you have problems with the power supply, you need to wait until the system is reset. In different models, the process takes from 20 to 30 minutes, after which the computer automatically unlocks the hatch. The option will not help if there is water left in the drum of the machine.

A protective function that prevents children from climbing into the machine and harming themselves. If you accidentally enable the function, then opening the hatch will also be problematic. Protection is disabled by simultaneously pressing two keys on the unit dashboard. Combinations are unique for each manufacturer and are indicated in the instruction manual.

In the case when the washing is over, but the water has not completely left the tank, try one of the options:

  • re-run the spin program. Also helps with the option “Rinse”;
  • if repeating one of the two indicated operations does not help, check the condition of the drain hose. If the element is clogged, clean it, and then run “Spin” again;
  • The third option is to use the emergency opening cable. The option is usually located near the filter, usually in the lower right corner. The cable is colored red, less often - orange.

Important! Do not pull the cable. Pull the handle you need smoothly and accurately.

  • the latter method is only suitable for self-confident people. If you could not find the unlocking cable, you can try to manually remove the lock from the hatch. To do this, disconnect the machine from the power supply and remove the top cover of the unit. Next, disconnect the locking device, gently tilt the machine. In this way, the drum will lean back and give access to the locking block. Now feel for the tongue of the lock and open it.

Attention! The option is complex and requires considerable physical strength. It will not work out on your own, so ask someone to help you.

Using one of these principles, with a 95% probability you will be able to open the hatch of the washing machine. The remaining 5% - various nuances of individual brands of equipment and serious damage that only a qualified master can solve.

How to unlock LG washing machine

The LG product line is equipped with a childproof lock. To disable the function, you must simultaneously press the combination of keys “SUPER RINSE” and “PREVIOUS”. Next you need to press “START / PAUSE” to enter your own, necessary settings.

LG washing machine manufacturers are worried about their customers. The instructions for using the equipment have a separate paragraph with a detailed description of the actions that will unlock the door.

How to unlock a Bosch washing machine

To open the Bosch brand machine, you need to stop the washing process and activate the “RINSE / SPIN” function. The second way is to activate the “DRAIN” program and press the “Speed ​​Perfect” button two or three times. The option may not work the first time, so you can try to repeat several times.

Also in Bosch units an emergency cable is provided, which is located at the bottom of the machine, near the filter. There is also an emergency drain hose. The first element will help to open the door if there is no water, the second - if there is still liquid in the drum.

How to unlock a Samsung washing machine

If the unit does not open for more than 5 minutes, you need to perform an emergency reboot of the equipment and turn off the machine for half an hour. The computer will reset the last program and open the hatch. The "Spin" mode will help if there is water left in the drum.

If the system of automatic pumping of water has broken, you need to drain the water yourself. To manually remove the liquid, an emergency drain hose is located near the filter in the lower right corner of the machine. The door automatically unlocks after draining all the liquid.

Another emergency function to open the hatch is in the same place - this is an emergency cable. The element must be gently pulled and the door will open.

The manufacturer recommends contacting a repair technician, even if you can fix the problem yourself. The reason is that a malfunction can occur repeatedly, which in the future will lead to a serious malfunction and failure of the entire mechanism.

How to unlock an Indesit washing machine

To open the locked Indesit door, first check for water:

  • if the unit has drained water. First try to restart the machine. To do this, disconnect from the power supply and wait about half an hour. During this time, the computer will reboot and the hatch will unlock. There is no way to wait and you need to quickly open the door - restart the wash. The machine will check whether the door is locked - first release the lock, and then turn it on again. It is enough at the moment the door is opened to interrupt the washing and open the hatch. The fact that the lock is released will signal a characteristic click. The third option is to gently pull the emergency opening cable, which is located at the bottom of the unit;
  • if water remains in the drum and the “DRAIN” function does not help, you must manually remove water from the machine through the emergency drain hose. Next, the machine will unlock automatically or you will need to use one of the three options that are described in the previous paragraph.

How to unlock an Ariston washing machine

According to information from Ariston, most often the door is blocked from power surges and power outages. Solution - you need to use one of two possible options:

  • emergency unlock cable;
  • manual discharge of water.

Both functions are located near the filter in the lower right corner of the unit.

The instructions for the technique indicate other possible solutions:

  • if you select the “Baby” washing cycle or turn on easy ironing, at the end of the washing the machine will slowly rotate the drum. To stop the machine and unlock the hatch, press the “START / PAUSE” button. You can also restart easy ironing;
  • the use of the “Silk” function sometimes leads to the fact that at the end the water will not merge and will remain in the machine. To drain the water, press “START / PAUSE” or easy ironing mode.


In general terms, the unlocking process for the washing machine door is similar for all manufacturers. About all the nuances and features of technology, enterprises are notified in the instructions for use of units. There is also a detailed description of solutions to the problem.

The main recommendation is never to throw away instructions and other supporting documents that are included with household appliances.

Important! Regardless of the make and model of the automatic washing machine, the malfunction must be reported to the master. This will protect against repeated incidents. Also, do not take hasty actions, use force or try to repair the unit yourself - this will most likely lead to even more serious breakdowns.

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