What is a thermos air pump

There are more advanced models of thermoses that allow you to not open the lid every time. When you need to pour liquid, it is enough to use a special button that activates the air pump inside.

Air pump - this is a system that allows storing liquids inside the thermos for a longer time, since there is no need to unscrew the lid every time, and, therefore, cool (warm) the contents. In addition, a thermos with a pump is convenient when handling. If you are leaving a hot drink for your elderly parent or school child, then a pump model is the perfect solution.

It’s easy to block the fluid supply, just move the button responsible for the pump to the appropriate position.

Thermos air pump

A pneumatic pump is a device inserted inside a thermos flask. It is made of plastic and stainless steel.

The inner tube is inside the thermos, and the tip of the pump is discharged through the hole in the thermos. When the button is pressed, the pump starts to work, and it displays the liquid outward, like boiling water from a kettle. With only one difference, when pouring the thermos you do not need to tilt or open it, just press the button so that the liquid enters the cup.

The great convenience of this technology also lies in the fact that the thermos is not difficult to use for people who, by virtue of their age, cannot forcefully twist and unscrew the lid. Pump interlock system avoids splashing.

Pros and cons of vacuum flasks with air pumps

One of the significant advantages of a thermos flask with a pneumatic pump is the ability to maintain the required temperature for the liquid for a long time. It is also a great convenience to transport such a thermos and arrange out-of-town picnics. The volume of products presented can be quite large, starting from 2.5 liters and ending with models suitable for tea drinking in a large company.

Thermos perfectly retains heat or cold. The average rate of maintaining cold or warm temperature is 36 hours. And this means that for more than a day the liquid in the thermos can correspond to the necessary regime.

Important! Follow the necessary rules for operating the thermos. Flush periodically flask and pump under running water. Do not use thick liquids or tea with the addition of fruit, drink with sediment, with a mixture of tea leaves, in order to avoid clogging or sticking of parts to the walls of the pump pipe. After the liquid containing sugar, rinse the pump and flask immediately. It must be ensured that the pump does not become clogged.

And in conclusion

Despite the fact that there are many models of thermoses in stores, it should be remembered that the best in quality should be chosen.

Often paying a couple thousand rubles more, the consumer receives a more functional product. And with a thermos with a pneumatic pump, functionality increases significantly. Indeed, in addition to ease of use and safety, the product makes it possible to consume warm (cool) drink for the whole family.

It is enough to press the button and substitute a cup to drink tea or pour compote. No need to unscrew the lid and be afraid that the contents will spill. Such a thermos is indispensable for lovers of country trips and for all those who work and leave a hot drink at home for children or elderly parents.

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